The Little Orphan That Could

Chapter 26: The Degrassi Life….

So this was not the way Ashley wanted to spend her first day back to school. The teacher was on the floor knocked out in front of her, and a boy the name of Eric held a gun in her face. See, Eric was one of those geeky kids that people made fun of, and apparently it just went too far. Now she was left stuck in a locked classroom, with no outside help. Even if she could reach her phone from her bag without him noticing, she couldn't simply call the Autobots or anything. Besides, what would they have done if they got here? Barge in and come to the rescue? No, that would send him in a state of shock. Who knows how many shots he could fire at that point. And she also couldn't call the police, because truthfully...even though he held a gun in her face, she didn't want him to get in trouble. She was on her own with this one.

"I didn't come to school for this Degrassi shit. If you're going to shoot me then do it." Ashley grumbled causing Nick, who was sitting beside her, to jab her side.

"Shutup okay!" Eric yelled. "I'm tired of taking all your crap!"

Ashley arched an eyebrow. "My crap? Eric I've said at most five words to you the whole time I've been at this school."

"But you're one of them!" he then pointed the gun at Nick, then at a blonde by the name of Tiffany, and then a few others in the class. Tiffany was the girl that Ashley had pushed into a wall when she started mouthing off about her. "You hang out with the cool kids. The popular people."

"Don't ever classify me with her. If she's what you're after then go ahead and shoot her." Nick jabbed her side again and Ashley groaned. "I didn't mean that. Don't shoot anyone."

"I thought I said Shutup!" he yelled, the gun shaking in his hand.

"You keep talking back!" She yelled, then her green eyes fixed on the gun. "Your hand is shaking, and you're holding the gun wrong. Move your index fing-"

"You are not giving him pointers on how to kill us all!" Nick interrupted her.

"If I'm going to get shot, I at least want it to be by someone who can hold a gun." she said then scoffed. "Besides he doesn't have enough bullets in that to kill us all."

"Look I know you're a solider and all but-"

"W-Wait y-you're a soldier?" Eric interrupted their bickering.

She looked back over at him and nodded. "I am, I'm a specialist soldier in training dealing with pretty high priority stuff for the government and I'm a pretty bad ass one at that." she said, her lips curving into a slight smirk. "I can easily get that gun out of your hands."

His eyed widened for a moment, but then he glared again. "No you can't! You would have if you could!"

"Guess I kind of like you." she responded with a shrug.

"" he stammered out.

This caused her to get nudged again by Nick. She groaned, then slowly stood up with her hands raised to reveal she posed no threat. When Eric looked her over, she slowly placed her hands back by her sides. "Look, despite what people say it takes a lot of spunk to take things to this level of pulling a gun out. Takes a lot of anger. I mean hey, you managed to knock out our teacher." she said, her emerald eyes softening. "So you kind of remind me of myself."

"You were bullied and made fun of?" he asked rather harshly, still holding the gun up with a shaky hand.

"Not see I'm an orphan."

Tiffany scoffed, and the gun was instantly pointed in her direction. Her platinum blonde ass instantly shut up then. Ashley couldn't help but smirk at this. "In this orphanage there was a little boy, and he clung to my side. I had no friends besides him, and I spent my entire time there watching over and protecting him." She ran a hand through her hair, pushing her bangs out of her face for only a moment. "The older guys they picked on him, bullied him, and I'd kick their ass."

"What does that have to do with anything?" he asked, now pointing the gun back at her.

"In this situation I guess you're that little boy and I'm the gun." she responded.

He seemed to be thinking this over, his brows furrowed. He then focused on her once more, "How'd you become such a special soldier?" he asked.

She now felt more comfortable in this situation so she pulled herself on top of Nick's desk and crossed one leg over the other. Nick wrapped his arms around her but not in the 'you're my girlfriend' kind of way but more so the 'i consider you my best friend and you have a gun pointed at you and I don't want to lose you' kind of way. "One night I ran away from the orphanage. I had planned my escape for awhile, and that night after about an hour of being free i was attacked and almost killed." Sure it was technically a lie since she wasn't telling the full truth about her attacker being a giant evil robot, but hey, all that information wasn't needed. "A soldier saved me, a solider of the same uh...corporation that I work for now. He took me in, trained me, he treats me as his daughter." Her green eyes seemed distant for quite some time, and then suddenly her hands balled into tight fists. "Despite all the injuries, despite all the tears, despite all the pain I've had to go through since then...running away that night was no doubt the best decision I have ever made..."

