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Clueless Innovation


The sky was a shade of the darkest black. The atmosphere had changed from the relaxed and playful mood to sinister and murky. I could feel my insides churning as my eyes rested onto the bloody chest of the lifeless body next me. In reaction I whimpered and turned my head to curl further into my mysterious savior, shivering violently but not from the cold.

As hard as I tried to not look, I could still hear the sound of the earsplitting bullets flying and hitting the rough bark on the trees. The wind got heavier and I could feel the light brushing of the long grass against my bare ankle. I looked over the shoulder of my protector to see one of the two shooters screaming profanities towards the other.

One of them shouted something the loudest. That's when all the shots stopped. I felt as if I had found solace after searching for a decade. The deafening noise had halted and I could practically hear the incensed tension that was radiating off of everyone. I popped my head up and look to where the commotion had started.

Only one of the men was remaining and he had finally lowered his gun onto the convention red and white checked table cloth. The place where I had been sitting just a moment ago. This wasn't supposed to happen.

Butterflies and Hurricanes

Change everything you are
And everything you were
Your number has been called

Fights and battles have begun
Revenge will surely come
Your hard times are ahead

Best, you've got to be the best
You've got to change the world
And use this chance to be heard
Your time is now

Don't let yourself down
Don't let yourself go
Your last chance has arrived


I was perched outside on the splintery, wooden bench. I had my favorite book in my hands and I had plenty of food to last me another hour or two.

"Alone, yet again on New Year's Eve," I muttered to myself as I took a bite of my bright red apple. I smiled to myself the part of my Wuthering Heights came on where Heathcliff left Cathy.

I was interrupted of my reading as I heard the twig ahead of me crack. My heart started beating erratically as I immediately thought of the worst. I stared straight ahead to the stars in the dark night waiting for something dangerous to appear and jump at me.

All I was met with was a tall figure walking towards me at a slow pace. He was looking down at a piece of paper. His strange coppery hair fell onto his forehead, covering half of his vibrant green orbs. His dark brown brows furrowed in confusion as he examined the paper before him. His plump pale-pink lips were in the form of a pout as he concentrated.

I sat there gaping at the stranger not just because he greatly resembled an Adonis but because it was forty-five past eleven on New Year's Eve and he was wearing a suit much too formal for such an inadequate place. He still hadn't noticed my presence so I decided to clear my throat and make myself known.

His eyes immediately shot up to look at me while his right hand went straight to the side of his waist. It seemed that he was as surprised to see me as I was to see him. He let out a large breath of relief as he saw that I was far from someone that could be deemed 'frightening'. Instead he smirked and walked towards me.

"Are you alright there, Miss?" the stranger asked, teasingly. My eyes narrowed at him.

"Just fine, thank you," I replied, attempting to seem nonchalant as I tried to hide my undeniable panic that he brought friends with him. He merely grinned and sat across from me.

"Alone in New Year's Eve?" he inquired, seemingly surprised at this. I sighed and tucked a brown lock of my hair behind my ear and looked up to meet his eyes.

"Yes actually. I come here every year, it's the quietest place on New Year's that I can find." I admitted. I felt a rush of blood to my cheeks as I realized I had just confessed something so embarrassing to a person whose name I wasn't even aware of.

His wry smile returned and he turned to place his hand in to my fruit basket to retrieve an apple. He carefully examined it, as if he was checking for poison then took a cautious bite. I glared at his ill-manners. His response was a smug wink. I saw his gaze fall upon the book that was in my hands and he quirked and eyebrow.

"Emily Bronte?" he acknowledged, astonished. I blush again and shrugged my shoulders. We sat in silence for a few moments, for some reason I lost my appetite and decided to throw my apple away. The green eyed man decided to speak then.

"So, beautiful Bella eh? Fits you." He grinned. My eyes popped out. This person didn't seem familiar, perhaps he knew my father, or was an old acquaintance from high school. I decided to play it safe and just ask.

"How do you know my name?" I blurted out. He let out a musical chuckle and gestured to my book. I followed his hand to see the back cover with a large 'PROPERTY OF BELLA SWAN' label. As if my face could get any redder after that.

