Disclaimer: I own nothing.

My chosen character is: Penelope Garcia

My character's pet's name is: Mr. FluffelBuffelkins

My surprise: My character's pet is a Ferret!

AN: I got this, and I thought, It just had to be a ferret, didn't it? What with all my Harry Potter Draco-centric fics that've been swirling around in my brain lately, where does my muse go? Draco, of course! Which made this difficult, because I had to force myself to stay in CM. Although the ferret turned out a bit Malfoyish. :)

Also, I haven't written in first person in a really long time, but this one just wouldn't come out in third person limited, so it's in first person anyway!

Post Writing it AN: Honestly, if this wasn't for a challenge, I wouldn't post it. I've already scrapped it once, though, and I don't have the time nor the inspiration to start over again.

Really, this has no ending. If that will bother you, don't read it.

I sniffed in disdain as Miss Garcia opened her jacket and gestured for me to climb in. This was ridiculous. There was no way it would work.

"C'mon, Mr. FluffelBuffelkins, if you don't get in, you can't come."

I give her a look. What makes you think I want to come?

"Aww, come on! Look, if you don't come, you'll have to stay in this car all day, and it'll get so hot it'll be roasted ferret for dinner tonight."

I sniff in disapproval. You would never.

She rolls her eyes at me. "You're a saucy little ferret, aren't you? Figures."

Miss Garcia gestures again to her jacket.

I don't approve of this. I climb in anyway.

She zipped up the jacket and clambered out of the car as I hung on for dear life.

"Ouch," she murmured quietly. "Watch the claws."

I huffed and dug my claws in deeper, the only way I could show my disapproval. She winced, but shut her mouth.

It was cramped. It was really, really cramped. It was getting difficult to breathe.

I tried to peek my head up to see our surroundings, but Miss Garcia poked me back down and hissed, "Stay down! Do you want to get us caught?"

I slunk back down in her jacket, sulky. The air suddenly got much cooler, the opposite of what it had done when we had left home. I listened as Mistress Garcia greeted many people on her way in the building, never stopping to chat. She stopped walking after a moment, and the air seemed different, staler. Suddenly, the floor beneath us started moving upward! I jumped, convinced we were going to hit the ceiling. She patted my head soothingly.

"Now, now, Mr. FluffelBuffelKins. It's just an elevator. It's all right."

I settled under the soothing rhythm of her hand.

We walked through a too-bright room into a dimmer room before she let me out of her jacket, setting me down on a hard surface. I stretched up on my back legs, peering around in amazement. Glowing squares stared at me from every angle.

I scurried to the edge of the surface and peeked over, but I quickly retreated. That was high. I peered around the confines of my bar-less cage.

It's a bit small, but it'll do.

I settled on top of one of the raised rectangles that covered most of the surface, curling up into a ball.

Miss Garcia had the audacity to laugh at me.

"Mr. FluffelBuffelKins, you can't sit there!"

I looked up at her without lifting my head. Why ever not?

"I need my keyboard to type, silly boy!"

I huffed. Silly boy? Does this woman have no dignity?

She picked me up and put me on a flat part of the surface. I huffed again, before settling down there instead. If I must.