He heard the door slam and his boyfriend shuffle around the flat; he wondered how the meeting had gone and hoped that everything was alright. He wandered out of the bathroom, with a tiny towel wrapped around his hips but stopped dead in his tracks when he caught a glimpse of his stunning boyfriend. Wow. His cock twitched and ideas ran through his head...

Syed kicked his trousers away from his feet, wrestled out of his shirt and began to tug at his tie. He stopped when a sudden, warm hand closed over his. "Not the tie," the smooth voice whispered into his ear.

Syed shivered and leant back into the warm mouth that was now kissing along the nape of his neck. "Not the tie?" Syed gulped and repeated.

Christian's strong fingers played with the waistband of Syed's boxers and gave them a short tug. "These can go." With a small smile, Syed shook off his boxers. "How about the socks?" he teased. "Yep, those too." Christian murmured after a moment without so much as moving away from his attentions on Syed's neck.

Syed turned around so that he was facing his almost naked lover. He let his gaze wander over Christian's broad chest and then cast his eyes upwards, "Anything else you require?" Christian ran his fingers lightly up Syed's sides, and then curled round the loosened silk tie. "No," he said and gave the item a gentle pull.

Syed allowed himself to be drawn to the bed and fell back against the cool sheets. "Mmm," he moaned as Christian lowered himself atop the younger man and his towel feel to the side. Christian then began to devour the flesh just above Syed's collarbone. "I'd ask you to tell me about the meeting except that I don't really think any of what you say would stay in my head right now." Christian let his tongue trail down to Syed's nipple and swiped it across the nub. Syed arched into Christian's touch and sought out his talented mouth and soon they were fighting for dominance in one of those kisses that took their breath away. Their hardness's rubbing together in a mixture of sweat and pre-cum was driving them both insane but neither was willing to admit that. Christian growled and pulled Syed's tie off with one swift motion.

"Uhhh, you're so good at that," Syed gasped as Christian drew the end of the tie up Syed's body, brushing the younger man's toned chest. "I know," Christian smirked, taking Syed's hands and tying them together tightly. "Wouldn't want wandering fingers now, would we?"

"Mmmm, bastard," Syed gasped as Christian snaked his hand in between Syed's legs. "Bastard."

"I know," Christian laughed, "but you look so gorgeous when you're tied up." Christian's tongue was once again making its presence known. "Very funny," Syed quipped but found his words escaping him when Christian's hot mouth suddenly engulfed his cock. That gifted mouth sucked, teased and knew exactly which spots to hit. This of course, as usual brought Syed over the edge and made him see stars. When his orgasm died down, Syed quickly struggled out of the tie, flipped Christian onto his back and held the piece of silk with a savage grin.

"Now… it's my turn to have a bit of fun."