I heard a distant noise, it sounded as if someone was blowing something up. People were probably just starting the fireworks early. The sound however, caused the person across from me to react and fall into a deep train of thought. The silence was incredible uncomfortable.

"So, what's your name, Stranger?" I giggled, trying to lighten the mood but he just put a finger up to shush me.

"Did you hear that?" he whispered, tensing as he looked around. My eyebrows knitted in confusion.

"What are you-"I was cut off by a loud bang that made give out an involuntary gasp. The trees and grass started rustling behind me and that's when he shot up.

At the same time two men fancily dressed appeared through, my stranger pulled two large black blocks from his waist. My eyes widened in fear. He immediately shot at them just as they did. I let out a blood-curdling scream and he quickly grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder.

"Jasper!" he yelled. Out came a lanky, dirty-blonde, wearing a similar yet different suit to my stranger. Jasper had the same gun in his hand as my new acquaintance which he started shooting with relentlessly.

I was dropped onto the floor next to the stranger while he shielded me from the situation in front of us. I was struggling to breathe and nearly gave myself a heart attack as I gazed onto the corpse that the man who was holding me just killed. I grabbed onto him further and held on for dear life all the time hyperventilating.

"We warned you and your stupid friends about this," I heard Jasper shout; "You guys can go fuck yourselves in hell!" That's when everything stopped. There was no more shooting and all I could hear was my heavy breathing.

"Yo' Masen! Let's scram. I've got to go get home to Ali." Jasper declared. How could he remain so calm at a time like this?

"Go on without me. I have to take the girl back home," Masen informed him. Jasper took a good long look at me then just nodded and did a military-salute to say goodbye. As soon as he was out of sight Masen turned to me.

"Bella," he cooed and gently smiled at me. I couldn't speak, nor could I blink or breathe or move. He sighed and gently picked me up, bridal style and walked me back to the bench. He picked up everything that had fallen onto the floor and placed them next to me before crouching on the floor in front of me.

"Bella, I'm going to take you home now, did you drive here?" Masen question me as if he was speaking to a child or I was hearing impaired. I still couldn't make eye contact with him. I'm pretty sure I'd collapse if I did. So in response to his question I merely shook my head.

"Alright then," he simply said. He stood up, picked my stuff up and held his hand out for me to take. I stared at it for a few seconds, contemplating whether I'd rather be better off taking it or not. I decided to go with the reckless part of my mind and placed my hand into his.

Masen pulled me up and walked me to where I saw a shiny silver sports car, most probably European. He opened the passenger seat for me to which I climbed in and sunk into the soft leather seats. I wasn't quite aware of my surroundings just yet and I was pretty sure my mind was not working correctly.

He took his seat next to me, started up the car's engine and drew out a huge breath and turned to face me. I quickly diverted my gaze to the round-shaped gear-shift, not trusting myself to look directly at him.

"Alright, Bella, where do you live? I need to take you home." Masen stated. I didn't answer. It wasn't that I didn't want to, I just didn't think I could make a sound without starting a full-blown break-down. So I remained silent. Masen let out a frustrated groan and put his hand on top of the red sleeve of my shirt. My breath hitched and I started to get dizzy.

"Bella," he practically growled at me"You need to tell me where you live so I can take you home." No answer.

"Bella, these people could kill you." He said seriously. I looked up at him, my chocolate brown eyes meeting his for the first time since the incident. And that's when everything went black.


I woke up to the sound of someone's velvet voice quarrelling. I moaned and shifted my position on the soft mattress, to put my arm over my eyes.

"No, Jasper! There is no way I'm keeping some random girl in my house for that long! What would Tanya say?" Masen half-whispered, half-yelled. My eyes shot open and I took my arm from the top of my face. I slowly rose out of bed letting the flowery purple and black silk quilt fall limp. I let my eyes wander around this luxurious room.

The walls were a perfect shade of cream mixed with brown. A large crystal chandelier fell half a meter from the high ceiling. I saw my belongings that I had brought yesterday, piled neatly on top of a black dresser that matched the bed frame. This place seemed much too grand for a town like this. Then again, how could I be sure if I was actually still in town?