The room was silent. She was spilling her life to an entire classroom while held at gun point and she was acting like it was nothing. A few of the students were crying from the stress, but she dared to hold a conversation with him. "This is not a good decision, Eric." she now whispered, holding out her hand. "Give me the gun before you get yourself in serious trouble."

He looked down at the hand, then back up at her eyes. "I-I can't." he whispered.

"Yes. You. Can." she demanded.

"The boy." Her eyes widened at his sudden soft words. "What happened to the boy?"

She sighed, running her free hand along Nick's arm. The big guy must have been so scared that in any second the girl in his arms could be covered in her own cold blood. "The soldier that took me in as his own, he got one of the other soldiers that I know very well to adopt him. He lives with them now, with his wife and their daughter."

"Is he...Is he happy?" he asked, and she merely nodded in return and eyed him curiously. Was he actually viewing himself as the little boy? His hand trembled even more, his finger brushing against the trigger. Ashley felt Nick's grip tighten, but she chose not to react to it. Eric slowly placed the gun In her hand. With a relieved sigh she put the safety on, and stood up. She wrapped her arms around Eric, her face in the crook of his neck.

"I'm going to make this all go away, alright?" she whispered. He nodded, wrapping his arms around her. He had never held a girl like this before, let alone one he thought was pretty. "Now sit next to Nick." He released her and did as told. When he did, Nick gave him a pat on the back and smiled.

"Alright..." she whispered, looking over at the clock. Class was going to end soon so she had to do this quick. She slipped off her leather jacket, revealing her bandaged arm. She heard Eric gasp and she smirked over at him. She slid the gun in the back pocket of her black skinny jeans and then walked over to the passed out teacher. She slipped her arms under his and with a groan, she lifted the grown man off of the ground.

"Ash! Your arm!" Nick exclaimed.

She huffed, shaking her head and letting him know she was alright. She put the teacher in his chair, resting his head on the desk. After this, she let out a heavy sigh then focused on the rest of the class. "Alright look here. We're all seniors right?" The class nodded in response. "And we only have a week left before we all graduate and half of us are never going to see each other again, so this right here-" She paused and moved her hand over to Eric, and then to the teacher. "-All of this is going to be behind us and not one of you better say a word."

A hand was raised. Boy, she felt like a teacher.

"Yeah, you in the green shirt." she called to the guy raising his hand.

"Uh, what about the teacher?" he asked.

A smirk tugged at her lips. "Leave that to me." she whispered. She began walking down the isles, stopping at Tiffany's desk. The blue eyed girl looked up at her, clearly annoyed. She leaned over, placing her face by hers. She had every right to pound her face in, but she didn't. She just took the water bottle that was on her desk and growled. After straightening, she walked over to her desk, placed the gun in her bag, and then stood by the teacher's desk.

"Hey Ashley..."

She looked up, focusing on the voice. It belonged to Eric. "What's up?" she asked.

"Why are...why are you an Orphan?"

It seemed like plenty of people had been asking that question recently. Though she always gave them a straight forward answer, she never actually thought back on that day her parents decided to leave. "I was coming home from school one day..." she whispered.

"Mom! Dad! I'm home!" Ashley called out. When there was no answer, she went to go check the kitchen. If her parents weren't going to be home they'd usually leave a note on the fridge. Though today, there was no note. "Mom! Dad!" she called out again. She began to get this horrible feeling in the put of her stomach.

She walked past the living room, passing the various trophies she had won for things like softball, attendance, water polo, and others. She glanced at them and then slowly approached the stairs. "Mom! Dad!" she decided to call out again. Once again, there was no answer. As she slowly made her way up the stairs, she passed all the family photos her mother insisted they take and hang up on the wall. When she reached the top, for some reason she called out their names again. Though as expected there was no answer. She walked into their room, but no one was there. She figured maybe that had just forgotten to leave a note, so she made her way to her room. When she opened it she found it completely empty except for a large brown box with her name on it. She walked over to it, running her hand along the taped top.

"What's going on..." she whispered.

