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"Please tell me your screwing with me," Blaine Anderson pleaded, his eyes wide with desperation.

"I'm sorry, Blaine," Andrea retorted. "I simply don't love you anymore. And I know you don't love me. We haven't made love since Jessica was born." Her eyes were teary, like doing this actually hurt her, even though Blaine was certain she didn't care about anything he was feeling.

"I thought you didn't want to be touched!" Blaine yelled, throwing his hands in the air in disbelief. "You told me you would tell me when you were ready!" He sobbed, his face only inches from hers, as though yelling it right in her face might make her see reason.

"I didn't want to be touched; not by you," Andrea added softly, the slight maliciousness in her voice cutting through Blaine's heart like a knife. "Peter loves me; he wants me, and I want him," She added, picking up the suitcase of her things that she had placed by the front door earlier.

"But Peter? My boss, Peter?" Blaine screamed, his hands carding through his hair as he keenly felt the betrayal of his soon-to-be-ex wife.

Andrea pulled on her overcoat, and walked to the door, opening it onto the rainy street outside, where the car was waiting to whisk her away to Peter's arms.

"Yes, Peter. And if you know what's good for you, you'll find another job; if I don't help you out along the way," She added, with a flourish of her hand. "I don't want you around me, Blaine. And you can have the children. They've been nothing but misbehaved, spoiled brats since they were born."

Blaine's voice took on a tone of steel, his anger starting to get the best of him.

"You'd better leave, Andrea. I will not have you around our daughters if you're going to talk about them like that. They are not misbehaved, they are rambunctious. And they most certainly are not spoiled. You just have no idea how to say no to them!" And he finished by pushing her out of the house, into the rain.

"If this is what you truly want, Andrea, then you have to live with it. But I refuse to put our daughters in the middle of this. I'll tell them you've gone on an important business trip. If you come to your senses at all in the next month, come back and we'll talk. Otherwise, at that point, I'll begin filing for divorce." Her shocked look told him everything he needed to know; she thought he'd cave and beg her to stay with him, even if she had another lover. Well, he wasn't about to give her the satisfaction. He turned around, and re-entered the house, closing the door behind him.

Looking to the stairway, he saw his eldest daughter, Katherine, sitting there, her eyes wide with fear.

"Oh, honey," He murmured, and she burst into loud tears. He darted up the stairs and sat on the top step, cuddling his four year old to him as he tried to avoid crying himself. Comforting his daughter, he picked her up gently, and carried her back to her room. He let her cry herself to sleep, and rearranged her comforter and sheets back over her.

Then, because he couldn't go back to the room he had shared with Andrea for five years, he lay down on the bed beside his eldest girl, and fell asleep, cuddling the tiny girl gently.

Kurt Hummel was sick. He was carrying around tissues, and cough drops, and hand sanitizer, and he was wearing one of his fabulously decorative scarves, which was actually warm. His temperature this morning had been an absolutely delightful 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit, he had woken with a migraine, and to top it all off, today was the last day of his workers compensation benefits, so he absolutely had to find a job.

So here he was, wandering around downtown New York, trying to come up with some kind of action plan to hand out resumes.

He had stopped for a few minutes, his head swimming with pain, and sank down on a bench in Central Park. It was near a playground, and the sounds of the children hurt his head even more.

He rested his head in his hands, trying to blot out the brilliant sunshine of the late fall day, when a small girl came running up to him. He opened his eyes to see a pair of bright red, patent leather shoes on the ground in front of him. He looked up, and took in the little girl. She had to be around five, long curly brown hair, big hazel eyes and a red coat.

"Hi," He offered quietly, looking around a bit to see where her parents were.

"Hi," She replied, just as softly, then clambered up on the bench to sit beside him. He was terribly confused, as he didn't see anyone coming over to claim the child. He turned to her, just as she put a hand to his forehead. He jumped back a bit, and she overbalanced, falling. He caught her around the waist before she could reach the ground, and set her upright on her feet.

The little girl just looked at him quietly, her pointer finger in her mouth, and then she reached forward and placed her hand on his forehead again.

"You're hot," She stated clearly, and if it weren't for the fact that the child obviously didn't mean it that way, he would have chuckled.

"Yes, I'm sick." He commented, and continued looking around to see if he could find her parents. "So, where do you come from? Where are your mommy and daddy?" He asked gently, hoping that she at least knew their names so he could bring her back to them.

"It's just daddy. Mommy left. He's…" the little girl looked around, and her eyes got very wide as she realized she couldn't see her daddy anymore. A pair of giant tears slowly pooled in her eyes, as she kept looking around frantically.

"Daddy? Daddy! Daddy, where are you?" She began crying, and poor Kurt wasn't sure he could handle this today. He gently wrapped his hand around hers, and she dashed into his arms, hugging him tightly.

