We rode through the streets, Johnny and I. It was time too make our final stand. Mephisto was going down this time. Mephisto was flying backwards, facing us, with his fiery eyes. We drove toward him, but, we couldn't get any closer.

"PO! THE BIKES... THEY CAN SHOOT OUT BLASTS AS WELL!" I heard Ghost Rider shout too me. I nodded and turned toward Mephisto, Ghost Rider doing the same. I figured that we had too take out this guy... one element at a time. I was betting the wings. Hellmetal. Great. I thought. This is suppossed to be the strongest type of the elemental demons, so, it had to be pretty tough.

I turned to Ghost Rider and shouted, "TAKE OUT THE WINGS FIRST!"He nodded. Mephisto started to fly up into the air, our bikes began rising as well. We were riding on a road made of... hellair? I mean... dang. We were at least twenty thousand feet in the air by now.

"MEPHISTO IS MORE POWERFULL THAN THE DEMONS!" Ghost Rider shouted. "THE ONLY WAY WE CAN TAKE DOWN ONE OF HIS ELEMENTAL PARTS, IS TO USE THE ELEMENT THAT CAN BEAT IT."I thought for a second. This was hellmetal. So... hellair maybe? After all, air is one of the things that causes metal to rust.

"SO WE USE HELLAIR?" I asked. Ghost Rider nodded. Okay, we're going to have too concentrate. But, we would need to turn the hellwater into holyair. I thought. "JOHNNY! CONCENTRATE ON TURNING OUR HOLYFIRE INTO HOLYAIR!"

Alright! Ghost Rider seemed too know where I was going with this... we began to concentrate, and before we knew it, our holyfire was hellair. We began to pray, and the hellwater changed into holywater. Bingo! It was go time.

Mephisto laughed and shouted, " Foolish riders! You can't win! I am INVINCIBLE!" I smiled, thinking to myself: Yeah, that's what you think, pal.

Ghost Rider and I began too use the blasters on our bikes. The holyair shot out like crazy, hitting the wings. I knew it was going to take a little bit, since he was extremely powerfull. Mephisto laughed, and shot out a beam of vengeance hellfire at us. We dodged it, knowing that one hit, could send us falling off the highway of hellair. Ghost Rider took out his chain, now made of holyair, and threw it.

It wrapped around Mephisto's hellfire neck, and Ghost Rider struggled with the beast, turning to me and giving me a nod. I knew what it ment, so, I started blasting one of the wings. Eventually, it exploded. Alright! But, that left the other wing. I began blasting at it, until it exploded. Yes!

Good Mephisto could no longer fly, thank the Lord the highway of hellair didn't break. We stopped. Okay... one element down, six too go. Which one is next? I thought to myself. Then I got it. His tail... hellice. Time for some holyfire! And with that... we concentrated, and got our holyfire back.

Ghost Rider rode past the demonic creature, while I stopped. Ghost Rider made a sharp u-turn, and started blasting at his tail. The holyfire hit the tail, it started to melt, Mephisto turned around and faced Ghost Rider, giving me the chance to fire. I shot holyfire from the bike's blasters, each hitting their target. The tail was almost gone now... this was a bit easier than I thought. We repeated this until the tai was completely gone.

YES! I thought to myself, two down, and five too go. I began thinking which one we could take out next... the legs! If we took out the legs, then the rest would be easy, Mephisto couldn't stand, only attack. I regrouped with Ghost Rider and told him my plan. Seeing as how one leg was hellearth, and the other was hellwater, I concentrated and before I knew it, I was now hellice. Ghost Rider understood and became hellmetal. He looked freakin awesome! After that, we prayed, and became holyice and holymetal.

Ghost Rider and I began driving toward the demonic dragon, we pulled out our shotguns and aimed at our targets. We pulled the triggers. Hollyice vs hellwater. Holymetal vs hellearth. The blasts hit the legs on by one. Mephisto roared in anger, and shot out dozens of vengeance hellfire. We dodged the blasts, while fireing at our targets. Finally, the leg made of hellearth was gone. Ghost Rider put his shotgun on his back. I shot one final blast.

It collided with it's target, and the leg made of hellice exploded. Mephisto's legs were down. But, wait... he was still standing, as if he had invisible legs.

Mephisto laughed and shouted, " Fools! You think you can take me down that easily! I laugh at your patheticness."

Then all of a sudden, Mephisto went under the hellair highway and kept going. Then the highway of hellair exploded. Which, sent us falling off our bikes, and falling to our deaths. I turned toward Ghost Rider.

"ANY SUGGESTIONS!" I shouted. Then Mephisto created another highway, one going down. We looked at it and Ghost Rider shouted, "YEAH! DO AS I DO!"

So, Ghost Rider pulled out his chains, throwing it at his bike, which it latched on too. He pulled it toward him, and got back on. The he threw the chain on the building and pulled himself on it, riding down it. That was awesome! I thought too myself. I did exactally what he did, now we both were riding toward our opponent, who just laughed.

