For JG x

Back to those magic words again...

Syed embraced him slowly; he came up behind him, leaning his lips close to an ear as he whispered…

"Think how good I can make you feel; the pleasure we can share. There's no shame in giving over control to me… one day… that's all it is. And who's going to know? It's just you and me. You're always the one who has to be in control, aren't you? Don't you wish that for once you could let someone else take care of you?" The smooth voice washed over Christian as Syed blew cool air against the sensitive flesh of his ear.

Christian's cock stiffened. Syed was luring him in and he felt almost helpless to resist. His heart rate picked; Syed was encouraged by this, as well as the little gasping noises he was making.

"Come on, Christian," he purred. "Give yourself over to me. You know you'll enjoy it. I'll make you feel so good. You can forget about everything. It'll just be me and you."

Blunt teeth nipped at his neck and Christian found himself tilting his head to the side. It was too tempting, the idea of being able to let go for a while.

The older man baring his neck to him was all that Syed needed: it was a simple act of submission, but it was a poignant one.

Syed's slender hands reached around and started to undo buttons, one by one, until the white shirt hung open. He pulled it out of the waistband and ran his hands appreciatively over the well-toned torso.

As his fingers roamed, Syed's mouth and tongue lapped at the pulse point of Christian's neck. He bit down hard and began to suck, eliciting a delicious moan from his lover. He continued sucking and gently nipping as his hands found Christian's nipples; playing with them, circling and pinching lightly.

Christian was so lost in the wicked things that Syed's mouth was doing that he was slow in registering the descent of Syed's hands until they were at his belt. He moaned softly as fingers ever so lightly caressed the skin just above his waistband, before starting on his belt and zip. As soon as his jeans were open, Syed's hand slipped inside, the palm rubbing against Christian's hardness.

Christian gasped and arched, resting the back of his head against Syed's shoulder as he pushed his hips forward. He could definitely get into this. The strong hand was sliding up and down his shaft without wrapping around him. It was maddening. He groaned in frustration.

Syed dropped his hands and walked around to get a full view of his lover; the sight of him, his head thrown back in pleasure, mouth slightly parted and his pink tongue darting out to moisten his lips. Syed moved to his knees and stared at the cloth covered erection, reaching out and toying with it, tracing the outline delicately, leaving Christian a growling, groaning mess.

'Ahhhh, shit Sy!'

Syed got up and walked over to the bed, dragging Christian by the hand. Clothes were thrown to the floor and Syed's mouth was instantly on Christian's in a possessive kiss.


Christian tried to cling to him, but Syed gripped his wrists and pushed them down into the soft bedding on either side of his head. He writhed and moaned as Syed moved them above his head, forcing him to grip onto the headboard with a low growl: 'keep them there'. Christian's fingers dug deep into the material as Syed released his wrists, unable to fight the command even as he felt Syed kiss down his neck, over his chest and along the muscles of his stomach.

"Please Sy, please," Christian moaned, his body arching and straining as Syed kissed teasingly around his stomach and thighs, wrapping his fingers lightly around his cock and making his whole body twitched. "Fuck, yes!".

Syed teased him with feather light strokes, using both fingers and lips. The more he teased, the less coherent Christian became. His pleas turned to loud, desperate moans; his entire body a shaking, desperate bundle of need.

Christian growled his approval as lips and tongue worked insistently at the head of his cock. He began to lose control, hips undulating and deep moans echoing through the room. Syed knew Christian's every sound, knew the meaning of each moan and intake of breath…and, as Christian came to the brink of orgasm, he pulled away…watching as Christian gasped and writhed in confusion.

"You come when I say you can."

"Sy, what…?" Christian panted and let go of the headboard.

"I said don't let go," Syed warned. "Didn't I?"

"Ah, but Sy…"

"Shhh" Syed soothed; he put his hand on Christian's chest and gently shoved him back down.

In an instant, Syed was back at Christian's straining cock, lips and tongue sliding over the hard flesh as he teased. He swallowed around the hardness in his mouth and made his way down the shaft with a bobbing action: forward an inch, back an inch, forward another inch, back two…

He took a deep breath, blowing it out through his nose as he sank all the way down; swallowing, tightening his throat in ripples around the intruder.

Christian arched his back and cried out, pleasure coursing through his body. He was getting so close. His hips pumped up, the movement blocked as strong hands held him in place. A tongue swirled against his shaft…and then he felt the lightest touch of teeth. Christian cried out and bucked up desperately, thighs trembling. Syed immediately wrapped one of his hands around the base of Christian's cock.

"Oh no you don't. Not yet."

"Sy, please!" Christian growled and reached up, pulling Syed forward by the collar of his shirt. He kissed him hard, wrapping a leg around his waist and thrusting his hips up against him.

Christian looked so hot and desperate. Syed almost gave in.


Fingers found Christian's nipple, pinching it hard.

"Oh god."

Christian lay shaking, hands curled in the sheets. He looked a little like he was about to burst out of his skin.

"You…" he started, and his voice, fuck, it'd cracked and gone, and he had to pause and swallow and wet his lips before he could continue. "…please."

Syed looked down at Christian: eyes squeezed shut, panting and grunting, leaking cock lying rigid on his golden stomach. Syed decided to relent. It was time. He leant down and kissed Christian on the lips…and then he began to stroke Christian's cock, hard and fast. It was too much…

"Ahh, fuck Sy, please? Please!'

Syed gave a firm nod and bent down to run his tongue along Christian's neck, whispering words of encouragement against his hot skin. He broke Christian apart with his mouth and hands, wearing him down until he was nothing but gasps and moans and need…and then Syed bit down and sucked. Christian exploded; his seed splattering across his stomach, a string of expletives leaving his mouth in between whimpers and groans.

Christian continued to twitch through the aftershocks of his orgasm as Syed stripped down to his boxers. He grabbed a damp flannel from the bathroom and then climbed into bed; Christian still lay there, slumped and exposed. Syed cleaned him off tenderly whilst gently kissing his neck.

"Love you."