Kurt was almost in a panic himself. He'd never been able to relate much to kids, and the way this one was clinging to him made him feel very self-conscious of that fact. What the hell was he supposed to do now?

"Katherine?" Blaine called towards the rubber tires that Katherine had ducked into. He was busy trying to keep Penelope from wandering off, which was hard to do with a three year old, and making sure baby Jessica didn't wake up in her stroller. He walked slowly to the colorful tires, each one planted in the ground so that the children playing with them could duck under and hide inside. He looked around them, and determined that Katherine wasn't there. A quick flutter of panic made his heart stop for just a moment, and he picked up Penny, carrying her while pushing the stroller in front of him.

"Katherine?" He called again, looking frantically around the park, searching for her by the swings, the monkey bars and the jungle gym. He dashed toward the entrance to the park, hoping and praying that she hadn't wandered far.


Kurt had picked up the little girl and stood. He swayed gently on his feet, the cold or whatever it was making him slightly woozy, and picked out an officer standing close to the entrance of the park. The girl was still crying, her head resting on his shoulder, and he rubbed her back soothingly.

"It's okay, sweetie. We'll find your dad. We're going to go talk to a police officer, okay?" The girl lifted her head, and nodded solemnly at him, wrapping her little legs around his torso and holding on for dear life.

They made their way over to the officer, and Kurt was about to tap him on the shoulder to get his attention. But then all hell broke loose, and Kurt really wasn't sure what to make of things.

"Katherine!" A male voice shouted, and he was rewarded with a piercing scream in his ear as the girl sobbed and reached for her father. The officer turned and looked at him, as he handed the tiny girl over to a man with the same dark brown hair and hazel eyes. He was pushing a stroller, and carrying an even smaller girl. His face was a mess of tears, as he held he small girl close to him, kissing her hair and fussing over her.

"Are you all right?" He asked miserably, putting the girls down and kneeling in front of them. "Did you get lost? Did someone try to take you away?" He shot Kurt a dirty look, and then turned back to his daughter.

Oh great, Kurt thought to himself. As if today wasn't perfect enough, now I get to be accused of being a pedophile. Wonderful.

"Uh uh, no, daddy," The little girl called Katherine looked up to Kurt, her hand taking his gently. "I saw this nice man sitting on the bench, and he looked sick. I wanted to play doctor," Blaine choked, his eyes looking up at a now-panicked looking Kurt. "So I went to him and I put my hand on his forehead, like I do when you're sick, daddy. And guess what?"

Blaine looked at his daughter in confusion and wonder, and asked; "What?"

"He is hot, just like you when you're sick! Daddy, he needs medicine! Can we fix him, please?" Her little voice held a pleading tone, and Blaine shook his head.

"No, sweetie. Do you remember the talk we had about strangers? People you don't know?" She looked at him with wide eyes, and then looked at Kurt, almost like she was frightened. She nodded her head up and down, and looked back at her daddy.

"Is he a stranger?" She whispered to her father, and Kurt couldn't help but smile a little. If he could help teach a little kid not to talk to strangers, then maybe today wasn't a total bust after all.

Blaine nodded his head. "Yes, he's a stranger. Because you don't know him, and I don't know him, and he could be anyone in the whole world. Remember when I told you that some people like to take little kids away from their parents? That they like to do bad things like hurt them? This man could have been someone like that." He looked deeply into his daughters' eyes, as he tried to impart the importance of the lesson. Then he stood up, again trying to keep an eye on all three of his children simultaneously.

Kurt stood there with the police officer looking at him. He turned three shades of red, and felt he had to stick up for himself at this point, or he was going to end up in jail.

"Yes, Katherine. Talking to strangers is definitely a bad idea. You're just lucky I'm not a mean person! After all, we were going to find your daddy with the help of this police officer. Remember?" And he smiled gently at her, while she nodded at him with wide eyes.

"Yeah, you were gonna get him to find my daddy so that I wouldn't be lost anymore." She nodded again, and clung to her fathers' leg. "I missed you, daddy."

Blaine's eyes became gentle, and his looked down at his beautiful little girl.

"I missed you too, sunshine." He called her his very special pet name for her, letting her know he wasn't angry with her. "But I need you to never, ever do that again, okay? You scared me so bad!" And with that he picked up Penny, grabbed Katherine's hand, and then tried to grab the stroller as well.

Kurt took in the struggling father, and took pity on him. Waving good bye to the officer, who had found something new to watch, he made his way over to the young man.

They were on a bit of an incline, and the stroller was beginning to get away from Blaine, so Kurt grabbed onto it, holding it still while he waited for the other man to catch up with his girls.

"Would you like a hand?" Kurt offered, motioning towards the girls and the stroller that Blaine was trying to juggle. And to top everything off, Blaine was also packing along a diaper bag, which was covered in cartoon giraffes.

