He had always loved her. Even as a small child. She was the only one he could ever love with all of his heart, but his love was never returned and he doubted it ever would be. After all he was but a thief, and she was a princess.

As the blonde grew, so did his love for the princess. When he was in Alexandria with his gang of thieves, he would sit for hours at the edge of the river, his azure eyes locked on her window. Hoping, praying for just a glimpse of her. Some days he saw nothing. Other days he would see her and his heart would be ready to burst.

It was obvious to everyone.

Zidane was in love.

Hopelessly, foolishly in love.

Zidane knew others saw him as a fool for loving Garnet. He didn't care. She was breathtaking. Raven hair that would shine even in the dullest light and fell well below her waist. She had all the right curves in all the right places, a smile to die for and best of all, deep chocolate brown eyes some said you could lose yourself in. Yes, many young men were in love with Alexandria's princess, but none could compare to Zidane's.

Yet Garnet never knew how loved she was.

For she was royalty and he was a criminal whose blood became more valuable with each year.

Garnet never loved anybody—in anyway other than family of course—and she knew not of anybody loving her. She was kept inside the castle and under heavy guard, because she was the princess! Instead of playing childish games of tag, hide and seek and so on, she would be seated in the library being taught arithmetic, French, history, literature. Instead of being told fairy tales with happy ending tied up and handed to you in a bow, she learned about tragedies and disasters. Drought, flood, war, famine, plague, death. She never had a friend to tell her troubles and share secrets with.

As a matter of fact Garnet was very lonely.

As she grew so did her loneliness, and along with the loneliness came a void in her heart. A void ripped open from lack of companionship. She would rarely smile unless it was false; painted on her face for the comfort of others. A smile coated in sugar. She would watch the townspeople from her window and wished she could be one of them. They all seemed so happy to her, so free. Even the laborers—no matter how difficult their task. Garnet would watch for hours.

Why can't that be me?

She would observe people her own age. They would joke, rough house, tease, laugh. Each had their own role, their own place in their group.

All but one.

He would sit alone on the edge of the river which separated the castle from the town, gazing at what Garnet thought to be the sky. He was handsome enough from what she could tell, but she was much too far away to know for sure. What she did know for sure, was that he was separate from every group she had seen.

He was just as alone as she was.

Unfortunately for Garnet, Zidane was far from alone, for the most part. He had his brothers in Tantalus. He had always had them, and always will. Of course some members were closer to him than others, like Blank; whose personality was as fiery as his hair. He and Blank could sit for hours and have a conversation with nothing but their eyes. It annoyed the other members how the two would burst out laughing at some unheard remark. Blank was Zidane's true "brother" who he could go to for anything.

Almost anything.

Just like everyone else, Ruby, Cinna, Marcus, Blank had no patience for Zidane's…pathetic feelings for a princess. Anytime the blonde brought up the subject, whoever he would be talking to would cast their eyes away and find some excuse to drop the conversation. It was then that Zidane would be truly alone.

Completely alone.