" hey, Johan?" Judai whispered . Johan looked at him " can you wake Jim-san, I'm afraid to talk to him" he said looking at the sleeping man in-between them.

" amm, yeah sure." Johan spoke softly. " a-aaa, excuse me ." Johan said. Shaking Jim's shoulder slightly.

" AHHH! WHAT HAPPENED?" Jim screamed, as Judai and Johan jumped from there seats. good that they were wearing their seat belts.

" no-nothing happened, Judai just wanted to wake you up." Johan finished .

" oh I see, now its all clear to me." he said as he fixed his cowboy-like hat. " so wut did ya need Judai?" Jim smiled at Judai kindly.

" I was wondering -" as usual he was cut off .

" oh Judai, that is very nice from you to ask me to be your boyfriend , but I'm sorry . I have someone in my head now. And can't wait till we meet again in Malaysia"

"EXCUSE ME!" both Johan and Judai said loudly .

" yeah , it's true ." Jim said.

" who the hell do you-"Johan hated this guy.

" oh no you don't , you're not gonna get her! I'll go to her before you even know her! " Jim screamed .

" I wasn't even gonna ask-" Judai was cut off too.

" well thank you Judai for understanding and not wanting to ask about her place." Jim hugged Judai again, and Johan really wanted to kill this Jim guy.

"I'm going to the bathroom" Johan mumbled .

" I -I'll come with you" Judai said fast not wanting to be interrupted by Jim again. Johan nodded and Judai followed as Johan made his way to the end of the plane.

" God! That little there is such a -" oh no don't worry this time it wasn't Jim who cut him off , Judai did placing his hand on Johans rosy soft lips.

"Johan don't badmouth Jim-san , he looks nice" Judai said looking at the bluenettes eyes . Johan knew he was blushing but Judai didn't seem to notice, because he was busy looking at the bluenettes eyes. as his palm rested on the bluenette naked lips.

Judai forgot that there was something called 'time' as he kept looking at Johan's teal eyes. Judai's reality finally clicked , and he started to blush madly . Removing his hand from Johans lips.

"I'm sorry" Johan spoke and looked to the ground . Judai lifted his gaze to watch Johan as he apologized .

"it's ok" Judai smiled "you didn't say it after all" Judai winked .

Johan returned the smile as soon as the words reached his ears . They stayed there for a while then decided to return to Jim.

"Welcome back Judai." Jim spoke and smiled, and Johan wasn't able to get this guy from his throat he was such thorn.

"um...thanks" Judai smiled , taking his seat next to the small window.

"Johan , can you come here? I want to tell you something ." they heard Asuka speak, while she pocked her head from the back of her seat.

" Yeah, sure." Johan spoke, as he glanced at Judai then glaring at Jim." Just a minute Judai" Johan smiled to him.

"what did you want to tell me?" Johan asked, Asuka patted the seat next her's mentioning for Johan to sit. He sat down on the mentioned seat and looked at Asuka who looked rather worried." What's wrong?" he asked getting close to her.

She took a deep breath then said " Johan, I-I need to tell you something ... It's about Judai," Johan's attention was all hers now,"I'm not sure if I have the right to tell you this but-"

"-Then don't , don't tell me something about him if doesn't want me know," Johan spoke with a serous tone" if he have something to tell me, then he have to say it himself." he stood up still looking at her.

"...Ok, Johan" she said and smiled at him but the worried expression still didn't leave. " you may go back to your seat now." she told him, and he smiled.

Johan returned to his seat next to 'Jim' and sat looking up thinking ' well... I really wanted to know what Judai was hiding but I thought that it wasn't right, it just wasn't . I'm glad that I held my curiosity .' he smiled.

' I just wish that he loves me as much as I do.'

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