A/N: Here are 10 rules to help you avoid bad HarryPotter stories. I'm planning to make them 20 soon :)

Stay away from:

10. Stories that have male characters as a Veela. I mean seriously?

"Veela are a race of semi-human, semi-magical hominids reminiscent of the Sirens and Furies of Greek mythology. Little is known about their biology, they appear to be young, beautiful human female Caucasians, and their appearance and especially their dance are magically seductive to almost all male beings."

Do I really need to say more? Who writes, but most importantly, who the hell reads these stories?

9. Stories that have a new unknown character (aka the writer in disguise) that befriends the trio and helps them defeat Voldemort with her super knowledges and skills.

8. Stories with Draco/Hermione as HeadBoy/Girl. I mean, you are allowed to read only one Dramione story with Hermione as a HeadGirl and Draco as a HeadBoy. There is no need to read a second one. The reason? They are all the same. The same dialogues, the same pattern, the same situations, the same ending, everything is the same. I mean all stories with that plot are the same. I mean all of them. I mean ALL OF THEM! Oh, wait… yeah all of them!

7. Stories that the writers can't even write the characters' names correctly. Hermoine, Hary, Weasly, Gini, Fler, etc.

6. Stories with a summary, "it's good, trust me." Well, let me tell you this. 100.1% of these stories are NOT good. Trust me!

5. Stories about a Hogwarts Ball that it's not Yule Ball. I've seen Winter Ball, Spring Ball, Platinum Ball, Halloween Ball, Valentine's Ball, Graduation Ball, Christmas Ball, New Years Ball, and I'm sure there are tons of others I don't know about. Also it's good to stay away from stories that are not about a Ball, but at some point a female student will announce excitedly, "Did you hear the news? We are going to have a Ball!"

Be prepared for the worst.

4. All "Marriage Law" fics, or as I call them "How to force Hermione Granger to NOT marry Ronald Weasley operation." It's the saddest category of fics, because I feel really bad for the shipper/authors who have no alternative to pair their favorite couple than to force them together. A forced marriage is like prison. At first the prisoner (aka ALWAYS Hermione Granger) is scared and angry, but soon the prison is becoming a part of the prisoner. Soon the prisoner doesn't know how to function outside that prison. But remember this. A prisoner can get use a life in jail and be happy about it, but something inside them will always crave for freedom and that lost dream. Always!

Btw. Are there Marriage Law fics, about someone other than Hermione? I haven't seen a single one.

3. Stories with a "Weasleys bashing" warning. If this person is willing to bash one of the most caring families, that helped Harry from the start till the end, that they become his surrogate family, that fought to the death to protect him and the wizarding world, then be prepared to read an insulting story to the HP world that the lovely JKR gave us.

If you hate the Weasleys, you hate Harry Potter. Period!

2. Stories with the summary "I suck at summaries". If you are not capable to write a few words to describe your story, then how the hell are you supposed to write the whole story?

1. My stories.

A/N: That's it. I hope I helped you. I know that some of my stories are falling under these rules, but I admit it. My stories suck and people shouldn't read them.