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Chapter 9: Getting on the Same Page

Location: Outskirts of Kirigakure

A flash of light brimmed in the forest just outside of Kiri, but then Naruto and Konan replaced that light. Naruto immediately turned and glared at Konan, "What did you do!"

"W-We had to get…"

"No! You made us leave him behind! I was right; you Akatsuki scums are pathetic! You left a teammate to die!"

Konan didn't say anything, as she stared down at the grass. Tears escaped her eyes and Naruto noticed them. The blonde began to feel sorry for his outburst, as he sighed and wrapped his arms around her, while she instantly wrapped her arms around him. Naruto could hear her crying out loud and rested her head on his chest. Konan gripped his cloak and buried herself deeper against his chest. The blonde placed a hand on the back of her head and rested his chin on top of it, "I'm sorry."

Konan still didn't say anything, but she kept crying on his cloak. Naruto closed his eyes and frowned sadly, but then he opened his eyes after feeling chakra signatures closing in. In a matter of seconds, a group of ANBU wearing Kirigakure headbands appeared. They took notice of the black cloak with red clouds, "Akatsuki scum's! What are you doing here!" One of them shouted.

"We're not here to cause any trouble." Naruto said and leaned his head down to where his lips were just next to Konan's ear, "Why did you bring us here?" He whispered.

"I thought it would be best to speak to the Mizukage since she's the one that doesn't dislike you as much as the others." She answered, as she kept her face buried against his cloak.

"What do you scum's want!" The ANBU shouted again.

Naruto looked back up at the group of ANBU, "We wish to speak to the Mizukage."

"What makes you think we'll allow you?" The ANBU that's been shouting at them examined the blonde closely, "And if I'm right, you're Naruto Uzumaki! The guy that betrayed Konoha!"

Naruto didn't say anything, but the ANBU continued, "You're also the one that left the Mizukage to take care of the baby for the past two years by herself!"

Naruto's body tensed, while Konan's eyes went wide after hearing what she just heard, "B-Baby?" The blonde asked.

Konan removed her head from his chest and wiped the tears away, as she looked him in the eyes, "Is he telling the truth?" She asked.

"You have some nerve to come near this village." The ANBU continued.

"Can you take us to her? We need to speak to her about Madara." Naruto asked.

"Why's that? Aren't you partners with him?"

"Not anymore."

"What makes you think that we believe you?"

"He tried to kill us."

"Good! You tried to kill everyone that lived in Konoha. You deserve to…"

"Enough!" The ANBU all turned around to see the approaching Mizukage.

Naruto stood there still shocked when they mentioned that she had a baby, while Konan just looked over at the Mizukage, "Come with me, we'll talk about it in my office."

Mei turned around, as well as the group of ANBU and began to walk toward the village. Konan looked at the blonde to see that he was still standing there, but then his eyes narrowed and looked at her, "Let's go." He said, as the two began to follow Mei and her group of guards.

Minutes later

Mei, her ANBU guards, Naruto, and Konan, all appeared at the gates of her village. The guards turned around and remained guarding the gates, while Mei went into the village. The ANBU all glared at the two Akatsuki members and felt disgusted that the Mizukage would even take them in.

Moments later

Mizukage's office

Mei opened the door to her office, which looked pretty much the same compared to the Hokage's office. Mei turned around before the two could come in, "I'm sorry to say, but she has to wait out there."

Naruto looked at Konan and saw her worried expression. Konan was still hurt due to Nagato's sacrifice. She lost Yahiko in her earlier years, and now she lost Nagato. Losing another one would just rip her apart, "It's okay." The blonde said, as he walked in and closed the door behind him.

Mei walked over to her desk and sat in her chair, while Naruto walked to her desk, as he stood across from her, "Now, why is it that you're here?"

"We had to escape Amegakure. Madara tricked me into joining him and now he's trying to come after me for the Kyuubi. He had a group of other Akatsuki members, but I know they were killed. It's like they were brought back to life. When he attacked us, he was after the Rinnegan and the others that were with him tried to bring me in. Then it came down to where Konan came after me and got us out of there. Since Pain was alone, his sacrifice cost us since Madara more than likely has the Rinnegan."

Mei placed her elbows on the desk and rested her chin on her hands, "I see. So, did that talk you and I had a couple of years ago not work? And now Madara's scheme, which almost cost you your life if you hadn't got out of there, was enough for you to realize?"