Suddenly she heard the door downstairs open, and assuming it was her parents she fled downstairs. "Mom Dad whe-" She suddenly stopped, seeing that the people in the doorway were not her parents, but a lanky man with glasses and a really buff cop.

"Ashley Nicole Smithers?" The cop asked in his gruff voice. She nodded slowly as a response. "Please step outside so we may take you to child services." The cop said.

"C-Child services? Wh-What happened?! Are my parents okay!" She demanded answers.

"They requested you to be taken to our orphanage. The paper work has been filled and they settled the final details in court today." The lanky man stated.

"O-Orphanage?" she stammered out.

"Yes Happy Hills Orphanage." he answered.

She scoffed. "Sounds like a daycare."

"Regardless please get your things. It says that you have only one box to take with you." the man stated, pushing up his glasses.

She froze, her heart skipping a beat. The box upstairs with her name on it. So this was all...real. "I-It's upstairs." She gave into defeat, and stepped out of the way as the cop went upstairs to carry the box down. "Do you know why?" she whispered, looking over at the lanky man.

"They said to keep that information strictly classified from you." he stated, then ushered her into the back of his small car.

After the flashback, she shook her head as if to get rid of the thoughts. This was the first time she had ever explained to anyone other than Justin what happened to her the day she became an orphan, and now she was telling it to a whole class. "They didn't even have the be there when they took me away." she whispered, then glanced over at the clock. Her time was running out. She took the cap off the water bottle in her hands and then poured it's contents on the teacher's head and kicked the desk a few times. He jolted up, screaming about calling the police and then spotted Ashley in front of his desk.

She had one hand on her hip and an unamused expression on her face. "Yo, you really should learn to get some rest." she stated, tossing the water bottle in a nearby trash can. "The class has been trying to wake you up for the past twenty minutes. I finally got irritated and decided to do things my way."

"I-I was asleep?" he asked, rubbing the back of his head. "I could have sworn that-"

"Out like a light." she stated, interrupting him, her tone unwavering. Just then the bell rang and she smirked. "See ya, dude." She walked over to her bag, grabbed it, and watched as students began to file out of the class. Nick placed a hand on her shoulder, and gave her a huge grin.

"You're such a smart ass you know that?" he said, nudging her.

She nudged him back. "No I'm a bad ass. Get it straight."

The rest of the day went by surprisingly smoothly...

"Don't forget prom is coming up, Ash! I know you're a girl and all but frankly I need a girl's opinion and you need a guy's opinion, so let's head to the mall together this weekend." Nick called out.

"What about your date? She's a girl. She could help." she said.

He gave a fake pout. "You sayin' you don't want to spend time with me, Ash?" he whined.

She laughed, shaking her head and then giving a smirk. "Fine I'll go with you. Just promise not to piss in your diapers baby because I ain't changing you." she mocked him, sticking out her tongue and then slipping into her car.

"Ashley, what is this prom?" Mirage asked through the radio as the car started.

"Why don't you just look it up?" she asked, starring at the dashboard curiously.

"Because asking you opens a door for conversation and I wish to communicate with you the ride home." he stated.

"Wow, Uh, Mirage you're really warming up to me." she whispered, a light blush upon her cheeks.

"Yes. So what is this prom?"

"It's this dance everyone makes a big deal out of. It's always toward the end of the year and since I'm a senior it's an even bigger deal. Your date has to coordinate with you and all that." she explained, her hands placed on the steering wheel so that it looked like she was driving.

"You don't sound too enthusiastic about the event." Mirage said softly.

"I'm honestly really not. It's a lot of work and well...I just don't know..." she whispered back.

"You are embarrassed to ask Sideswipe to escort you to this Prom, is that it?" his voice was smooth and sensual yet again. It made her blush even more. After giving a nod, she waited for him to speak. "Well, if there is the slightest chance that he declines I would be more than happy to escort you." he spoke again.

They arrived at base, and Ashley slipped her messenger bag over her shoulder. Mirage walked by her side in his Holoform, occasionally glancing over at her. When they approached the rec room, Ironhide's blue optics gazed down at her. "Kid, we are not training today and I thought it was prohibited to carry a weapon on school campus?" he said.

"A...A weapon?" she whispered, as her green eyes widened. She completely forgot the gun in her bag.

"Yes. In fact, that gun isn't registered at the base." he said, scanning her. "Where did that come from?"

