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Chapter 22

The mission was finally over. Had anyone asked Chuck to describe Sarah at that precise moment, as she shuffled beside him towards their apartment, he'd say without hesitation that she looked like a dirty, beautiful and extremely horny zombie. And everything would be true. Throughout the drive, she cuddled next to him in the van, not minding their dirty coveralls and despite the exhaustion from the mission.

Stepping into the courtyard, they ran into Ellie, who was back from a boring shift at the hospital.

"Wow, you guys stink," Ellie said, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

"It's Casey's fault. His plan necessitated us doing plumbing, when none of us knows how to actually plumb."

"At least we got the intel," Casey said defensively.

"We should tell Morgan to put some For Dummies books in our mission kit," Sarah yawned.

"I'll tell him in the morning. Right now I wanna get rid of this outfit and shower a couple hundred times."

"Me too." Then her grin turned positively foxy. "Maybe we can also work on our plumbing skills," she purred seductively.

Casey grunted in mock disgust, while Ellie laughed.

"We'll do the report in the morning," Chuck informed Casey before leaving the tools they were carrying by the fountain and disappearing with Sarah inside the apartment.


"That's it. Report sent," Chuck told the others and leaned back in his comfortable chair. "I expect to hear from the bosses soon."

"It'll take time for them to read through the report, Bartowski."

"Let's just say that I added something extra to the report."

"You didn't!" Jill exclaimed.

"I most certainly did."

"What?" Casey had lost them somewhere along the way.

"You really sent them the invitation attached to a mission report?" Sarah queried.

"I wish I were a fly on the wall in their office when they open it," her fiancé chuckled.

Had his wish come true, he would have seen the two directors skimming through the report, voicing their satisfaction on yet another successful mission.

"What's this?" Graham asked suddenly.

"It's tagged with Agent Bartowski's code and marked Directors' Eyes Only. I think it's for you."

"No, it's for us. Chuck doesn't make typos in his reports."

"Shall I open it then?"

"By all means."

Beckman tried her pass code for encrypted communications and to her surprise it worked. "You were right, it's for both of us."

"Let's see what he sent us."

"I can't believe it!" General Beckman exclaimed after reading it.

"I can. Apparently he found a way to get even for the e-cards I send him on his birthday every year," Graham laughed.

"It must be some kind of joke!"

"No. It's no joke, General. Chuck and Sarah are really getting married. And I don't know about you, but I'll most certainly attend."

"What the Hell, I'll go as well. Bartowski and Walker are good agents. They deserve some sort of reward from us. Honoring them with our presence on their special day certainly fits the bill. I just need a date and I have someone in mind."

"I'll go with my wife."


For a while life went along as usual, with Sarah and Ellie always finding time for wedding preparations. One important issue that had to be dealt with was the venue. While the other two pairs of parents were content to leave the matter to their children's discretion, the Very Awesomes wanted to have a say in the matter. They couldn't help it, as Devon was the first of their three sons to be getting married and they were kind of overenthusiastic about it.

"Mom, I know how strongly you feel about it, but in the end the decision is not yours to make," Devon explained to his mother over the phone. She'd just called again with yet another suggestion for a wedding site. "Ellie and I are talking about it with Chuck and Sarah. We'll look at various sites and make a decision based on consensus… No more calling about it, OK? By Mom, love ya."

"Honey again?" Chuck queried.

"Yeah." Awesome put his phone in the pocket of his scrubs and rubbed a hand over his chin. "It's getting annoying. Sometimes I wish she was more like your Mom, or Sarah's Mom."

"Trust me, they are meddling too, but in more subtle ways."

"Well, my folks are anything but subtle." Then he changed the subject. "How are things at work? Ellie told me about the other night."

"Right now we're between missions, which suits our beloved Bridezillas just fine."

"I heard that!" Sarah called from their room.

"Damn! I am engaged to the Bionic Woman!"