Blaine looked up at Kurt, blinking softly, as he shakily let out a small laugh.

"Yeah. That would be great actually. If you don't have anything better to do?" He asked hesitantly, looking over Kurt's pale form, swathed in designer clothing. Kurt shook his head softly, wincing a bit at the pain.

"No, today's a bust for me. I'll do everything I need to do tomorrow." Kurt smiled at the other man, and offered his hand for Katherine to hold on to. She looked at her father for confirmation, and when he nodded, she squealed and jumped on Kurt.

His wide eyes held surprise and concern, as he threw a quick glance to Blaine, but he hefted the little girl in his arms, and put one hand on the stroller, while the other man took care of his other little girl.

"I'm Kurt, by the way," He commented softly, as they began strolling through the park, headed north. "Kurt Hummel."

"I'm Blaine Anderson," The other man noticed his little girls falling asleep, and whispered quietly as well. "You've met Katherine," he gestured to the girl sleeping on Kurt's shoulder. "This is Penelope, we call her Penny," He rubbed the little girl's back who was currently drooling on his own shoulder. "And that is Jessica," He motioned to the baby girl who looked up at Kurt with huge eyes framed in dark eyelashes. "She's only eight months old. Penny is three and Katherine is four."

By the end of the conversation, they had stopped outside of a tall apartment complex, and Kurt was getting ready to take his leave of the little family.

"I really can't take these guys upstairs by myself, Kurt," Blaine rubbed he back of his neck in embarrassment. "Would be so kind as to help me? I can make you a coffee while we're there," He offered, a pleading look on his face.

Kurt smiled gently at the man standing beside him.

"You had me at coffee," He quipped, and together they got the girls upstairs.

With the girls all sound asleep for their afternoon naps, Blaine was able to breathe a sigh of relief, and wandered into the kitchen to make coffee for himself and Kurt.

Kurt was wandering around Blaine's apartment, taking in the unpacked moving boxes. He looked around, seeing mostly stuff for the children everywhere, diaper boxes, toys and clothes, strewn all over the apartment.

"Sorry about the mess," Blaine offered Kurt his coffee, making sure he didn't burn himself when taking it. "I've just moved to this apartment. Things have been a bit crazy the last six months."
Kurt raised his eyebrow, asking silently if Blaine wanted to share the information. Blaine cocked his head to one side, and shrugged his shoulders.

"Let's sit. If you really want to know the story, it will take a while." Pushing a few toys off the leather couch, he made room and they sat at opposite ends, facing one another. Blaine took a sip of his coffee, trying to think about where to begin.

"My ex-wife, Andrea, is a great woman. And she never let me forget it. My father kept throwing us together from the time we were small. We went on play dates together, went to the same schools until high school. In high school he arranged for me to be her debutante escort, showing her off at all the most influential dances and balls. I went to an all boys school, Dalton Academy, and she went to an all girls school. When my father announced to us that he had arranged for us to be married, she was over the moon," Blaine stopped here, taking a fortifying sip of his coffee.

"What about you?" Kurt asked quietly, sipping his own coffee. "Did no one ask you what you wanted?" Blaine looked up at him, a mask of surprise on his face.

"No. My opinion wasn't valid. Everything was arranged, and I had no choice," Blaine blurted out suddenly. Then he wondered how this man who didn't know him at all could know his mind so very well? He shrugged again.

"By the time I'd blinked, the wedding was over, and I had a new wife to take care of. I was lucky enough to have been blessed with rich parents, and I went to work for my father. He made sure I never slacked on my job, and after about eight months, Katherine was born."
Kurt raised one eyebrow in query; Blaine knew what that meant. "Yes, I suspected she had cheated on me before the wedding. But she flat out denied it, and I wasn't about to cause a hassle because I loved my little girl. And, at the time, I thought I loved her, too." Blaine sighed.

"For a while everything went great. Andrea got pregnant again, almost right away, and beautiful little Penny was born. But Andrea didn't think she was beautiful. She started getting angry with the children. Even for things they had no control over, like being sick in the middle of the night. Or having nightmares. When she got pregnant for the third time, I hoped it would calm her down, mellow her out. And for a little while, it did." He looked at Kurt beseechingly, feeling his heart breaking all over again as he relived the final few months of being together with Andrea.

"Then she had Jessica, and that was it for her, I think. She never breast fed Jess, she never changed her diapers, or cuddled her in any way. She stopped cuddling all the children, and distanced herself from me, too. I think that was when she started seeing my boss," Kurt let out a soft gasp, his eyes widening in disbelief. Blaine nodded miserably.

