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Ten long minutes on the clock had passed. Every minute seemed longer than the last. Tony was in his seat tapping his pen over and over again to try to calm himself. His heart was pounding but he couldn't figure out why he was so nervous. After all, it was Ziva, and it's not like they haven't had a heart to heart talk before. Tony still couldn't figure out what he kept worrying about.

"It's nothing." He told himself over and over. Tony sighed and tried to occupy his time with paper work. That didn't do anything either. Every now and then Tony would look up from his desk and his eyes would make contact with Ziva's. Both of them would quickly pull away and their stomach did flops.

"It's just Tony." Ziva told herself. She worked on her computer to calm her nerves as well and she couldn't help think what she and Tony might talk about. She played out different scenarios in her head, all of which didn't end so well. This wasn't helping. Ziva looked at the clock on her computer screen and sighed.

"Another 60 seconds." Ziva thought. She counted every passing second, which seemed like forever. When the clock reached nine o' clock sharp Tony shot up from his desk. Ziva placed her hand on her head,

"Could he make it any more obvious?" Ziva asked as her heart began to race. McGee looked up from his desk.

"You okay Tony?" McGee looked puzzled as Tony was walking out of the squadroom. McGee looked at Ziva and she shrugged.

"Never better , McGee." Tony shouted as he walked to the men's room. He pushed open the door and walked inside. Tony sighed and looked around to make sure no one else was in there with him.


Ziva casually got up from her seat and pushed in her chair almost silently. McGee didn't even bother looking up from his computer as Ziva snuck out of the squadroom and to the hallway by the 'Most Wanted' pictures and the bathrooms. Ziva tapped lightly on the door and it gently swung open. Ziva stepped inside and locked the door behind her. There Tony was, standing up against the wall with the mirror behind him showing Ziva's face, full of emotion.

"Well-" Ziva said quietly. "I am here." Ziva leaned up against the wall by the counter.

"I can see that." Tony replied going to lean up against the opposite wall from Ziva.

"Where should I start Tony?" Ziva's voice echoed throughout the bathroom. Tony looked at Ziva and then to her reflection in the mirror.

"Maybe I should start and tell you that I don't know what I want anymore, or maybe the fact that I might be getting married to man that is not willing to commit, or how about the man who is supposed to be the closest to me isn't giving me the help that I need, the comfort?" Ziva's voice cracked. Tony was hurt by her words.

"She's accusing me of not being there for her? She pushed me away." Tony thought and had to resist from rolling his eyes. Ziva was crumbling apart right in front of him, and he did want to help, but lately, with everything else that had been going on it was hard to stay so close to her like they had used to be.

"I tried Zee, I really did." Tony said in a hushed tone trying to comfort her. Ziva almost laughed right in his face.

"You weren't there for me because you were with her." Ziva thought and sighed.

"I know you tried Tony, you had E.J. though, and for the time, I had Ray. But now that E.J. is gone and Ray had left and it was just you and me, well- that was nice." Ziva stopped herself and looked up at the ceiling to prevent the tears from falling. She started to pace the floor.

"And now that he is coming back" Ziva's voice cracked again and it sounded as if she was going to cry. "I do not know what to do, or what I want anymore Tony." Ziva looked down and gravity brought down her first tear. She quickly wiped it away and turned her head so she didn't reveal this tender side of her to Tony.

"Oh Ziva." Tony whispered. He wanted to go over there and put her in his arms and tell her everything would be okay, and that he would be there for her, but he couldn't. She needed to figure this out on her own. She needed to get rid of him without his help, when she was ready.

"Ziva. You need to do what you think is best. If that means running off with him, then so be it, but if it's staying here, and getting rid of him, and-" Tony tried to think of some other things to say.

"You'll have me." Tony wanted to say those words so bad, more than anything.

"The rest of us will always be there for you when you fall. All of us will catch you. We all care about you Ziva, we really do." Tony finished.

"I should have said 'me' instead of 'we' and 'us'." Tony regretted inside of him. Ziva turned and looked at Tony. Her face was red and flushed and tears were streaming down her face. She had been silently crying out everything. All of the stress was reliving its self too.

"You are telling me that I need to make this decision by myself?" Ziva asked sobbing. Tony nodded and Ziva jerked her head up to prevent crying again in front of Tony.

"Ziva, sometimes it's better to cry instead of keeping it inside. Go ahead, cry it all out. I'm here." Tony whispered gingerly and walked over to Ziva. At first she resisted and then she carefully placed her head on Tony's shirt. She kept quietly crying in his arms until it was all out. Ziva looked up at Tony.

"So what are you going to do?" Tony asked Ziva looking back down at her.

"I am still not sure what I want." Ziva replied and sighed in his arms. Tony let go and went to get a paper towel and wet it under the faucet. He handed it to her.

"Wash your face and let's go back out there." Tony said standing up against the wall. Ziva looked confused.

"We can talk about the rest later, yes?" Ziva asked washing her face over the sink until she was no longer flushed.

"Sure thing." Tony replied getting a dry paper towel for Ziva to dry her face with.

"Tonight? My place?" Ziva asked drying her face.

"Okay. Is ten okay?" Tony asked grabbing the door and having Ziva walk out first.

"Perfect." Ziva said entering the squadroom.

"What took you guys so long?" McGee asked. Tony looked at Ziva as Gibbs came into the squadroom drinking his coffee.

"Gear up. Dead marine!"

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