Devon laughed. "Yeah, those two have picked up the pace. I think they already have made the choices of dresses."

"We need to decide on a location soon. I sent an invitation to my Boss, but only informed him of the date."

"Yeah… about that… Chuckster, I just remembered something Ellie told me a long time ago. She said something about wanting a beach wedding."

"What do you think?"

"I think it'd be perfect."

"Yes, I think so too. Sarah?"

"Yes Chuck?"

"How does a beach wedding strike you?"

"It sounds very romantic."

"Then it's settled. We'll have a beach wedding."

"Whoa, cool your jets, bro. Getting a permit for a beach wedding can take forever."

It was Chuck's turn to laugh. "Not when we have the combined clout of the CIA and the NSA behind us. Trust me. Getting a permit will be a breeze."

"Nice to see you'll stoop to abusing your authority in order to make Ellie and Sarah happy."

"I'd do anything for friends and family, you know that."


With nothing else to do, Chuck was writing a segment of code for a computer game he was developing on his free time, while Morgan and Bryce were having one of their movie related friendly arguments. The discussion was entertaining and helped him make quicker progress on his work, until Casey stuck his head through the door.

"Bartowski, the General called. We have a briefing in thirty. Where's Walker?"

"Sarah's out on company errands," Chuck lied. True, it was an errand Sarah originally went out for, but right now she was with Ellie at a bridal store for the final fitting of their wedding dresses.

"It's okay, we won't need her for this. Basically the bosses want to talk to you."

"Then it's not about a mission," Chuck said absentmindedly.

"They didn't say, but you're probably right."

Half an hour on the dot later, Chuck and company, minus Sarah, were clustered around the screen in the briefing room.

"We have some good news for you, Chuck," Graham said.

"I'm all ears, Boss."

"Our technicians finally completed the data compilation and encoding for the new Intersect."

"I guess that makes me kind of redundant – as an Intersect, of course."

"You did very well, Agent Bartowski," General Beckman said. "But without regular updates, a lot of the data in your head would have gone stale."

"If it hasn't already."

"Yes, you are right."

"So, where does that leave us?"

"Your father is expected in DC tomorrow to supervise the upload to the new computer, which, as you know, has already been delivered to us."

"And then you and his team are free to devise a way to erase the Intersect from your head."

Chuck pursed his lips, deep in thought. "I wonder if I can keep the skills pack," he said, addressing no one in particular. "It's really cool."

Graham heard him. "Ask your father. It's basically up to the program he's writing."

"I will, Boss. Thank you for the good news. I'm tired of being a portable hard drive."

The moment the conference call ended, Chuck called Stephen. His father confirmed that everything was going smoothly so far. Knowing his son, he had already configured the Intersect removal program to erase only the intel and not the skills pack, something Chuck was grateful for.


At the end of the week, Stephen paid a visit to his son at the cover business. "I see the gang's all here," he said cheerfully.

"Give us the good news, Stephen," Sarah said, hugging her soon to be father-in-law.

He smiled. "The new Intersect computer is fully operational and cured of the glitch the original had."

"And when can you fix Chuck?"

"I have some minor refining to do, but otherwise the removal program is ready. We can proceed with it soon."

"We're about to go home now, Stephen. Would you care for dinner at our place?"

"Sarah's rapidly becoming every bit as good as Ellie in the kitchen," Chuck provided some additional incentive.

"Let me call your mother. She'll want to be there, too."

Over dinner, Chuck was keeping an eye on his parents. At family gatherings like this one, they were usually irrepressibly loquacious. But right now not a squeak was coming from either of them. Something was up. Chuck was sure of it.

"Mom, is everything OK?"


"I'm only asking because you and Dad are awfully quiet tonight."

"Think, Charles," Stephen said. "What does usually cause us to shut up?"

"A really good meal?" Ellie offered.

"Yep," her parents replied in unison.

"Really?" Sarah looked like she'd just been pronounced a master chef.

