It was night and everything was peaceful in the Valley Of Peace. The town was quiet, it had been about a month since me and The Furious Five defeated Lord Shen and returned peace to Gongmen City. They were asleep sound in their bunks, dreaming of awesome stuff. Except me. Sure, I suffered some nightmares, but, they were happening more often. Ever since Shen was defeated, I've been having nightmares. Most of which are the same thing.

I was walking around in Gongmen Tower. As soon as I intered the throne room, my eyes widened in terror. All my friends were chained to the wall. Viper, Mantis, Monkey, Crane, Shifu, Croc, Ox, Tigress, even my dad. They were all dead... except Tigress, who was so beaten, she couldn't even stand.

I became angry at the sight. I ran over to Tigress, but, before I could reach her, Shen came out of nowhere, and held a bloody dagger to her back.

" Take one more step, panda, and I end her, " Shen told me.

I stopped and said, " Okay Shen, we can make a deal or something, just please don't hurt her." Shen smiled at the thought.

" It's your choice, Po, a life for a life. Your's for hers, " He said full of confidence. I thought for a moment and was about to say something when Tigress spoke.

" Po... let him kill me... stop him... bring peace to Gongmen City... save China... avenge the others... for me, " Tigress pleaded. But, I couldn't do it... she didn't know it, but, I loved her. I had made up my mind.

" You win, let her go, " I shouted at him. Shen only smiled and spoke again.

" She has made her choice, " Shen laughed as he shoved the blade through her back. My heart stopped as I watched her look at me with tears in her eyes.

She mouthed the words I LOVE YOU... and then she fell on the ground... lifeless. I couldn't move... I couldn't even feel my heart beating... then something happened. A powerful rage... one that I've never felt before. I couldn't think, all I wanted was revenge, to make him pay, to kill him. I charged at him.

Shen was able to dodge my blow. " Funny thing about anger..., " he taunted as I tried to kick him, but, failed. " Let it consume you..." Shen sliced part of my arm as he dodged my blow to the left. I could feel blood dripping down. " And you loose sight of everything," Shen shouted as he blocked my fist with his left arm, and stabbed me in the stomach with his dagger.

I felt pain shoot through my body... blood was coming out like a waterfall. He pulled the blade out and I fell to my knees. " No..., " I mumbled to myself. " I... I was supposed... to defeat you."

" Maybe the Soothsayer's fortune telling skills aren't as good as she thought, " Shen said and began laughing. I fell on my stomach, and begun to crawl to Tigress. Once I reached her, I noticed that she had a bit of life still left in her. I held her paw as she looked up at me slowly.

" I... love... you... too, " I told her. She let out one last smile, before she closed her eyes, and was still... no movement... she was gone. " No... Tigress! NOOOOOO"

" OOOOOOO!" I awoke, sitting strait up faster than the speed of sound. I was sweating and breathing really hard. I got a hold of myself, and began to walk out to the Sacred Peach Tree Of Heavenly Wisdom. I knew I didn't wake anyone... or so I thought.

" Po, are you okay?" a voice called. I turned around and saw that it was Tigress.

I sighed and said, " Yeah... just needed some fresh air." I assured her. But, she wasn't convinced.

" Po... I can tell if you're lieing. Why are you really out here?" she asked. I could hear a little bit of concern in her voice... she had the most beautiful voice. WAIT! What am I thinking... I need to get back on topic here. " Well... are you going to answer me?" she asked. I smiled.

" It was just a nightmare okay... nothing to worry about." I assured her. Wow. This was like the boat ride to Gongmen City. Deja vu. I looked at her with a nervous smile. She just frowned.

" Well, if it's nothing to worry about, then why are you sweating like crazy?" she said as she put both hands on her waist, and raised an eyebrow.

" Uh... well... I'm sweating because... because I... was training on my way here! Yeah, that's it! I was training. Yeah..." I said.

She smiled and said, " Po, you were never a good lier." I frowned. She sat down beside me and asked, " So... it was the peacock again. Wasn't it?" I sighed and nodded. " You've been having dreams about him for a while havn't you?" she asked me.

I raised my head and asked, " How did you know that!" She smiled and replied, " I've heard you talking in your sleep and you scream sometimes." I frowned and just lowered my head. " So... uh... who do you love?" she asked me.

I jumped up, nervouse like crazy, and asked, " What do you mean?" She replied, " You talk in your sleep... everynight, you say 'I love you' to someone. I'm just asking? Uh, just to keep the conversation going." Was it just me or did I hear a little nervouseness in that last part?

" Um... well... just another panda, that I met a long time ago. I have loved her for a long time." I said, in which I was terrified." She kinda smiled and asked, " So... what is her name?" I thought I was going to faint when she said that. " Um... her name is... uh... Tigrera." I thought that name just gave it away. But, I saw Tigress' smile kind of turn into a frown.

She said, " Well... I guess I better get back to sleep, I don't want to oversleep when the gong rings." I could tell there was a bit of sadness in her voice. But, she got up and walked away. She turned around and asked, " Are you coming?"

" No... not yet. I be there in here in a little bit." I assured her. Tigress smiled and headed back to her room. Po turned back to look at the view and sighed. Why is it so hard for me to tell her?I thought to myself when suddenly a voice said, " You love her don't you?" I turned to see a person, but, I never seen an animal like him before.

" Who are you... and what are you?" I asked him. He smiled and said, " I am Mephisto, I am a human. Do not be alarmed I didn't come here to fight or anything." I looked at him with suspension and asked, " Then why are you here?"

" I have a power... a power that allows me to do anything I want. Your dream... it is a vision. Tigress will die. Lord Shen has returned. He has been revived. And... so has Tai Lung." My eyes widened at the thought of my two most dangerous enemies. " How do you know this? " I asked.

" Powers. Anyways, I can stop her from dieing... just sign this." He told me as he held out a piece of paper. It was in English, so I couldn't understand it. " What is it?" I asked.

He smiled and said, " I would like your autograph, after all you are very famous. In return, I will use my powers to stop Tigress from dieing. Deal." Well... you didn't have to tell me twice. If I could stop the person I loved from dieing, then yes. He held out a pen, and I signed it. He smiled. " Now Po... I give you this power... this is how I will stop her from dieing. By giving you a gift. This gift will stop it all." he said.

He put his hand on my shoulder and I felt a kind of fiery feeling inside my whole body. He must of saw my reaction to it. " Don't worry, this pain will only last for five minutes." he assured me. He placed his hand off my shoulder, smiled, bowed, and dissapeared into flames. I began walking, but, this pain... it was terrible. I felt dizzy, and before I knew it, I collapsed on the ground.