Naruto nodded, "So, does this mean you're going to return to Konoha?" Mei asked.

"No. I have no intention on going back there."

"All right then, I guess I'll allow you to stay here for the time being."

"Thank you." The blonde replied, but then he remembered something, "Was it a boy or girl?" He asked.

Mei got up from her seat and walked over to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, "Her name's Akako Terumi."

Naruto was curious as to why she didn't add his last name, "Why didn't you put my last name in?"

"Well, I figured for the best that if only my village knew, that none of the other Nations would take that as an advantage to draw you out. And not to mention, that I thought you weren't ready for a child of your own."

Naruto was kind of relieved, but also hurt to hear that his daughter wasn't going to be taken care of by him. Mei gave him a quick peck on the lips and unwrapped her arms, "Plus, that time you and I had was just a one time. It's not like it's going to happen again."

Naruto didn't know what to say, but a sweat drop slid down the back of his head, while Mei began to laugh. She placed her hands on his shoulders and positioned her lips next to his ear, "I could be wrong though. Maybe you should come by when you're not hanging around with your friend. And you could…" She brought back one of her hands and placed a finger in between her breasts, as she pulled the dress out a bit to reveal more of her cleavage, "Come have some more fun with me." She said seductively.

Naruto blushed, while Mei stared him in the eyes, "I do have to say that you gave me a wonderful time then."

The blonde couldn't take it anymore and shook his head, as he grabbed her hand and removed it from his shoulders, which Mei looked at him curiously, "I'm sorry Mei, I just don't have those feelings for you. Back then… I don't know what I was doing when it came to the two of us. It was like I didn't have control at first, but when I came back to my senses then, you were in complete control and… well… I couldn't stop you since you were… just too good."

Mei grinned, but also didn't like hearing him say that he doesn't have those feelings for her, "It was your first time after all."

"Wasn't planning on losing my virginity like that, but yeah."

Mei smiled, "Well, it was my pleasure too." She walked to the door and beckoned him, "I'll show you the hotel and the rooms you and your friend will be staying at."

Naruto walked over to the door, while Mei opened it, as she walked out and looked to her right to see Konan leaning against the wall, "You too, come on."

Konan looked at the Mizukage that was leaving, but then she saw Naruto coming out of the office following her. She walked by his side and joined him.

Moments later

The trio came upon a rather fancy looking hotel. It wasn't too big, but it looked like it would call forth a lot of money. It stood at about three stories tall and in front of the hotel were a couple of fountains. Mei opened the door and held it, as the two walked in. She followed in after and inside, were several plants all around with a few mini fountains here and there. When you walk in, there was a counter straight ahead and with two walkways behind it, one on each side.

"Ah, welcome Lady Mizukage." The receptionist welcomed.

"Hi. I'd like to give these two their rooms."

The receptionist looked at the two that the Mizukage was talking about and noticed the cloaks, "Um… Lady Mizukage, are you sure…?"

Mei smiled, "Yes."

"Okay, what kind of room are they wanting?"

Mei turned to look at the two, "I suggest the upper rooms. They're pretty nice."

"All right." Naruto replied.

Mei turned back to the receptionist; "They'll take the rooms on the third floor. And make that two of…"

"One." Everyone looked over at Konan to see that she corrected Mei, "Just one… please."

Naruto blushed lightly, "Are you sure?"

Konan nodded, while Mei looked back at the receptionist, "One it is then."

"Okay." The receptionist grabbed a key from the wall behind her and handed it to the Mizukage.

"Thank you." She turned to look at the two, "Come on, I'll show you your room." She said, as she took the doorway that was on the left side of the counter. When they walked in, there was only a set of stairs that lead up to the third floor only. The pathway that was right of the counter only led to the second floor. After a few seconds, the three came upon the third floor, which was a narrow hallway. There were about three rooms on each side, but they ended up walking past them, "You're going to really like this room." Mei said, as they came up to a double door that ended up being the end of the hall.

Mei placed the key in the lock, as the door was no longer locked. She opened the door and held it open for the two, "Here we are." She said, as Naruto and Konan stepped in.

The couple was in awe seeing how the room was fairly large. The first thing they saw was the giant window at the end with the curtains folded back and that the ground was mahogany wood flooring. There were two large L-shaped couches in the middle of the room. To the right, there was a little mini-bar with a couple of bar stools in front of it. To the left, there's a king size bed with two knight stands on each side of it placed against the wall and a couple feet to the left of the bed was a door, which led to the bathroom. "Wow, this is… pretty neat." Konan mentioned.