"Yes dear," Mary smiled. "It's something we haven't tasted in a long time and no restaurant we know can get it right."

"I just followed Ellie's recipe, with a couple of modifications suggested by Chuck."

"She's teaching you well, honey."

"Thanks Chuck. Anyone up for dessert?"

"Everything's so delicious, I'll make room," declared Devon.

"What are we having?" Stephen asked.

"My specialty, which happens to be a chocolate soufflé with fruit."

"Way to go, Sarah!"

"Did you find the recipe online?"


"Chuck let me in the other day to borrow something from your kitchen and I couldn't help seeing the recipes you printed off the internet."

"Well, I am getting married, so I have to become at least something resembling a housewife. As for the soufflé, it's a recipe passed down from mother to daughter in my family."

She brought it from the kitchen and served it. With the first bite everyone took an expression of bliss. "Delicious," Mary gushed. "Sarah, I need the recipe, unless it's a family secret."

"No, I can give it to you. You can also talk to my Mom. She has a whole lot of recipes just sitting around waiting for her to find the time to cook."

"And I guess it's well worth the wait."

"Oh, it is. By the way, Chuck made his chicken pepperoni the other day. It was amazing. Did you or Ellie teach him?"

"Neither," Chuck butted in. "I found it on the web."


The bachelor party had gone very well. The guys had had lots of fun, but without going overboard. When Chuck finally returned home, he was surprised not to find Sarah there. He shrugged. With Carina organizing the bachelorette party, they might come home even later than the guys.

In the morning he woke up to find not one, but two girls in bed with him, both fully dressed. One was Sarah. The other was Carina.


"Head… hurts… please stop shouting."

"What happened here?"

"A lot. We partied. We all came here and went straight to bed."


"Devon, Morgan and Casey heard us coming in and they collected Ellie and Alex, but the rest are here."

"I see Carina. Where are the others?"

"Follow me." Sarah got up on shaky legs, wrapped a hoodie around her and led the way to the guest bedroom. The bed was occupied by Zondra, Amy and Jill. A loud snore came from the living room and there Chuck found Alex Forrest and Eve Nichols, one on the couch and the other on the recliner. Then he noticed a pair of feet visible from behind the couch. Vivian had made a pallet with various cushions and was deep in sleep, like the others.

"How are you, Sarah?"

"I feel like I've been run over by Casey's Crown Vic."

"That bad, huh?"

"What can I say? We drank a lot," she admitted guiltily.

"Come on. You need water, aspirin and coffee."

"Make enough for everyone."

"I know what I'm doing, sweetheart." He got the coffee machine going and then started on breakfast for everyone. One by one, the party weary girls woke up and congregated in the living room, rubbing tired eyes and nursing monumental hangovers. Of course, a little thing like a splitting headache would not deter Sarah, Jill, Alex, Ellie and Alexandra from interrogating their boyfriends and fiancés about their conduct during the bachelor party.


The big day finally arrived. The girls claimed the Bartowski/Walker apartment to get ready, banishing the men to the Woodcomb/Bartowski residence. Casey would drive both brides to the wedding site in his Crown Victoria. Sarah summarily overrode all the stylist's objections and kept on the charm bracelet Chuck had given her some time after they became a real couple. Ellie wholeheartedly supported the decision, knowing that both Chuck and Mary would see it and appreciate the gesture.

Casey knocked on the door. "Ladies, it's time. Larkin and Grimes are waiting to take the bridesmaids. The others left for the beach."

Sarah opened the door and saw Casey in a neatly pressed suit, an unlit cigar jutting from his mouth, while Kathleen looked amazing in her dress. "We're ready," she confirmed.

The setup at the site was one to behold. There was a light breeze blowing, just enough to cause the waves to hiss gently on the surf. In short, it was perfect. Stephen and Jack escorted their daughters to where Chuck and Devon stood waiting with the Justice of the Peace. The ceremony began and the happy couples exchanged vows of everlasting faith and love. When they were done there was hardly a dry eye among the females present, while all men had also been deeply touched.

