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The Little Orphan That Could

Chapter One: Prologue...

Starring out into the darkness of the small room was a pair of glistening emerald orbs. Quite the contrast against her rather tanned skin. They flickered over to the bed next to hers. A small boy, the age of five, laid in his bed sound asleep. His creamy skin was quite the contrast against hers. Yet, despite their differences, they were quite fond of each other...

And tonight she would break his heart...

Her name, is a question you were probably wondering. Well, that is an easy answer. Her name was Ashley Nicole Smithers. Ash for short if you were close enough. Though her last name wasn't very accurate at this point. You see, she lived in an orphanage. Though it was nothing she moped around over. She hadn't had this extremely rough life. She hadn't witnessed death at a young age or anything traumatic. Hell, her parents weren't even dead! They simply...grew tired of her. She was very well aware that there were other kids with more on their plates. For heavens sake she lived with plenty of them, so she chose not to let it bother her. She had no idea why her parents decided they didn't want her anymore, but she let it go.

And she had let it go and dissolve into hidden confusion for little over a year now...

That was how long she had spent in this orphanage. A year. And because most parents were looking to take in younger children, she wasn't exactly their first option. She was now seventeen and proud that she had made it this far in life, but eighteen was the legal age that an orphanage could foster a child. In exactly a month the place she had called a home for a year would kick her out on the streets, and that just wasn't going to do. She had too much pride for that.

So tonight she would abandon this place before it abandoned her...

She slowly pulled the black Jansport backpack over her shoulder and crept out of her bed. She leaned over the boy's bed and studied the small child. She had done many things for this boy and treated her like her brother. It was a shame she couldn't take him with her, but life on the run wasn't for him. Besides, he was young. He still had a chance to find a family. His name? Justin Noél Ericson.

Her rosy lips curved into a forced smile as she leaned in and pressed them against his forehead. "Be safe..." she whispered, now straightening. "Be happy..."

She swiftly slipped herself out of the room, and down the hall to the shared bathroom. It was so quiet in the large building that she could hear the constant ticking of the clock in the hall. It was two in the morning. Just late enough that she knew every one was asleep, and early enough that she knew no one would be awakening. After slowly pushing open the window, she slipped her thin body through the opening. Thank everything that is heavenly for the fact there was a rather bulky tree branch right by the window or else this second story escape would have not been such a good idea. After she was secure on the branch, she closed the window. She took a moment to breath in the fresh air of escape, then slithered herself out of the tree. Once her converse covered feet hit the ground, she kept to the shadows on her route as far away as possible from her once upon a time home..

While walking down the rather quiet streets of freedom, she stopped at a store. Though it was closed, she was more interested in her reflection in the shop's window. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail though she let her bangs hang. Her hair was silky, long, and a jet black with ends that appeared to be dipped in bleach blonde. This was a fashion statement she had chosen awhile ago. Her green eyes were glowing with excitement, and though they weren't framed by her usual eyeliner, they stood out against her smooth naturally tan skin which was a perk from her father being Caucasian and her mother being African American with a little Native American. Her full rosy lips were curved into this unusual smile. One that she associated with an adrenaline rush...

Don't get her wrong. Ashley Nicole Sm- er Ashley was no damsel in distress. She was just chop full of pride. She was independent and liked to do things on her own, and if she was going to get kicked out to live on her own, she was going to do it...own her own. Besides, she knew her way around the streets.

She had managed to find her way to a park. There was something quite eerie about being alone in a park so late, but her adrenaline rush had vanished and her sleepiness had appeared. Making her way to a bench, she laid down on it's rather uncomfortable wooden surface. After a moment, she had shut her eyes tight and drifted off into a highly anticipated sleep.

She gave it all of twenty minutes before her eyes shot back open. She could have sworn she heard sirens, but when she sat up there was nothing but the sound of wind whistling through the trees. Deciding she wasn't going to get much sleep now, she decided to try and get herself farther from the city.

Have you ever had that creepy feeling someone or something was watching you? Yeah, well Ashley had that feeling times ten and it caused her to glance over her shoulder every few seconds. Her slow confident strides now turned to quickened worried ones. Then a sudden twinge went through her heart as blue and red lights lit up the darkness followed by sirens.

The police..

Her quickened steps morphed into a full on run. She never thought she could run any faster than this, but oh, she was wrong. As she ran she swore she heard these odd clicking and whirling noises, but she couldn't afford to look back right now.


Her footsteps slowed, and right then and there she made the worse mistake of her life. She turned around. The police car was heading right for her, and it didn't appear as if it planned to hit the brakes. Every nerve in her body pulsed as she seemed to be frozen on the spot.

She closed her eyes to prepare for the impact, but that was another mistake for the night. She suddenly heard the odd sounds of whirling, gears shifting, and metal snapping into place. She dared to open her eyes just in time to be slammed into the street. Giant red lights seemed to be...starring at her. Then she got a better look, and realIzed she was being held down by a giant metal hand. The giant metal hand of a freaking giant robot.

"Give me the Allspark fragment fleshling!"

"What are you talking about!"

That was clearly not the answer the thing was looking for because it slammed it's giant hand down on her small body again. She instantly began coughing, trying to grasp every bit of air she could get. She felt like her torso had been destroyed and set to flames. Despite all this, absolutely no one had their way with Ashley. No one! Not even a giant robot. She snaked her hand around and found a piece of broken road from the giants impact. It was small enough for her to grasp and hopefully big enough to do some damage.

"Hey junk for brains!" She yelled, hoping to get his attention and boy, did she get it. His fierce red eyes fixed on her and he lifted his hand again. She waisted no time chucking the rock. It hit him in the left eye and he instantly held his head. She sprang to life and ran faster than earlier, and probably faster than she ever would again. Her upper-body was burning like hell, but that was no excuse for her to stop.

"I will rip you to shreds unworthy fleshling!" the robot yelled with it's deep bone-shaking voice.

That, however, was her excuse to run even faster. She heard the sound of it's giant footsteps and they were nearing her. They said there's this point in your life when you know you're about to die and you see your life flash before your eyes, but all Ashley saw was more road. Then suddenly a giant metallic hand slammed in front of her.

"Shit..." she muttered under her breath, attempting to run the other direction, but the hand had slapped her into a nearby wall.

The impact was harsh on her already aching body, and the pain must have been getting to her because her vision had started to fade. She swore she saw unearthly bright headlights, but then her vision slipped from her completely. The last thing she heard was the horrible sound of whirling, gears shifting, and metal snapping into place then someone should, "Barricade!"

Then she slipped into unconsciousness...

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