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Willow Rosenberg has been Buffy Summer's best friend for a good 7 years; ever since the night she kicked some Darla ass to save her and Xander. One thing Willow always did, one thing she knew and Buffy knew, was that she always respected Buffy's decisions. From choosing to run away, to using Spike, and becoming a rather bad leader toward the Potentials, Willow had always stuck by her side no matter what. She may have been hurt by some decision like spending time with Faith over her years ago or focusing on questioning Spike instead of helping her move past Oz when he left, but she always stood right by her. That is, until she went to LA to help Spike in the middle of a war.

"Xander, I have no idea what she's thinking! The girls need her protection and she just wanders off to LA for Spike as the First's army gets stronger?" She had tossed and turned all night, until finally breaking and dragging Xander into the back yard to vent.

"Will, you gotta understand. You know me, I'm on the anti-Spike train more than anyone else, but he's a good fighter and he's needed here. Not to mention, Spike from 5 years ago? Not the best houseguest." Willow groaned. He was missing the point.

"Xand, I get that Spike's important in the battle, I do! But to just leave Faith and Wood in charge of the girls, ask you and Anya to do recon on the worst nemesis we've had yet? Oh God, Wood. How do you think he's handling this? The man he's been after 30 years has finally resurfaced and he's not even acting like anything happened."

"Maybe Buffy's threat was more effective than we thought it was." Xander suggested. Willow sighed.

"Maybe… do you think she can do it?" She asked, concerned.

"Do what?" He asked.

"Get Spike to remember." Willow said. Xander sighed and thought a moment.

"I'm not sure, but I know if anyone can do it, it's her. I don't know who did this, though. Spells aren't really the First's forte, and who do we know that knows how to do this stuff that would want to bring back William the Bloody?" Xander asked, concerned.

"I have no idea, Xand. It's a powerful spell, too. I have no idea who could have pulled it off, y'know, besides me."

"Will, are you going all black haired again?" Xander asked teasingly. Willow smiled and hit him lightly on the arm.

"So, here's a question, Will," Xander started.

"Shoot, Xand," Willow said.

"Why aren't you talking to Kennedy about this?" He said. Willow's muscles tightened.

"I don't know what happened with her. She's just- she seems too happy Buffy's gone. Like she's all number one Slayer now because Faith's not the take-charge type, you know?" Willow said, quietly.

"Well we've always known that she's the only potential to really want the destiny, more so than Buffy." He said, trying to keep her calm. Willow nodded.

"Go back to bed, Xand, I'm gonna go have a snack or something." Xander obliged, entering the house. Willow sighed. Was it possible? Was it truly possible that Willow, herself, might have been responsible for this? No one else could have done it, what about the "My Will Be Done" spell or the "You Can't See Me, I Can't See You" spell? But why would she, on any conscious or subconscious level, would she want to bring back evil Spike? They had enough to deal with. Willow shook her head, all the thoughts from it, and silently fled to bed.

Rupert Giles was slightly on the rocks with Buffy. Shortly before she had departed, Buffy and Giles got into yet another argument with Buffy over their most discussed topic; Spike. Since Giles had spoken with Wood about killing Spike, the two were pretty awkward when it came to decisions regarding the Potentials. He didn't know what more he could say. Should he remind her, yet again, that she was the slayer? Her duty, the duty she signed up for inviting the girls to her home, was to protect these girls. Distracting herself from this duty by traveling out to LA to fix such a minor problem was not only irresponsible, but extremely dangerous. Wood agreed with him. Just mere days before Spike became the monster he was, Wood approached him.

"I may have failed, Mr. Giles, but that doesn't mean I was wrong."

"I conquer, but Buffy won't let anything happen like this again."

Wood seemed to accept this, but Giles couldn't help but have one thing in the back of his mind. Would he have had the capabilities to pull something like this off? And, if so, would he be willing to risk the consequences he was sure to bear?

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