"By the power vested in me by the State of California, I pronounce you men and wives. Charles, Devon, you may kiss the brides." All guests and relatives applauded as the newly married couples kissed.

The wedding reception took place at the same location where Ellie had thrown her most memorable parties: the courtyard of the apartment complex at Franklin Street. Chuck, with Sarah by his side, looked around and spotted Graham talking to Sarah's parents. General Beckman was laughing at one of Stephen's jokes. Chuck took a good look at her date and flashed. Only Sarah noticed it.

"You flashed? On our wedding day?"

"I couldn't help it, babe. Do you know who Beckman's date is?"

"No, who?"

"Roan Montgomery."

"I've heard of him. Real old school and one of the best."

"Overrated if you ask me," Casey observed dryly as he passed them, glass of whiskey in hand. "He used to be an instructor. Flunked me twice on infiltration and inducement, just because my partner was gorgeous. Tried to pass it off as me hesitating because I was married. I told him that Kathleen was all the proof needed as to my prowess at seducing women."

"She wasn't easy at first, was she?"

"Hell no, I had to fight all the way for her, but I don't regret it one little bit."

"You know, the Intersect had an interesting video on Beckman and Montgomery. It showed them both in Berlin back in '89. I'll try to hack into a database and find it. Beckman as a blonde… it's gonna be precious."

The fun continued during the time honored bouquet and garter throwing rituals. Sarah had set it up so that her bouquet would land in Alex Forrest's hands. Her boyfriend Cole Barker succeeded in catching the garter. Alex Casey and Morgan Grimes were the lucky winners of Ellie and Devon's throws.


Chuck and Sarah took a short honeymoon and returned refreshed to Burbank. It was mostly business as usual for all of them. Chuck finally had the Intersect removed, something he simply hadn't had the time to do before the wedding. It was just as well, as Sarah had been so insatiable during the two weeks they were away, that he'd needed it to cope. A couple of years passed, with the team functioning with the same degree of efficiency. Ellie had also given birth to a beautiful baby girl, whom everyone, Casey included, was spoiling rotten.

One day, after another successful mission, the entire gang gathered for a movie. Sarah was playing with baby Clara when she reached for a slice of just delivered pizza. She was halfway through when Chuck returned with two huge bowls of popcorn.

"Where's my pizza?"

"It's right there, Chuck," Sarah replied around a mouthful of delicious pizza.

"No, that's your pizza, the one without the olives."

"Huh?" She looked and she was indeed devouring Chuck's pizza. "I didn't notice."

"You didn't notice the olives?"

She chewed thoughtfully for a second. "They taste good. I wonder why I never liked them cooked."

"Sarah, are you all right?"

"I'm fine."

"What's wrong?" Devon asked.

"Sarah likes olives on her pizza all of a sudden."

"That's weird. She normally went to extreme lengths to ensure her pizzas would be olive-free," Ellie observed. "Unless…"


"When was your last period?"

"I'll have to check."

"Odds are you missed at least one."

"You mean I could be… pregnant?"

"I see no other explanation. But how? You and Chuck are fanatical about using protection."

"It's Morgan's fault. He never made good on his IOU and Chuck is still without an emergency reserve condom in his wallet."

"You're not mad at me?" Morgan asked timidly.

"How can I be? Your thievery enabled Chuck to give me the greatest gift of all."

"I'm taking you to the hospital first thing in the morning for tests. But I think they'll only confirm that you're at least six weeks along. Also, what are you going to do in the future?"

"I'll stop being a field agent," Sarah replied resolutely. "I'm a mother now. My kid is my first priority. Graham will understand."

As it turned out, Sarah was expecting not one, but two kids. Before long, a miniature copy of Chuck and another of Sarah were running around, being spoiled just as rotten as their older cousin.