"Okay! That is it! You know what Whitlock; she's staying with me until, until forever! Happy, motherfucker?" Masen shouted finally and I heard the beep of the phone just before he carelessly threw it onto something I couldn't see, the sound of the impact made the whole house echo.

I walked out of the room where I spent the night and as quietly as possible I peeped to get a look at Masen. Of course, I had never been one to be all that graceful and Masen heard the creek from the darn wooden floorboards.

He was sprawled across a black, leather couch, one of his hands covered his eyes, and the other was lazily placed on his chest. One of his legs was off of the couch, his foot tapping restlessly onto the brown floor.

"You're finally awake." He stated, without changing his position the slightest bit. I bit my lip from nervousness. I didn't know this man, nor did I know what he was capable of.

"Um…yes." I answered stupidly. Masen let out a huge breath.

"Okay, well here's the thing, I wanted you to go but everyone else is just so sure that you'll be killed if I do, so unfortunately, I have to be keeping you here for another, oh say, few months or so but don't worry, time should fly and you should be kept entertained at all times." He spoke so quickly that I didn't even register any of it until ten seconds after.

"WHAT!" I shrieked. There was no way in hell I was about to spend a few months with some guy who I met a few hours ago. He could be a serial killer for all I knew. On second thought he probably was, he had a GUN. I hoped to god that he was an FBI agent that had just killed some really bad people. Maybe it was the other way around.

He put his hands up as a sign of surrender.

"Hey, hey, hey! Listen to me, you have to-"oh no there was no way I was letting him get to me.

"No! You listen to me, Masen!" I started."I don't even know you. I've never seen you before. I found you randomly in my meadow last night!"

"-Actually, my name's Edward and the meadow isn't exactly yo-"he had the nerve to butt in again.

"I. Am. Speaking!" I continued. "So you come to an abandoned meadow that only I ever knew about to come and have an old fashioned Russian roulette, with your little pals! Yeah well, I've got news for you buddy! I'm not staying here with some stupid psycho-fucking-maniac! I have a life! With a family. So screw you, asshole!" I probably sounded like a complete homicide after that rant; the hand gestures didn't exactly help either.

Edward was completely gaping at me. I wondered if heartless killers could go into shock. I huffed at his speechlessness and walked pass him trying to leave his home, no better yet 'mansion'. That seemed to get his attention. Edward caught my wrist just before I could walk through the doorway.

"You won't exactly have a life at all, if you leave now. So I would suggest you stay here for now, if not for your safety but for your family's." he let out through gritted teeth. Well that shuts me up.

"My family?" I croaked, feeling moisture well up in my eyes. Edward immediately let go of my wrist and stood awkwardly.

"Hey now, don't uh, none of that. Your um- your family will be fine. I swear." He struggled and pat the top of my head. I sniffled and looked up at him.

"They are?"

He rolled his eyes and smirked.

"Only if you stay here for a while" he smiled sadly. I grimly nodded and looked down, feeling the tears stream down my face. Edward groaned again.

"What now?" he asked, exasperated. My eyes narrowed to glare at him.

"Not only have I just seen several people die in front of me, but I had just learned that I have to live with a person as irritating as you for few months and if I don't I'll put my family in danger. So, excuse me, if I get a little bit teary." I growled.

"Well, you're not the only one with problems, I have to keep you in my house for a few months, when I hardly even let my girlfriend come over," he muttered. If I had to live here any longer I would surely combust soon.

"Yeah well, I'm sorry I'm such an inconvenience to you!" I hissed and walked back into the bedroom and slammed the door shut.

"Jesus! For fuck's sake!" Edward cried out and I heard a huge crash of glass shattering. I really could not have cared less. His very presence annoyed me to no end.

Then something hit me, I didn't even ask him what he was. What if there was a murderer on the other side of the door right now. Oh god. Oh god. Perhaps if I swore not to tell anyone, he wouldn't kill me. Or my family.