Okay. Four down, three too go. I thought, time for the torso. Hellair. What beats hellair? I couldn't think of one, so I asked Ghost Rider.

"HEY JOHNNY! WHAT BEATS HELLAIR!" I asked. Ghost Rider thought for a moment before replying.

"NORMALLY HELLFIRE... BUT, SINCE THIS IS MEPHISTO... TRY USING HELLEARTH, MAYBE THAT WILL WORK. IF NOT, WE'LL USE HELLFIRE!" He shouted. Okay, so there's a start. I thought. We both turned into hellearth versions of ourselves. On the hellair road, we were about twenty thousand feet in the air. Now, we were about ten thousand, we better make this fast.

We shot the torso with our blasters, it was going too take longer, due to the fact that it was much, much larger. Mephisto laughed, and shot out balls of vengeance hellfire and hellfire toward us. We dodged like crazy. The blasts were out of control, once he stopped, we shot again. Five thousand feet in the air. We were running out of time. We kept blasting, and finally, the torso exploded. Which caused Mephisto too fly down even faster, slamming into the ground, making a huge explosion.

YES! I thought, WE WON! Then I noticed that we were going too slam into the ground. Oh crud. How do we survive this? I looked over to Johnny, who was back into his hellfire version, and doing a wheelie. I saw where he was going with this, so, I transformed back into my hellfire version, and did a wheelie. We hit the ground with amazing force, but, when the dust cleared, we where still standing. Waiting for Mephisto too come at us.

I looked to my left, and saw the Five and Shifu watching. I turned my attention toward Mephisto, thinking he would be back to normal, but, he wasn't. He only had a hellfire neck, and a vengeance hellfire head.

Mephisto raised his head, weakly, laughing, and said, " You... think you've won. You're wrong." Mephisto's neck and head started floating in the air. " I may not have the other elements to form the rest of my body... but, that doesn't mean I can't use one of the elements that I already have."

Mephisto's hellfire neck started to streach down into shoulders, then arms, then a torso, legs, and tail. Mephisto now had a whole body made of hellfire, except his head. I turned to Ghost Rider, he turned too me, both thinking the same thing: The only thing that can beat hellfire... Vengeance Hellfire!

We concentrated, until finally, our fire was pure blue. Vengeance hellfire! Yeah baby! Mephisto's going down. We got off our bikes and walked toward him, getting both our chains and shotguns. Mephisto saw this and laughed.

" Your souls are mine!" Mephisto shouted as he charged toward us.


Ghost Rider and I jumped out of the way as the demonic creature slammed his feet into the ground, were we once stood. Mephisto turned toward me, me chain wrapping around his neck. I slammed his head into the ground, as Ghost Rider shot his hellfire body. Mephisto swung his head to the left, causing me to slam into Ghost Rider.

My chain, thank the Lord, didn't stay latched around his neck. So Ghost Rider and I shot our chains, which wrapped around Mephisto's legs. We pulled them forward, causing the monster too fall on it's back. We aimed our shotguns and fired like crazy. Mephisto raised his head, and shot balls of vengeance hellfire at us. We moved out of the way of each one, still fireing our weapons.

The blasts of vengeance hellfire were hiting the demonic creature's body. I knew it the body off hellfire was almost destroyed. Then that left the head of vengeance hellfire. This is a lot easier than I thought it was going too be. I thought to myself. Then Mephisto swung his legs up, causing us too fly up, once he swung his legs down... BAM! We hit the ground with amazing force, causing our shotguns to slide out of our hands.

We got up, I turned to Johnny, him looking at me. I gave him a nod, he returned the nod, then we turned our attention too Mephisto. We put both hands on our chains, sliding them across it, causing it too be surrounded in vengeance hellfire. I swung mine, wrapping around it's neck. Ghost Rider swung his, it wrapping around it's torso.

The hellfire torso, was being surrounded in vengeance hellfire. Then we pulled back our chains, it slashing through. The hellfire torso and neck dissolved, leaving the head. Okay. Six down and only one too go. I thought. But wait... what beats vengeance hellfire?

Iturned toward Ghost Rider and asked, "WHAT BEATS VENGEANCE HELLFIRE!" Ghost Rider thought for a moment, I could tell he was having trouble. Then he got and idea.

"SACRED HOLYFIRE" He shouted. I turned too him, he must've been able too tell I was wondering how to get it. "WE'RE ALREADY HAVE VENGEANCE HELLFIRE, SO PRAY! THAT SHOULD WORK."

Good point. So, we began too pray, and BAM! We had sacred holyfire. It looked just like the holyfire, but, it was pure gold, with a little white in it. I smiled, seeing Ghost Rider, the same. We turned toward Mephisto, which his whole body was now made of vengeance hellfire.

