"Are you insane?" the bewildered princess hissed. The hooded boy before let out a laugh and got to his feet and threw back his hood. His azure eyes twinkled mischievously and met hers.

"Maybe a little," he smiled "I could say the same about you though. Isn't it a bit unbecoming of a princess to be prowling around in the middle of the night?"

Garnet felt her cheeks light on fire with shame; she turned away from him and huffed "I am not prowling, I was simply taking a stroll and all of a sudden a man fell from the sky!"

Zidane raised his eyebrows and said "Oh yes that makes perfect sense,"

Calm down Tribal you know her. She isn't any different from any other girl. Who am I kidding? She's completely different. OK shut up and act cool.

He took a step towards the princess and held out his hand. She looked up at him puzzled.

"It's almost time for the finale, I wouldn't want you to miss it," The thief seized her small hand and pulled her into the Prima Vista.


"We're up so high!" Garnet exclaimed, leaning far over the railing on the balcony overlooking the stage "I can see everyone from up here! Oh, there's my mother!" her smile was replaced with a scowl.

My mother.

Her blonde companion noticed the…dramatic mood swing and quickly said, "look the first rocket was launched,"

"Rock-" the heavens thundered and the ground beneath them shook. Garnet shrieked and dove into Zidane's arms. The thief let out a nervous laugh and pointed to the skies. The starts were falling. There was light and gold raining down, creating little piles.

Another boom.

Silver stars joined their gold sisters.

People laughed and danced in the star dust. Garnet watched, enchanted. She reached out and caught a bit of gold and brought it close to her heart. It was warm. The princess smiled softly.

Zidane watched the girl in his arms quietly, relishing this moment. She was warm, and light and everything he had imagined and so much more. The thief prayed he could stay in this moment forever.


Garnet suddenly became aware of the strong arms that encircled her, of the strong heart beat under her fingertips, of the warmth.

She looked up into those beautiful eyes and sprang backwards "Z-Zidane I'm so sorry I-I didn't realize! Th-this is so embarrassing!"

She then became aware of how vulnerable she was, and how cold the night air was.

Zidane looked at her with a look the poor princess couldn't understand, "It's all right Garnet, I'm glad you enjoyed the show," he said quietly, Garnet could hardly hear his voice above the hum of the crowd below.

"Well that was…wonderful, Zidane, thank you for showing me that," she smiled once again for him.

His eyes lit up, "No it was my pleasure! Maybe next time Tantalus comes by we can do this again?"

"I would like that very much,"

"It's a promise then!" he held out his hand again.

Garnet grasped it firmly and shook, "Yes, a promise,"


Alexandria's princess started her journey back to her castle, her heart full and her eyes bright. Yet another wonderful night it had been! But what an embarrassing night as well! She couldn't believe how pathetic she must have seemed to Zidane, clinging to him like that, but how comforting it was. She wouldn't mind being held like that again.


The thief stayed where he was and watched the raven haired girl leave his ratty old ship and return to the glittering castle she called home. He smiled like an idiot; she called me by my name! My name!

He waited until the beacon that her white robe was disappeared inside a window way up on a castle wall, then whooped and leapt and spun for joy. In his fit he hit the wall and careened off course and tripped over the railing. He plummeted to the stage below.


Garnet sat silently in her dark room, admiring her star. What sounded like hundreds of armored feet thundered by her room. The crowd outside her window that had been quietly humming as the excitement from the show was winding down was in an uproar. What in the world?

Garnet went to look outside her window.

There right in center stage, rubbing his head and looking disoriented was Zidane. The princess shrugged her petite shoulders, he probably just messed up on some trick and upset to nobles and the guards were going out there to calm them down.

She went back to her bed, now that's funny, she thought.

The light from her star had flickered out.


Hiii I'm alive haha! So uh..yeah did you guys catch my allusion to Zack and Aerith in there? Yeah, I kind of just thought of it last minute and was like 'why not.'

So, the story should be picking up from here on out! Woohoo! Oh and just in case someone is wondering why Garnet isn't concerned with the fact that Ziddy is out on stage in front of everyone, it's because she doesn't know that he's a wanted criminal…because she doesn't know anything about her kingdom really! Yeah that's all…peace!