"Yeah." Naruto agreed.

"Well, since you're going to be staying here for awhile, I suggest you two go shopping for clothing. You don't want to be wearing whatever it is you wear under those cloaks all the time, right?"

"Yeah, you're right, but I'm pretty low on money since I left all my earnings back at the base and I'm sure it's not there anymore." Naruto replied.

"No problem then, I'll have them allow you two to receive a free limit of clothing."

"T-Thanks." Naruto replied not knowing what else to say.

"I'll let you two settle in. I need to get back to the office and fill out some more paper work. I'll also have to send a letter out to the other Kages' about your stay here in Kiri."

Naruto's body tensed up a bit, "No, you can't tell them about him being here. They'll…"

"Fine." Konan and Mei looked at him, "Go ahead then."

Mei nodded and left the room, "Naruto, you know they're going to come after you. Why would you allow her to inform them about you?"

"We need to work together if we're going to stop Madara. They need to know that we're also against him. Don't get me wrong, but I still don't have any desire of going back to my home or seeing anyone. But, if we have to work together, so be it."

Konan's eyes narrowed, "All right."

Location: Unknown

Madara was walking down a hall in his new mask changed to a white one that covers the entire upper-half of his head with a design that more resembles the Ten-Tails' single eye, consisting of a ripple-pattern with three tomoe around the center, two of which make out the mask's eye-holes while the third is painted on. He also started wearing Uchiha robes complete with the Uchiha crest on his back, belt sash, gloves and a purple bandanna that tapers off down to his back, as well as wielding a war fan. Through the right eyehole, you could see his Sharingan eye. However, through his left one, you could see that he now had the Rinnegan eye.

He took a right, which led to an empty room, and in that empty room was the person he's looking for, "Sasuke."

The raven haired boy turned to see Madara and was puzzled at the new look, "What?"

"We need to have a little chat."

Sasuke slashed his sword diagonally on a dummy, which ended up being split in two, "About what?" He examined Madara's eyes closely and recognizes the Rinnegan, "And when did you get that?"

"I paid a visit in Amegakure and took care of Nagato."

"Why's that?"

"Because, I needed the Rinnegan and plus, he was an obstacle in order to reach for… his apprentice."

Sasuke's body tensed up a bit, "What's his name? I've been waiting to here who he is."

Madara grinned behind his mask, "It's Naruto."

Sasuke's eyes widened and he instantly clenched his fists, "He's been along side with us this whole time? And you're just now telling me?"

"Well, yes. If I told you years ago, you would've ruined my plans."

"Where is he?"

"I don't know. Him and Konan fled when I was fighting Pain."

Without turning around, Sasuke swung his sword back horizontally and ended up cutting the remaining dummies in half, "When you find him, I want to take care of him."

"That can be arranged. Also, Kabuto has come to our side to help us in the war."

"Why would you allow someone that weak join us?"

"You wouldn't think that after what he's come up with. It's like he's the new Orochimaru."

"Whatever. I just want Naruto."

"Well, hello there Sasuke-kun." Madara knew whom it was and stepped aside for the raven-haired boy to see.

Sasuke's eyes widened to see Kabuto's scaly face, but he ignored the two people that were with him. The man on his left is a rather tall and slender stature. His face is accentuated by his relatively long light-colored hair, worn in a combed back style, a small dark-colored goatee, a thin moustache, no eyebrows, and very prominent lines at the sides of his mouth. He wore a long sleeved, high collared robe, which has the pinstriped pattern that is common amongst the shinobi of Kirigakure. This article is worn over a dark-colored suit, with an equally dark sash wrapped around his waist and a pair of sandals.

"This is the second Mizukage. He was apart of the Hozuki clan."

The man on Kabuto's right is a tall, dark-skinned man with a muscular, body builder-like stature. He had long blond hair and unusual eyes, which had green-colored irises, a dark sclera and no pupils. His top lip also had a darker pigmentation than the bottom one and he had a mole above his right eyebrow. He has the kanji for "lightning" tattooed on his right shoulder and a lightning bolt shaped scar that runs from his neck all the way across the right side of his chest. His canine teeth were also slightly elongated. His attire consisted of Kumogakure's distinctive single shoulder-strap flak jacket with no other clothing underneath, a forehead protector that he wore like a bandanna and a thick rope tied around his waist. He also wore bandages around his forearms.

