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I was just planning this to be all drabbles like Polar Reflections, but as I was pre-writing the summary, a mad story plot just entered my head and I had to use it! :D This story will most likely consist of: Romance/Fantasy/Humor/Friendship. If anyone's curious why Fantasy is there, then it's because I'm adding slight magical elements to an otherwise pretty normal story setting. Also, I will have other pairings popping up throughout the story. If some of you already know about me, then you already know my default pairings unless I state otherwise. :P

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~ Empty Tides ~

"You have to be kidding me," Vanitas muttered under his breath as he rolled his eyes. He placed his hands in his pockets as he walked down the street with a raven-haired girl reading a magazine. Vanitas glared at her. "Please tell me you are joking, Xion."

Sapphire eyes narrowed in annoyance and Xion leaned towards Vanitas just to invade his personal space. "Oh, come on, Vanitas! I think it's a great idea to celebrate our anniversary."

"What 'anniversary'?" Vanitas questioned. He had half the mind to lean down towards her lips, but hey, Vanitas had morals…sometimes. Instead of doing that, Vanitas chose to lean away and mumbled sarcastically. "I never realized we were married—"

"Dummy!" The girl stuck out her tongue after whacking Vanitas with her magazine. She ignored his leer and continued walking. "Not that kind of anniversary! I meant the anniversary of our friendship." She smiled warmly, hands behind her back. "We've been friends for…three years now?"

Giving off the impression that he was thinking, Vanitas nodded. "Maybe…"

"'Maybe' he says." Xion pouted, but continued regardless. "In any case, I just think that you and I should do something special. I mean, I've never had a friend for that long before since I used to move a lot…"

Stop. Being. Cute, Vanitas scowled when he eyed Xion's attempt at the 'begging puppy' look. She didn't have to do that…he was kind of into her already (in secret). Flicking her forehead—earning a shout of protest—Vanitas coolly replied. "Fine, but if we go to Disney Town, consider the deal off."

Squealing happily, Xion threw her arms around Vanitas and hugged him tightly. "You're so awesome, Vani! I'll text you the details later!"

"Yeah, yeah," he lamely replied, wondering if he should return the hug. Then again…that would be weird, right?

Pulling away, the raven-haired girl ran forward when she noticed her bus was coming. Waving at Vanitas, she cried, "I'll see you at school tomorrow! Tell Sora I said hi!"

"Bye…" Vanitas weakly waved, watching as Xion boarded her bus. Left alone, he sighed before mentally beating himself up. Vanitas missed another opportunity to probably tell Xion how he really felt about her, but no! He decided against it because his pride won out—again.

Screw it, Vanitas thought to himself.

So what if he never tells Xion that he likes her more than a friend? It wasn't like it would do him any favors. There would be a day when everything was good, but the fireworks would die out; they would break up (if they ever went out); and Vanitas would probably lose Xion (friend aspect and all). Being just friends was okay in his book…even if it set a bitter taste in his mouth. Turning around so he could backtrack to convenience store, Vanitas spotted something that wasn't there on the street moments ago.

When in the hell did that blue tent get set up by the lone alleyway of the street?

- 01 -
.: Anniversary :.

~ Windy Skies ~

Trouble! I'm in trouble! Ventus mentally shouted to himself as he weaved, dodged, and jumped past anything and everything he came across. Roxas was going to kill him if he was late for another Struggle practice! Ventus hated working at the local grocery store; he was practically forced to clean up after every mess and spills!

Looking at his watch, Ventus's sky-blue eyes widened. It was already past four. It was official: Roxas was going to murder him—

"Whoa!" Ventus immediately flopped forward, falling over an object that shrieked in surprise. Oh wait…he fell over a person. He quickly sat up and apologized. "I'm sorry! I should've been watching where I was going, but I'm really late!"


The blond froze, recognizing the voice. Nervously, he answered back. "N…Naminé?"

Staring happily at him were the brightest doe eyes Ventus has ever seen…and it made his heart skip a beat. The girl, Naminé, giggled. "I should've known it was you. Not many people run as fast as you do."

Ventus paused before rambling unintelligibly, "Ohmygosh! I'msosorry! Doyouneedtogotothedoctor—?"

Naminé placed a delicate finger to Ventus's lips and that immediately silenced him. "Ven, don't worry about it. I'm fine."

Sighing, Ventus helped Naminé to her feet and apologized again; calmly this time, "Sorry, Naminé. I didn't mean to run into you. I'm late for—"

"Struggle practice?" Naminé answered for him. "I know. Roxas told me."


Another giggle escaped Naminé as she dusted off Ventus's shoulders. "You should probably get going then."

"W-What about you?" Ventus immediately asked. "Are you, uh…?"

"I want to watch, but I have to paint something for my art school's fiftieth anniversary. Project's due in two days." Naminé smiled as she started walking down the street again. "I'll come watch you another time; I promise."

Ventus grinned. "Okay then. Bye, Naminé."

"Bye… Oh!" the female blonde added. "Could you tell Roxas to call me later? I forgot my cell phone at home."

"Sure." Ventus chuckled. "I can do that."

Smiling gratefully, Naminé waved one last time before turning the corner. Ventus stood in place just admiring his run-in with the pretty little blonde…before remembering that pretty little blonde was his twin brother's girlfriend.

Get real! Like you even stood a chance with Naminé!

Sometimes Ventus hated his conscious because it hardly spouted something comforting to him. Frowning, Ventus retorted to himself, "Shut up!" It was only then he noticed a girl with silvery, lavender hair staring at him with wine-colored eyes as she was attempting to walk by him. Ventus blushed in embarrassment. "Oh crap! That wasn't directed at you! I was talking to myself! I was, uh…"

Ventus only received silence on the girl's part and that made him flush a deeper shade of red. Finally, the girl reacted…by simply walking away wordlessly. Great! Ventus just made himself look crazy to a complete stranger…

Defeated, Ventus dragged his feet before noticing a small red tent sitting in the deserted part of the park.