I slowly creaked open the off-white door and saw Edward in a fetal position with his hands in his tousled bronze hair pulling on it, as if he wanted to rid of everything around him. The antique white vase with dark blue flowers was shattered into a million pieces, I gasped as I took in his appearance. I almost felt like this whole thing was my fault. Almost.

I felt déjà vu of the previous night as I cleared my throat for him to notice my presence. He looked up at me, at first I expected him to blow up but he merely sighed and stared glumly at me.

"Look, you're technically my roommate for the next- who knows how long. I think it would be best if we get along. I'm sorry you had to be dragged into this." He actually sounded genuinely concerned. I took a deep breath in.

"Are you going to kill me?" I asked straight up. Edward looked appalled, almost insulted. His hands were formed into two tight fists. He closed his eyes adding seriousness to whatever he was about to say.

"Bella- what? I swear I wouldn't ever-I mean- why would you think that?" he whispered the last part, seemingly upset by my question. He had no reason to be, I didn't know him, and he should be expecting this. Right?

"You had a gun, Edward- I've only ever seen my father with a gun, but he's the chief of police!"-I desperately tried to ignore the fact that he stiffened-" You killed someone in front of me; I've never even seen my father aim a gun at anyone." Edward opened his mouth to say something when the phone rang. Perfect timing.

I hesitated since the phone was next to me and Edward had no intentions of picking it up. I looked onto the screen.

"Um…the caller ID says it's Tanya. Should you pick that up?" I reluctantly queried. He pinched the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger.

"Yeah, just put it on speaker." He directed. I quickly obeyed.

"Hello?" Edward's sultry voice addressed.

"Edward! You haven't called me in so long. What's wrong?" on the other line had to be the most high-pitched nasally voiced I'd ever heard but she was Edward's girlfriend, she must've been absolutely beautiful to be able to belong with him.

"Tanya, I apologize for my lack of communication over the past few days. There have been a few complications lately and I've had much to tend to." Edward explained. Damn, he so formal with her, he didn't even bother to use sophisticated words with me.

"Oh, problems at the law firm? I guess that's okay." Law firm? As if he could read my mind, Edward shook his head.

"Alright, well listen I've got some news-"

"Yeah, I already know. Rosalie told me." Tanya interrupted.

"Rose? - Oh hell! Jasper!" Edward growled.

"Well how long is she staying? What's her name? Where is she from?"

"Tanya, Tanya, Tanya! One at a time!"-he inhaled deeply-"Her name is Bella and she will be staying as long as she needs to. She has been my best friend for years and I will not miss this opportunity to getting to know her again. Also she's right here listening by the way." Edward informed. The fuck? Edward smirked at my confusion and gave me a signature wink.

"Oh well, Bella I'm Tanya. Edward's girlfriend." Her words were full of possessiveness.

"Hello Tanya. Nice to meet you," I timidly, greeted.

"Alright well, I've got to get back to work, baby. I'll be waiting for your call tonight, honey. I love you, Edward, darling." Okay that was one too many pet names. Bitch needs to calm the fuck down.

"Okay then Tanya. I'll see if I can call and uh- right back at-um-ditt-well take care, Tanya." Edward bid farewell and hung up. Trouble in Paradise?

Edward sighed and stood up to walk next to me. He rolled up the sleeves of black button up shirt and nervously fiddled with his grayish-silver tie.

"Alright Bella, look, I can tell you what I do for a living but before I do I can honestly say that you don't want to know what I do. It's not…pretty." He admitted. What he does for a living? Please say FBI agent. Please say FBI agent.

"Are you an FBI agent?" I blurted. Edward cocked a perfect eyebrow and gave me the most stunning crooked grin.

"That's a…nice way to put it. I do only kill monsters. Not that I'm not one either." The last part was so quiet I'm not sure I was supposed to hear.

"Okay, look Edward. If you tell me now, you might just save me from combusting from all the tension this is creating." I laughed even he had to crack a smile but all traces of teasing soon vanished.

"Alright. Okay. Bella, I'm a-Bella I'm a mob boss."

What surprised me most was my reaction.

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