"And this is the third Raikage, as well as the current Raikage's father."

Sasuke raised his head up a bit, "So, you did pick up some of Orochimaru's traits. I see."

Kabuto smiled, "Pretty much."

"Okay, since you two are pretty much acquainted," Madara looked at Sasuke, "We're at war with the Nations, which is why we have Kabuto. He can form us an army of the dead to fight along side with us."

"Before you say anything Sasuke-kun, there's someone you should see again." Kabuto said, as someone came up from behind Kabuto.

Sasuke's eyes widened once he saw the familiar black hair and the Sharingan eyes, "I-Itachi?"

"Hello there, little brother."

The two brothers stared at one another, but Madara decided to continue, "Anyway, since Naruto has learned some new tricks and without a doubt has passed you."

Sasuke's body tensed up and glared at Madara, "He what!"

"Don't worry. While Kabuto's at war for us, you and I will be training. Because, even though you want to fight Naruto, I need you to. So, starting now, you and I will go into hiding and train. Besides, you need to test out those new eyes of yours after all."

Sasuke clenched his fists and was disgusted to hear that Naruto had finally past him, "Fine. I'm not going to let that dobi pass me."

Madara looked at Kabuto, as the slithery man nodded and walked off with the resurrected Kages along with Itachi.

"Okay then. I have a special place for us to train." Both Sasuke and Madara swirled into the air and next thing they knew, they were in a separate dimension, which Sasuke easily remembered.

"This is where we'll be training."

Location: Kirigakure (clothing store)

Naruto couldn't tell how much longer he could take this. He found himself sitting on a bench while Konan was going through some clothing. Pretty much every girl is the same when it comes to getting some clothes, and yes, Konan was going through a rack filled with all sorts of shirts. Naruto sat there with his arms crossed and since he was sitting, he was wondering, why didn't he go back to the hotel room that way he didn't have to get stuck waiting for her to finish? He finished his part of shopping, so why didn't he go back? On the bright side, he liked how she didn't get all excited and acted out of line like some other girls do.

"You're just like the other girls when it comes to picking out clothes."

Konan scanned through the rack more, "So? You're just going to have to get used to waiting on me."

Naruto sighed, while Konan grabbed a pair of black shinobi pants. They looked as if they were ANBU pants, but they didn't have the bandage wrappings around the thigh section. She moved onto another rack that's filled with shirts. It didn't take her quite as long, since her eyes came to an azure colored blouse. She grabbed it and turned to look at the blonde, "I'm going to try these on."


Naruto just sat there and saw that she didn't move since she was still staring at him. He cocked an eyebrow, "What?"

"Come with me."

Naruto blushed lightly, "Why?"

"I want you to tell me how it looks."

"Can't you come out when you put them on?"

Konan sighed and grabbed his hand, as she pulled him off his seat. She dragged him to the changing room and pulled him into one of them, "What are you doing?"

Konan closed the door and locked it, "Why do you always have to question everything?"

Before Naruto could answer her, she pushed him onto the seat that was attached to the wall, "Just shut up. Besides," She hung the clothing she chose over the door and unzipped her cloak. Removing her arms from the sleeves, she let the cloak fall from her body to reveal her only wearing a black bra and bikini with red clouds on them. Naruto instantly blushed to see her almost naked body, "Don't you like seeing woman changing in front of you?"

Naruto couldn't find himself to say anything, but Konan sat on his lap and pressed him against the wall. The blonde placed his hands on her thighs, while Konan slowly inched her lips to his. He closed his eyes, as Konan was closing in, but she smiled and removed herself from his lap. Naruto realized that she wasn't sitting on him and opened his eyes to see that she was sliding on the pants she chose, "What the hell?"

Konan pulled the pants up once to where they fit just right and turned to look at him, "What?"

Naruto sighed angrily since he realized that she had just teased him, "Never mind."

Konan shrugged and grabbed the blouse, as she pulled it over her head. Once she had it on, she turned to Naruto, "What do you think?"

Naruto raised his eyebrows, as he saw that the blouse revealed her shoulders and only covered a little of her upper arms. On top of that, the front of it was a low cut since it managed to show a good amount of her cleavage, "You look good."

Konan smiled, as she started to remove the clothing.

Time Skip: One week

Time: 10:45 a.m.

Location: Konoha (Hokage's Office)

"It's been a little more then a week since Madara declared war on us, and yet, he hasn't taken any action." Tsunade thought.

