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The story of Mina Angell and Kevin Knighton:)

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* * *

* "Por supesto estoy fiel a su causa, Senor Velasquez. Y voy a transportar su cocaina al Estados Unidos para
usted en dos dias." Mina Angell, Psychology PhD and elite agent, was an excellent liar. Even and especially
in foreign languages. Two of many skills that were very useful when dealing with a South American drug lord.
A drug lord with many underlings with big guns. Who was trying to smuggle an unholy amount of cocaine into
the U.S. Who believed that she was the American drug smuggler that he was working with. Of course, he did
not know that Mina and her fellow agent Lita had gunned down that smuggler yesterday, and that Mina, with
the aid of a voice device, mask and other disguise items, was an impersonator.

** "Muchos gracias para su cooperacion, Senor Michaels." The drug lord waved a dismissive hand at the tall
"young man" in front of him. *** "Voy a encontrar con usted en Los Angeles en una semana."

"Senor Michaels", a dark-haired, limber "young man" wearing a sharp business suit, smirked to "himself" as "he"
walked out.

~ ~ ~

One sunny afternoon a week later, newspaper headlines in L.A. screamed about the death of a drug lord and
the capture of his thugs, and a beautiful blonde woman sat in an office with a big smile on her angelic face.
This was the same Mina Angell who had been the one who had brought down the drug lord, not that anyone
knew. Oh, no, elite agents worked in secrecy. Had their identities been known, the very criminals that they
tracked, the toughest and most vicious of the lot, the ones whose most lowly underling was on the FBI's most
wanted list, let alone themselves.

Another woman, a tall, agile woman with blue-black hair, dressed in a black business suit, stepped into the
office. Mina greeted her "boss" Luna Felis with a cheerful smile. "So, you called and said that you've got the
stats on my new assignment, and that we're doing something very different this time. Do explain."

Luna handed the cheerful, yellow-sundress-clad blonde a folder. Mina opened it at once, skimming over the
information. "Hmm, Estrellita Noir, known as Esmeraude, Prostitution ring. Yeah, yeah, what's different about
this case? I've dealt with similar cases before."

Luna smiled indulgently at her. "It's not the particular CASE that is a big change for you. It is your partner for
this assignment."

"Oh? Am I not going to work with one of the girls?" Mina asked, curious. She worked well enough with Agents
Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. Who could it be that Luna would have her work with this time?

At that moment, a knock on the door broke through her thoughts. "Come in!" Luna called out. Two young men
stepped into the office. One of them was familiar to Mina. "Hey Art, what's up?"

The one addressed as "Art" smiled fondly at the blonde woman. "I've got your partner for this case right here,
Venus." A tall, serious-looking young man, silvery platinum hair brushing his broad shoulders, looked at Mina
with storm-gray eyes. Mina stood, and proferred a graceful hand. "Hello, I'm Mina Angell, otherwise known as
Agent Venus."

Her partner shook her hand, and said, in a deep, modulated voice, "My name is Kevin Knighton, Agent Kunzite."
Mina decided silently that he was very handsome. But definitely the biggest poker-face she had seen in a very
long time.

Art and Luna went over their various bits of information and areas of expertise, then wished them both good
luck and told them to start on their assignment. Mina turned to her severe-looking partner with a disarming,
guileless smile. "I say, let's go to the Stardust dance club tonight and we'll discuss the assignment over a
few drinks."

Kevin looked at the pretty blonde with astonishment on his face. She..did..not..seem to take this SERIOUSLY!
For a moment, he was speechless.

Mina took his silence as a yes. "Okay, I'll meet you there at 8:30! See you then!" With a merry wave, Mina
Angell walked off in a haze of golden hair.

Kevin watched her walk off with a bemused expression on his face. 'What have I gotten myself into?' Her....
methods were certainly rather unorthodox. Now, to locate Zack...HE would know what this "Stardust dance
club" was, where it was located, and what to wear to such an extraneous place...

* * *

* "Of course I am loyal to your cause, Mr. Velasquez. And I will transport your cocaine to the U.S. for you in
two days."
** "Thank you very much for your cooperation, Mr. Michaels."
*** "I will meet with you in Los Angeles in a week."

Yeah, that's the prologue:)