"Yeah. She left me for my boss, and ended up getting me fired for a conflict of interest between him and myself. I never fought it, because I honestly thought she'd come home to me." The tears threatened to spill over Blaine's cheeks, but he rigidly held them in check, not wanting to cry over her anymore. Especially in front of another man.

Kurt placed his coffee on the coffee table, and scooted closer to Blaine, resting his hand on Blaine's knee.

"So you were left with the children, on your own, no one to look after them, and no job to bring in money?" Blaine nodded miserably, and then he stood. He couldn't take Kurt being so close to him, the smell of him filling his nostrils and making him want… Blaine shook his head. He hadn't had those thoughts since high school, when he had been at an all boys' school with a zero tolerance bullying policy. Those thoughts, of being held in the arms of another man, instead of a woman. Of being touched, cared for, and loved, not by a woman, but by a man. He resolutely put those thoughts out of his mind, as he walked slowly to the door of the balcony.

"My parents have been generous. Their lawyers advised me to fight back, get my job back or at least a severance package, but honestly?" Blaine turned back to find Kurt staring up at him from the couch, listening intently. "I just don't want to put the children through that." What he didn't say was that he wouldn't be able to survive seeing his boss every day, knowing he'd slept with Blaine's ex-wife that night.

Kurt nodded his head gently, his clear blue eyes looking into Blaine's soul, as though he knew what Blaine was thinking, and didn't blame him for it one bit. Standing, he walked over to the kitchen, to place his coffee cup in the sink. Blaine followed the other man with his eyes. He took in the details of how he walked, confidently but gracefully; how he twirled when he turned back to find Blaine staring at him; how his cheeks flushed when he felt he was being scrutinized and his eyes dropped to the floor in embarrassment.

The silence between them was shattered as a soft wail came from the back bedroom, indicating that Jessica was up from her nap. Blaine startled, looking towards the back of the apartment, wishing for the first time that his daughter would simply shut up, so he could interact further with this mystery that called himself Kurt Hummel.

"I should go," Kurt murmured, his eyes wide and his breathing fast, and headed to the door to put on his designer boots. Ignoring Jessica for just a few more moments, Blaine hurried to the door to see Kurt out.

"Thank you," Blaine breathed, hoping that Kurt couldn't identify the nervousness in his voice. "You were an amazing help to me today. Umm…" He trailed off, not sure how to ask Kurt that he wanted to see him again. As friends. Blaine nodded to himself. Yep, definitely as friends.

"Will you come back and help me again sometime?" Blaine asked tentatively, and Kurt rounded on him, his eyes so wide Blaine thought they might fall out of his head.

"Wait, you want me to come back?" Kurt gasped, unsure of what he was hearing. Was Blaine hitting on him?

Blaine flushed with embarrassment again, and immediately corrected his obvious mistake.

"I'd like to hire you, Kurt. I think you'd make a wonderful nanny, and I know the girls seem to like you. I trust you, even though I've known you for a whole six hours. Will you work for me?" Blaine blurted out, his mind coming up with the worst possible excuse he could think of to get Kurt to come back.

Kurt's racing heart slowed a bit at that.

"A job? You want to offer me a job?" Kurt couldn't believe his ears. Had he landed a job without ever handing out a resume? And a job with an amazing, wonderful, gorgeous boss, to boot? Who cares if he was straight? Kurt would willingly work for peanuts just to be able to be around Blaine some more.

"All right," Kurt replied, his voice high with excitement. "I think I'd like that."

Blaine smiled at him, and handed over his card.

"Ignore the business information on it. The cell phone number is all you really want." Blaine smiled widely, and then was distracted by a small hand tugging on his shirt.

"Daddy, Jessie wants to come out of the crib now. She's done sleeping." Katherine rubbed her eyes with sleep, and Blaine picked her up gently.

"Okay. I'll get her in just a second. So, Kurt, is tomorrow too soon for you to start?" Blaine asked, his eyes darting nervously between Kurt's face and the floor.

"That will be just fine, Blaine. I'll be back tomorrow morning. What time would you like me?" Kurt reached forward and patted Katherine on the shoulder, and she giggled softly.

"Around nine, if that's not too early for you?" Blaine replied, smiling softly at his new nanny playing gently with his eldest daughter.

"Not too early at all," Kurt murmured. "I'll see you tomorrow, then." And with that, he waved at Katherine, and Blaine, and turned, making his way down the hall to the elevator. Blaine and Katherine both waved back, and then Blaine closed the door. Turning, he found a very frustrated-looking Penny, clutching her bear and holding her hands over her ears.
"Daddy! Jessie!" She shouted, trying to make herself heard over the crying of the baby.

"All right sweetheart," he called to the back, as he put down Katherine and ushered her and Penny into the living room to watch cartoons, and he went to fetch his youngest child. Putting her into the baby swing, he turned on the television, and started to prepare supper.

In all, it had been a very adventurous day.