Mephisto laughed and shouted, " You think that puny trick will work! You are so wrong. NOTHING beats vengeance hellfire!"

Mephisto charged toward us, I threw my chain, which wrapped around his head, and slammed it into the ground. Ghost Rider jumped in the air, he put them together, which started to catch on fire. Ghost Rider slammed both fists down on the top of the creature's head.

Mephisto threw his head up, causing Ghost Rider too fly back. I put sacred holyfire around the chain, causing Mephisto's head too steam. Mephisto roared in pain, trying too get away, but couldn't. Mephisto opened his mouth, and shot out a ball of fire. It hit. Sending me flying back, but, I got up like it was nothing. It didn't hurt at all, sacred holyfire beats vengeance hellfire.

Ghost Rider grabbed ahold of his tail, since there was only one element, he was now just a little taller than us, and swung him over his shoulder. I could tell it was a little tought, considering Mephisto must weigh a lot right now. But, Johnny pulled it off, Mephisto slammed into the ground. Ghost Rider started too swing it accross the ground and finally, threw it, causing it too bust threw a wall.

Ghost Rider walked over too our shotguns, picked them up, and tossed mine too me. I reached out and caught it. We aimed them at the hole, just as Mephisto came out, and started to fire. Each blast hitting Mephisto, he was getting weaker now. I turned too Ghost Rider.

"JOHNNY." I said. He turned too me. "LET's FINISH HIM!"

Ghost Rider nodded, and threw his chain at Mephisto. The chain wrapped around Mephisto. I concentrated, putting an extreme amount of power in my shotgun. Before long, the shotgun was now ready, each blast five times more powerfull than it's original. Ghost Rider pulled Mephisto toward us. As Mephisto flew toward us, I raised my shotgun.

This one's for tricking Johnny. I thought, fireing my first shot. This one's fore all the trouble you've caused us. I fired the second. This one's for tricking me. I fired the last one. The first blast hit Mephisto, then the second, and finally the third. Mephisto was now on the ground, the vengeance hellfire almost completely destroyed.

I aimed the shotgun at him. And this one is for killing Tigress. I thought, firing the fourth and final shot. The blast slammed into Mephisto's face, causing him too tremble, and finally explode. The dust cleared, and we saw Mephisto in his normal self, laying on the ground. Looks like we gave him a HUGE beating.

We did it. I thought. We won. Mephisto's reign of terror is over. Or at least in this dimension anyway, since him and Johnny weren't from here. After all that was the deal, I win, he leaves here and never comes back.

Johnny and I got back into our original forms, while Mephisto used his cain to get up. Mephisto smiled, weakly, and said, " Congratulations... riders... you have beaten... me."

" Now, leave and never come back." I told him, with a bunch of confidence in my voice. Even though I felt like passing out from how tired I was.

" Yes... I will keep my part... of the deal... farewell... Po." Mephisto snapped his fingers, and a hole of flames appeared behind him. Mephisto began limping toward it.

The Five and Shifu walked up too us. Johnny turned toward us and said, " Well, as much as I'd love to stay... I'd better get back."

I frowned, knowing that one of my friends was leaving. I walked up too him and said, " Well... come back and visit on the holidays."

That caused Johnny to laugh, he raised his hand in the air. I gave him a high five. He smiled and walked toward the flamming hole. Mephisto had walked in, Johnny turned and gave one final wave good bye. Which we all did. Even Tigress, although she didn' really know him that well. Johnny walked into the hole, and it dissapeared.


I sighed, and turned to the others, holding out my arms, with a smile. Group hug. As we were hugging, my stomach growled.

" Okay, who want's food?" I asked, causing them too laugh. Then the environment changed. We were in Hell's Palce, then the Valley Of Peace. We were standing by the entrance to the Jade Palace.

I said, " Okay, now what do you guys want?" They thought a while and finally shouted out the answer.

" Noodles!" They said. I laughed. And we began too walk up toward the palace. After the incredibly awesome food, they all went down to rest, while I went to sit down under the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom. It looked like Tigress had forgoten that I said I loved her. Dang it.

" So... whatcha doing?" I heard Tigress ask behind me. I tuned and smiled.

I said, " Ah, nothing much really. Just looking over the valley." Tigress sat down beside me.

There was silence for a while, before she looked at me. I noticed out of the coner of my eye, and turned too her. Looks like she didn't forget. She leaned forward and kissed me. I was a little surprised at first, but, relaxed and enjoyed the kiss. What felt like hours, only lasted for about thrity seconds.

We broke the kiss, smiling at each other. Tigress skooted closer, so, I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, holding her tight. She leaned her head on my shoulder, and I leaned mine on her head. The sun was just going down.

" You know, Po. It's beautifull isn't it?" Tigress asked. I lifted my head and looked at her, as she did the same. We stared into each other's eyes.

" That's not the only thing." I assured her. She smiled and we shared another kiss, before finally breaking it. And snuggled, looking into the sunset.