"Lady Tsunade!" Shizune called out, as she entered the office.

"What is it?"

"We've received a letter from the Mizukage."

"Let me see it." Her assistant handed her the letter, as she unrolled it and started reading.

"By the time you're reading this, it also means that the others have received this as well. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I've sent you all this letter to inform you that Naruto has come to stay in Kirigakure."

Tsunade's eyes widened, along with the other two Kages' that received it in their village as well, "I'm asking you all to please not to come after him. From what he has told me, Madara tricked him and tried to capture him. He also told me that Madara had three Akatsuki members with him, but the three that were with him were supposed to be dead. And Lady Hokage, he told me that he doesn't want to return to Konoha. I've tried to get him to, but he refuses. I don't know how long he plans on staying or if he's on our side completely. But, from the looks of it, it seems that he might be on the same page. Another thing Lady Hokage, I will talk to him and see if I can't get him to come back to you, so that you can discuss some matters with him."

Shizune stood in front of her desk and saw some hurt within her eyes, "Lady Tsunade?

"As for the Raikage, please, I know that you want to get your hands on him, but please don't screw this up."


Tsunade's eyes began to fill with tears, "Lady Tsunade, what did the letter say?" Shizune asked.

She placed the letter on the desk, "Naruto is back and staying in Kiri."

"What? Why doesn't he come back?"

"I don't know, but if the Mizukage does what she said in this letter, we'll be seeing Naruto soon."



"What is it?" Kurotsuchi asked.

Onoki looked at his granddaughter, "It seems that the traitor Naruto has revealed himself. And he's staying in Kiri apparently."

Kurotsuchi gasped slightly, "Should we go after him and take care of him?"

Onoki shook his head, "There's no need for that. I'm sure we can use him for the war and if we end up winning this war, then we'll take him out."

"I see. Just when he thinks it's safe if we win the war, we'll just end him. I like that." Kurotsuchi said.

"Yeah." Onoki sighed, "I wonder how the Raikage is taking the news."


The Raikage slammed his fists on his desk, "That traitor's in Kiri! And why doesn't the Mizukage kill him!" He punched down on his desk, which ended up breaking in two.

Darui sweat dropped, "Lord Raikage, please, calm down." He turned to face C; "We're going to need another desk for him."

C sighed and nodded, "Okay, I'll be back."

Darui turned back to see the furious Raikage, "I ought to go to Kiri and kill him there myself!"

Darui sighed, "He'll eventually tire out."


Naruto was sitting on the couch wearing his Akatsuki cloak and underneath it; he was wearing some black shinobi pants with a dark orange sleeveless shirt. He leaned his head back, which his face was looking up at the ceiling. He closed his eyes for a split second and once he did, that same image of the ten-tails flashed in his mind. Naruto's eyes shot open, as he leaned forward and looked down at the ground, "Why do I keep seeing this?"

However, his train of thoughts came to a close, as a knock was heard at the door. He got up from the couch and walked over to the door. Once he was standing in front of it, he opened it to see Mei, "Hey." He said.

"I need a favor from you." She replied.

"Ugh, sure, what is it?"

"If you're going to fight along side with us in this war, I need you to go to Konoha and have a talk with the Hokage."

Naruto cocked an eyebrow and sighed. He looked back at the bed to see that Konan was still fast asleep and turned back to look at Mei, "As much as I really don't want to, I guess I'll go."

Mei smiled, "Thank you."

Naruto grabbed a teleporting sheet from his cloak, "I'm just about out of these and so is Konan. Are you sure that this has to be done?"

Mei nodded, "Yes, you need to get on the same page with your home village as well."

She didn't have to say anymore, as Naruto sighed, "Okay, I'll be back soon." By adding a little of his chakra into the sheet, his body flashed and vanished.

Location: Main Gates of Konoha

Ever since the day that Naruto left the village and came back two years after his betrayal and nearly destroyed the village. Izumo and Kotetsu were starting to worry if Naruto would ever come back and attack once again. Ever since the village was nearly destroyed, the time they all had came to a good cause. The village was just about back to being it's normal self, thanks to Yamato. Kotetsu sighed, "What's wrong?" Izumo asked.

"Nothing. I just still can't believe what happened."

Izumo frowned, "Yeah. He was a knuckleheaded kid back then and now he's grown and betrayed us. He even tried to kill us."