At this point the whole rec room grew quiet. She gulped, then took a step back. Damn Autobots with their abilities to sense things. She couldn't possibly spill the beans now about Eric. She had handled everything so well on her own. "What are you talking about big guy?" she asked.

"She's lying!" Skids shouted, and she took that as he cue to run. She was off in a split second. Which really was a stupid idea. Really, where could she go in a base full of giant robots and soldiers. Not even her own room was considered safe territory and they could easily all gain up on her.

"Little one..."

She stopped running, almost bumping into a metal blue foot. Her head tilted back to look up at the giant robot standing above her. Optimus. "H-Hey there big guy." she whispered. He lowered his hand, and after mumbling a few curse words she climbed on.

"Is it true that you have a loaded weapon on you that is not authorized by neither Ironhide nor the base." he said. She looked up into his big blue optics with every intention to lie her ass off, but she couldn't. This was Optimus Prime. The big shot himself. How could anyone lie to the big guy?!

"Yes..." she mumbled.

"And why is this?" he asked.

Man, she felt like a little kid getting in trouble with her father for stealing a cookie from the cookie jar. Only this was Optimus, and this was far worse than a cookie. As if to make matters worse Ironhide walked up with Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Mirage, Ratchet, and Jazz. All optics were on her.

"Today in school...I was held at gunpoint." The group gasped, crowding around Optimus and she suddenly realized that maybe her choice of words wasn't the best.

"Are you hurt?" Ratchet asked, immediately running scans on her.

"No, I'm fine." she responded.

"How come I didn't pick up that you were in danger?" Mirage asked.

"I guess because I didn't feel that I was in danger. I had the situation under control." she stated with a shrug.

"Under control! Not in danger! Ashley, a gun was held to you! You could have been killed!" Sideswipe exclaimed, his tone clearly revealing his worry.

"There are plenty of other times I have almost been killed!" she retorted.

"No, those were injures from no good Decepticons. Never another human." Ironhide stated.

"I said I had it under control!" she whined, then gave a heavy sigh. "Look, just let me explain." She gave another heavy sigh, then pulled the gun from her bag. "It might be hard for you guys to still fully understand certain human emotions, but you guys are going to have to like, look this up on the Internet or something."

They all nodded in agreement. "All humans aren't nice people, you know this. Well, sometimes humans bully or make fun of other humans-"

"Like the males did with Justin at the orphanage?" Sideswipe interrupted.

Boy, she felt like a teacher again. Maybe she should take this up as a career. "Yes, like that. But in that situation Justin had me to protect him, and sometimes you don't have someone there to protect you or tell you everything was going to be alright."

"Like you did in the orphanage." Sunstreaker stated more as a fact than a question.

She had to admit it, that did shock her quite a bit. She gulped, then nodded. "Well yes I suppose so but I didn't really depend on someone to be there for me in the orphanage." she stated. "Now as I was saying earlier, sometimes a human can be pushed too far with these things and go to drastic measures out of anger, like threatening the people that caused their anger with a gun. It's actually quite common in high schools."

"Wait, why were ya' held at gunpoint then? Little lady have ya been makin' fun of a little human?" Jazz spoke up.

"Nu-Uh!" she defended herself rather childishly. "He just associated me with the people that had and I was in the class that this all occurred in."

"So how did you get the gun?" Ratchet now asked.

"I told you I had the situation under control! I talked to him, calmed him down, and persuaded him to give me the gun." she stated rather proudly.

"You did not, as you say, 'beat the crap' out of him did you?" Optimus said.

She turned back to look at him with a pretend look of shock. "Big guy! I'm surprised you would say such a thing!" she said, then smirked. "But no I didn't."

"So you aren't harmed?" Ironhide asked.

"No I'm fine! I swear!" she said.

"Well my scans say you are fine though you did stress out your stitches a little bit...again." Ratchet said with a groan.

"Sorry, but these babies are going to self dissolve anyway soon! I'll be good!" she said with a laugh, then tapped the hand she was sitting on. "Hey could I get down now? I kind of want to take a nap."

"Yes, just leave the weapon with Ironhide." Optimus stated, slowly setting her down on the ground. She sighed then handed the gun over to Ironhide when his hand lowered down to her. She then walked off to her room, unaware that a certain Holoform had decided to follow her...

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