Hello. My name is Jenny Gao. I had awoken on a normal day, never knowing what extraordinary thing was going to happen to me. I've always thought that I was a special girl and I was true. I am Jenna Ice, first Life wizard of Wizard City with an ability to bounce back hypnotic spells. This is my story…


"Huh?" I woke up hearing this noise. I looked around just in time to see my sister chasing a huge bee to the attic. "What's going on?"

"Oh, you're finally awake!" my sister stopped for a moment to breath, "This bee somehow got in here and we're trying to drive it out."

"I'll help!" I got up and quickly got dressed.

I grabbed a fly swatter from my sister and headed to the attic. There's the bee! I slowly advanced, making sure I don't make any sounds to scare the bee. As I was about to swing the fly swatter, the door bell rang.

Ding, Dong!

"Get the door, Jenny!" my mom called from the kitchen.

I dropped my fly swatter on a table and peeked out the peek hole. There was a stranger standing outside. Wait a minute, is that a wand in her hand?

Ding, Dong!

The doorbell rang again. "Get the door, Jenny!" my mom yelled. I shook my head and opened the door.

"Hello." The stranger smiled at me. She had black eyes and a warm smile. Her long, blue hair was tied up in a ponytail. She was wearing green robes and a green hat. She must really like the color green. I thought, for even her shoes were green.

"Hello." The stranger said again.

"Oh, um, hello." I stumbled. "Do you need something?"

"Oh yes." She smiled. "I think my pet bee flew in here a few minutes ago by accident. Is she here?"

"You mean that bee is your pet?" I blinked and moved away from the door to show her. The bee was flying around wildly behind me. When it saw the girl, it flew immediately to her.

The two strange visitors hugged and looked at me. "Yes, thank you very much. My bee, Buzz, smelled something delicious and couldn't resist flying here. I almost thought I lost him forever."

"You're welcome." I replied, politely. "You look like travlers. Would you like to come in and have breakfast with us?"

"That would be great. Thank you." I lead her into kitchen, where my mom was making breakfast.

My mom looked up and saw the stranger. "Good morning, young travelers," she smiled, "There is plenty of food to share. Please make yourself comfortable."

"Thank you very much." The stranger bowed and sat down.

She looked at her watch and gasped. She immediately got and bowed, "I am very sorry to bother you, but I must get going. I am very late for my lesson and I must get back before the professor finds out I am missing."

"Oh yes," my mom nodded her head, "Knowledge is very important for young children. Hurry on your way, please."

By now, I was very confused. Why is this girl so familiar? I thought, I've never seen her before but, why does she remind me of my character in Wizard101? My eyes widened. But that can't be! My character isn't real! I made her! She's fake! But here she is. I'm certain she is definitely my character. Wait! I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling tugging me inside.

My eyes flew open. "Wait!" I cried.

Everyone froze. My mom stopped cooking. My dad stopped talking. The stranger stopped walking. Everyone looked at me. You know, in these kinds of situation, I would normally be blushing but I wasn't. I had figured out who this stranger was. I couldn't believe it but that was the only explanation why she has a wand, why she is wearing robes.

I turned to the stranger. My eyes locked on to hers. "You're Jenna Ice, my character in Wizard101."