The two guards sighed, as a flash appeared in front of them. They shielded their eyes and when they saw no sign of brightness, they uncovered their eyes and couldn't believe what they were seeing. Their eyes were completely wide and their bodies were shaking, "W-What are you doing here?" Izumo asked.

In front of the two guards, was no other than the guy they were talking about, Naruto. The blonde sighed, "I'm here to see granny Tsunade."

"Liar!" Izumo shouted.

Naruto cocked an eyebrow, "We're not letting you in." Kotetsu said.

The blonde sighed once again and decided to stop talking, as he just walked toward them. Kotetsu and Izumo's body stiffened, as they both drew out a kunai to ready themselves. Naruto shook his head, as he approached them. The two guards took a step forward, but Naruto just ended up walking right past them. They froze and were shock; as they turned around to see the traitor just walk right into the village, "Wait!"

Naruto stopped, but didn't turn around to face them, "Why didn't you kill us when you had the chance back then!" Izumo asked.

"Because, I had no intention on killing you two. I was only here to kill one person and no one else." Naruto answered and hid his chakra signature, as he continued walking into the village.

Seconds later, the blonde was walking amongst the streets of the village. He looked around and was surprised to see that they had almost rebuilt everything. When he kept walking, he could see the villagers glaring at him and talking about him, "What's he doing back!" A man civilian asked another villager.

"What are you doing here demon! You attacked our village twice now! Are you here to have a third go!" Another villager shouted at the blonde.

Naruto ignored them, but he came to a stop when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He yanked his shoulder forward, which caused whoever's hand it was to let go and continued walking. A couple steps forward, he felt the same hand on his shoulder again. Naruto had enough with this and turned around to see Shikamaru, "Naruto?"


Shikamaru's eyes went wide slightly, "What are you doing here?"

"None of your business." The blonde turned his back to his old friend and continued to his destination.

Shikamaru was at a lost of words, but he decided to go tell everyone else that he's back. Minutes later, Naruto was standing in front of the Hokage's office. He grabbed the handle and opened it. Inside, he saw Tsunade going through paper work, while Shizune stood by her side. The busted Hokage, along with Shizune felt a little breeze come in and looked up and could not believe who they were looking at, "N-Naruto?"

The blonde closed the door behind him and walked until he was right across from her, "I'm not here for a reunion. What is it you want to talk about?"

"Why are you acting like this?" Shizune asked.

The blonde glared at the Hokage's assistant, "Because, I'm disgusted with this entire village. And I'm disgusted at you… granny." His attention went back to looking at the busted Hokage.

"Why?" Tsunade asked.

"Because, you actually gave up on me."

Tsunade's eyes widened, "I-I had no…"

"You did and you still decided to give up. I see that I'm in the bingo book and you didn't do anything to prevent me from being in it. I thought you looked at me as if I was your grandchild."

"You're being selfish Naruto!" Shizune said.

The blonde glared at the assistant and waved his arm towards her, which a gust of wind literally forced her out of the office. He quickly appeared next to the door and closed it before she could come back in. Shizune banged on the door from the outside, but stopped in mere seconds, "I should tell the others." She thought to herself, as she left to find the traitor's old friends.

Tsunade frowned sadly, as her eyes narrowed, "Naruto, trust me. I've tried to stop them."

Naruto shook his head, "You obviously didn't try hard enough." He replied, as he walked back towards her desk.

The Hokage was completely hurt, which Naruto took notice. The blonde began to feel sorry a bit and sighed, "Let's just get onto business."

Tears escaped Tsunade's eyes, but she wiped them away and knew that she had to get to the task at hand, "W-Well, there's really not much to talk about…" She wiped away some more tears that had escaped, "I just need to know if you're willing to fight along side with us."

"As long as I get my hands on Madara, then yes."

Tsunade got up from her chair and walked over to a bookshelf, "If you want to take Madara on," She moved a couple of books aside, and when she did, behind those books was a little flap. She lifted it up and grabbed a box out from the little hidden door, "You're going to need this." She said, as she faced Naruto and held out the box.

"What's this?"

"It's best you find out for yourself. I was told to give this to you once you got stronger."

Naruto took the box and looked at her, but then he placed the box on her desk and decided to open it. Placing the lid to the side, the first thing he saw inside was a letter. Naruto pulled the letter out, seeing that it was addressed to him. He set the box aside, opening the letter tentatively as he didn't know what to expect. His sapphire eyes widened as he read the title of the paper, 'Hiraishin - Flying Thunder God'. His hands lightly shook, as he felt time around him slow down. "Of all the things..."He thought quietly, reading on. He snapped his head back at the box and saw a dozen of the special kunai associated with the technique.

