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~ Empty Tides ~

"Tch!" Vanitas's eyes narrowed, watching as the combined efforts between Terra's attacks and the Unversed he bore from his shadow did minimal damage to subdue the Iron Prisoner. Fuu's Unversed began to lash out violently despite only half its body sticking out of its restraints, but honestly, that giant sledgehammer it summoned was causing the most problems. Vanitas's Unversed tried to grapple with the Iron Prisoner, but it was a futile attempt; there was a difference in power between Vanitas's Unversed and Fuu's. "Idiot… Fight it properly!"

Terra dodged a swing of the Unversed's sledgehammer before the tip of his weapon began to glow. Gathering the darkness, the brunet pointed his weapon at the Unversed and rounds of black, bullet-like projectiles fired in succession. They had all hit their target, but the Iron Prisoner was only aggravated further. "Dammit! Where's Aqua when you need her?"

"Why do you need Bluebird?" Vanitas scoffed as his Unversed crashed into the ground. "Can't fight without your little girlfriend?"

The brunet glared and the raven-haired teen wasn't sure if it was because Vanitas gave Aqua a nickname or because he just dissed Terra's ego. Dismissing his 'dark powers' while throwing furtive glances at the fighting Unversed, Terra dug through his pockets. "She holds the other half of my power. By myself, I can only fight at fifty percent of my true strength."

"She holds half of your power…?" Vanitas gaped in utter disbelief. "Who the hell are you guys? Is that a joke? Are you telling me you aren't fighting seriously?"

"Hey! When you get married—and to Harmony no less—it's pretty obvious she's going to 'lock away' what made you beast in the first place," Terra defensively (and just a tad bit bitterly) stated before finally pulling out a star-shaped trinket out of his pocket. Vanitas watched as Terra closed his eyes and held the orange-colored charm over his heart. The brunet began to quietly chant a spell, but Vanitas's focus was thrown towards the Unversed when it roared loudly once more.

Eyes widening in surprise, he gasped. "What?" The Iron Prisoner…it was writhing in what looked like pain as he clawed its chest, shaking unstably. Finding this the perfect opportunity, Vanitas shouted at his armored Unversed. "Do it now! Attack!"

Vanitas's Unversed smashed its fist against the Iron Prisoner, causing it to recoil. Vanitas believed they finally had the upper hand, but something was…amiss. Before he could even blink, the windstorm enveloping Ventus, Fuu, and the Patchman became unbearable once more. Covering his face on instinct, once the wind finished whipping and screeching in his ear, Vanitas lowered his arms only to come face to face with the Iron Prisoner; freed and completely dangerous.


"Vanitas!" Xion screamed from the sidelines at a safe distance.

It was probably the last thing he heard before falling unconscious after the Unversed practically knocked the air (and life) out of him. In fact, Vanitas had also felt something…heavy press down on his heart.

- 30 -
.: Difference:.

~ Windy Skies ~

The sound of glass shattering into pieces continued to echo in his ears, but at the same time, Ventus just couldn't focus on that; at least…not when he was practically giving away his first kiss to Fuu. Needless to say, he was as red as a tomato and thankful that it was normal to keep your eyes shut when you did kiss someone on the lips. God forbid he'd catch a glimpse of Fuu glaring at him for invading her personal space! …If she would just wake up.

"Wha… Impossible!" He heard Xigbar flabbergast. "Not when I'm so close!"

Ventus was only curious as to what was happening around him before he felt it; the slightest bit of hesitation against his lips. Hopeful, the blond parted the connection before opening his eyes, squeezing Fuu's shoulders. "Fuu?"

Even though she was still staring at nothing, the wine-eyed girl slowly yet surely began to break out of her trance. Fuu inhaled in surprise before her eyes found Ven's; both of her eyes revealed; no longer hiding behind her hair. "…V-Ven?"

She called my name… Ecstatic, Ventus immediately and tightly hugged the girl; indefinitely ignoring how Fuu froze. He laughed out of joy. "You're okay!"

She awkwardly murmured, slowly returning the hug. "S-Sorry."

"No, it's okay." Holding her at arms' length, Ventus smiled affectionately. "I'm sorry you went through that because of me. Fuu, I…didn't know you were suffering so much because of me. If anything—" Ventus held both of her hands and blushed "—I like you, Fuu. You're not Naminé and that's okay; I like you for you."

Her face broke free from her stoicism, leaving Fuu's heart on her sleeve. "Ven…"

"Ain't that cute?" Xigbar's voice interrupted sarcastically. Ventus immediately stood protectively in front of Fuu as the man drew near. "As much as I hate to break your little bubble of sappiness, I still need the little lady to call out the Unversed."

"Well she doesn't have a reason to do that anymore!" Ventus spat, smirking smugly. "No more negative feelings, you know?"

"As if! Kiddo, there's a big difference between the summoning Unversed with negativity and then summoning forbidden Unversed with compatibility." Grinning, Xigbar materialized a shooting weapon in hand. Ventus didn't even have time to react when the man fired his gun through a portal in space and Fuu had cried out, taking the hit from behind.

"Fuu!" Ventus caught her before she could fall to the ground, unconscious. The Unversed that was tied to her became unstable and a burst of wind exploded into the air. The blond instinctively protected Fuu from the gust, but when he opened his eyes, Ventus spotted the giant Unversed charging towards an unsuspecting Vanitas.

Xigbar continued. "Ya see: forbidden Unversed can be extracted momentarily from the host as long as a…suitable candidate is lying-in-wait; and considering Spiky over there has been summoning Unversed, I'd say he's perfect."

Taking the hint, Ventus gasped as he watched Vanitas's fate unfold. "Vanitas!"