He saw the notes in random patterns jumbled all over the paper. His eyes narrowed, as he couldn't understand. "This makes no sense. I don't get any of this..."He thought, irritation beginning to seep through his expression. Naruto gazed at the middle of the paper, lingering at the small set of symbols that had been overlooked before.

"Hmm...I...I think I've seen these before..."He thought as a little orange book popped up in his mind. The book had the same symbols on its cover as he recalled Jiraiya swiping his hand over it as a dozen of similar books appeared in a column of smoke.

"Oh yeah. He tried to give me a book that day." He deadpanned in his mind, also remembering that he drop kicked the toad sage right after that. His mind went back to the symbols on the book as he focused on what Jiraiya did to summon the adult literature. Realization finally hit him a second later. "Its a summoning seal!"He thought as he moved a small bit of his chakra to his index fingertip. He lightly tapped the seals; a small plume of smoke appearing as another piece of paper was brought to the forefront. Tsunade looked at the Kyuubi jinchuuriki in surprise, continuing to watch him in anticipation.

Naruto tuned out his surroundings, his blue eyes intently on the unsealed paper. 'The Hiraishin Seals'. Under the title were the seals vertically going down, as seen on the handle of the special kunai. He looked further to see a paragraph written underneath the seals. 'While on the custom kunai, these seals are not limited to them. They are rather versatile, able to be 'tagged' on different objects and even people themselves.' Naruto felt his eyes widened from surprise, beginning to comprehend on how deadly the jutsu truly was.

'To perform the jutsu, grab the special kunai in the box and push a good amount of your chakra into the seal of the kunai. It will 'accept' your chakra when the seal pulls on your chakra. Throw the kunai to a target and feel for your chakra within the seals of the kunai. The seals will respond, as you will feel a pull. Your perception of time will slow, as you will travel to the kunai. Anything after that, is up to you.' Naruto stood silently, his eyes finally gazing at the bottom of the paper. 'Continue the legacy, Naruto. Whether you do or not, you are always my son...'

Silence reigned for a moment, Tsunade becoming worried for the shinobi before her. Naruto turned away from her, going into the box. She couldn't see what he picked up as his body blocked her view. She felt his chakra build before it was forced into whatever he was holding, stopping after a minute. His arm flung out, a thud being heard at the opposite end. He paused for a moment as if he was trying to find something before she saw something she would never see again... He vanished in a yellow flash.

He reappeared at the opposite end in the same fashion, his eyes shadowed by his hair as he pulled something from the wall. She stood in unadulterated shock, "That...that was..."

Naruto turned to the legendary woman, within the depths of his eyes. "Hiraishin." He finished, both of them feeling some of the shinobi heading their way. He looked over at the busty Hokage, "Thank you…" He said quietly. Tsunade managed to hear him; "I'll be able to stop Madara with this and achieve vengeance."

ANBU busted in as they kneeled, looking at their village leader in alarm, "Tsunade-sama! We felt a large amount of chakra from the office!" The female sannin didn't respond to them as she looked out of the window, the breeze blowing gently as she knew that the window was closed earlier.

Her hazel eyes softened in sadness, supporting his decision as her hopes of him staying were dashed. She closed her eyes as she resumed into her lead role, "It's nothing to concern yourselves with. Dismissed." She responded with authority, as the ANBU saluted and exited in a column of smoke. Tsunade moved behind her desk as she quietly sat down, the breeze was the only thing breaking the silence. A tear dropped on one of her papers, as her eyes were shadowed. Deep down, she knew that it would be a while before she saw him again.

-Streets of Konoha

A yellow flash came upon the streets, as it drew the civilian's attention. The flash revealed Naruto, which all the civilians were in shock to see a familiar technique. The Yondaime's son looked around to see that the villagers were all in complete shock, "W-Was that the Yellow Flash's technique?" One of them asked.

Upon the crowd, Shikamaru was there with Ino, Choji, Sakura, and Team 9. Choji witnessed the scene and was so shocked; that he actually dropped the bag of chips he was eating from. The rest of them just stood there shocked out of their minds, "H-He really is the son of the Fourth Hokage." Neji thought to himself.

Shikamaru shook it off and walked over to the blonde, along with Sakura, Choji, and Ino. The villagers continued on with whatever it was they were doing, as Naruto snapped his head to the right and saw his old friends approaching him. He cocked an eyebrow, "What do you all want?"

Sakura just stood there having no clue what to say, but Shikamaru spoke, "Was that the Fourth Hokage's technique just now?" He asked.


"Naruto, please say you're back." Ino said.

"No." He looked at Shikamaru and reached into his coat, as he opened the patch. He took out one of the special kunais and held it out to Shikamaru, "I trust you the most out of everyone still. I want you to hold onto this and use it when the village is in danger."

Shikamaru took the kunai and examined it closely, "What am I supposed to do with it?"

"Just add little of your chakra and fling it. I'll appear in a flash once you throw it."

Shikamaru added his chakra into the kunai and looked around. A thought came upon him, since someone had to talk to him and he couldn't agree more. The pineapple head turned around and flung it at the ground right in front of Sakura, "Damn it." The blonde thought.

Naruto was forced, as he flashed and reappeared just a couple feet from where he once was. Now, he found himself standing right in front of his ex-teammate he looked at her and saw her back up just a tad from his sudden appearance. The blonde turned his back to his old teammate and looked at Shikamaru, "Why did you do that?"

Shikamaru didn't say anything, but before Naruto could take a step forward, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning back around, he saw Sakura once again, "N-Naruto…"

The blonde sighed, "What is it?"

Sakura's eyes began to water, "Please don't leave. Just please stay… I'm sure… the council will… reconsider."

Naruto sighed and scratched the back of his head, "I don't like repeating myself."

"Please Naruto!" She shouted, which all the villagers turned to the scene.

The blonde sighed again, "No."

"Why! We've tried so hard to bring you back."

"Naruto," Ino stood next to her friend's side and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, "She's been trying so hard to bring you back. Why won't you come back?"

Naruto remained silent, "There's nothing that's holding you back to come back now. So, why don't you?" Sakura continued.

"Wait, what do you mean nothing's holding me back?"

"We heard that you were betrayed and that you're staying in Kiri now."

Naruto clenched his fists and knew exactly who told them now, "That damn Shizune, she can never keep her mouth shut."

"Why would you even stay in Kiri? Why didn't you come here?" Ino asked.

"Why would I come back here after I attacked you all? Did that not make you all realize that I don't want to come back?"

They were all quiet, until Sakura continued once more; "We've known each other for almost our whole life. I don't care if you were told to attack us, just please come back!"

Naruto shook his head, "I don't have time for this," He picked the kunai up from the ground and turned to face Shikamaru, "I'm trusting you on this." He said, as he handed the kunai back to the pineapple head.

"All right." Shikamaru replied.

Naruto pulled out a teleporting sheet from his cloak, "And stop pursuing me. I'm not coming back unless this village is under attack."


Naruto turned back once again to face Sakura, "Wh…"

Sakura cupped his cheeks and pulled him towards her, as she placed her lips against his. Naruto grabbed her by the waist and removed himself from her, "What are you doing?"

"Please don't go."

"Why! I'm tired of hearing this from…"

"Because I love you!" Sakura shouted at him.

It was absolutely quiet now since she just practically announced to the whole village about how she feels for the traitor. The only thing that you could hear was the breeze and the sound of leaves on the ground being blown away, "D-Did she just say she loves him?" A villager asked.

"Yeah, but why? He's a traitor and he's truly a demon." A different villager answered.

"Sorry, but I don't feel the same for you anymore." Naruto replied to her.

Sakura's eyes widened and felt anger flowing through her, "Baka!" She slapped him hard against his left cheek, that it caused him to snap his head to the right.

Everyone around them was completely shock and thought that she was crazy. Naruto pulled out a teleporting sheet and added little of his chakra to it, as he completely vanished.

Tears escaped Sakura's eyes, and when he left, she stormed off, "Sakura!" Ino called out, as she went after her friend.

Shikamaru held out the kunai and examined closely, "Why didn't he give this to Lady Tsunade?"

In a dark alley

A plant formed from the ground, as it opened up to reveal a head that was watching the scene, "The Nine-tails Jinchuuriki has picked up the Fourth's technique." White Zetsu said.

"No shit. Madara's not going to like this one bit." Black Zetsu mentioned.

"Yeah, this is going to be a lot harder then we thought. Hopefully Madara's ready to make a move by now."

"Let's go tell him then. He needs to know this."

The plant-like Akatsuki member went back into the ground in need to tell the news to Madara.

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