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Come let the truth be shared,
No-one ever dared,
To break these endless lies,
Secretly she cries,

She burns like the sun,
But I can't look away,
She'll burn
Our horizons make no mistake

And I'll hide from the world,
Behind a broken frame,
And I'll burn forever,
I can't face the shame


"Oh Alice, thank you so much but I can't take these. It wouldn't feel right." I was dumfounded by the amount of clothing that she'd bought for me. Alice rolled her eyes yet again.

"Consider them a gift. Please Bella, you'd look great in them." She coaxed. I sighed but agreed, not wanting to upset the small girl. Edward and Jasper came into the room again, serious faces planted.

"Bella, can I talk to you?" Edward quickly asked, even though it was more of a demand than a request. I got up and he grabbed my elbow pulling me into the room where he and Jasper had just been.

"Bella" Edward finally said as he placed us in the middle of the room." Your mother is Renee Dwyer right?" Edward confirmed. I nodded my head.

"Well two years ago Aro Volturi found a new wife, one that convinced him to come here." I nodded, still puzzled to what this all had to do with me.

"Bella, his wife's name is Renee, your mother. That's why you never found her body because she's not dead. She's working with the mafia." I started to feel unnaturally hot. My legs gave out from under me and Edward's arms caught me just before I hit the ground.

My mother was still alive.

"Is she going to be okay?" I heard a concerned soprano voice above me ask. Alice. I recognised her voice from the previous encounters that we'd had today. Even though, I didn't know her well, I had a feeling she would be the closest thing to a best friend that I would have for the next few months.

"She's going to be fine." Another velvety-soft voice answered, sounding slightly amused. That perfect voice could only belong to the one and only Edward Masen. I had yet to grow used to his cocky attitude, as I'd only met him a few days ago. Wow. It felt like had known Edward for a whole entire lifetime when it had only been mere days. I had opened up to him on a level that no one -not even my father- would understand. And vice versa. I still had a lot to learn about Edward and his world filled with blood and vengeance. But unlike before I was now more than willing to be educated.

"She'll be waking up soon." Alice predicted, chirpily. I heard Edward groan from beside me.

"Let her sleep," he warned her, as he brushed a piece of hair away from my forehead. The touch alone was enough for my heart to start beating a mile a minute.

That was also a problem.

I had yet to decipher my feelings towards Edward. Did I like him? I think so. Was it enough to drive me crazy? Absolutely.

I didn't know what to make of my emotions about him. Firstly, I hardly knew him. We had only met a couple of days ago and we were now living together. Secondly, he had a girlfriend. Even though he wasn't willingly with her, they were still technically together and I knew better than to go for someone who was already committed elsewhere. And thirdly, and most importantly, he was one of the bosses of one of the most feared groups of people in the whole entire universe. That wasn't something I was ready to deal with.

Warm hands gently gripped my shoulders and gave me a light shake. I saw the darkness behind my eyes start to fade and was abruptly met with excited feminine eyes staring back at me. I let out a short screech and jumped into a sitting position on the bed.

"Alice!" I voice next to me scolded. I turned quickly to come face-to-face with Edward.

"What is it about this family that doesn't seem to understand the importance of personal space?" I shrieked, earning me a sheepish Alice and a smug (as usual) Edward.

"Rise and shine, sleeping beauty!" Edward greeted me enthusiastically. I growled at him, narrowing my eyes. Of course, that only led to more grinning from him.

A searing pain jerked into my head. I gasped as I clutched it in between my hands, tugging at my hair, in hopes of fixing the pain. I felt two pairs of hands at my aid at once.

"Bella!" Alice shrieked.

"Put your head between your knees, Bella" Edward's velvet voice commanded. I quickly shifted into the awkward position and groaned in relief as the pain started to subside. Momentarily, I finally remembered why I was lying here in the first place. I shot up off the bed, gasping.

"Bella, what the hell? Lay the fuck back down!" he ordered, but I was in no mood for listening to anyone today. Hell. No. I was going to find every fucking thing out for my self today.

I started to walk out the door, I was seeing red and I didn't care who tried to stop me.

Who, being Edward.

"Bella, stop fucking walking and calm down for a minute. Where the hell are you going?" he grabbed my bicep and turned me around, forcing me to look at him. I struggled to free myself from his grasp.

"Let me go, Edward. I need to get out of here now!" his grip loosened a little and he gave me a confused look. I took the chance and started walking away from him again. I felt my eyes sting from water as I angrily stalked off, away from Edward.

*I squealed in between laughs as I felt myself going higher and higher. The breeze hitting my face, forcing my hair to rise and fall behind me. The adrenaline pumped through my veins as I relished this feeling. I hardly ever had chances of doing any activities like this.

"Bells, don't you think you've had enough?" Daddy asked me, yet kept pushing me from the back. I didn't want to go back home yet. Home was boring and Mommy would make me try on ugly dresses again. I furiously shook my head.

"Nuh-uh, Daddy. A little longer." I begged, as my hands gripped the metal chains tighter. He sighed yet complied with my wish. I cherished moments like these; I didn't need to worry about being "proper" or "normal". It was times like these that made me feel absolutely…light.

A heavy buzzing noise interrupted my train of thought.

But everything always had to come to an end.

Daddy stopped pushing me and the swing was only lightly swaying me back and forth. I hopped off it and quickly followed him as he moved to sit on the closest bench.

"She wanted to come, I didn't want to disappoint her," I heard him whisper on the phone, attempting to hide the conversation from me. I lowered my head in shame as I realised I probably got Daddy in trouble again.

"What do you mean she should know be-Renee she's seven!" he harshly argued, I felt my eyes water up yet again. This always happened. I would always make Daddy come with me to some stupid place that I wanted to go and then because of me he and Mommy would yell. I truly was selfish.

I heard Daddy give a resigned sigh.

"Alright, dear. We're on our way." He confirmed before he hung up. He slowly stood from the wooden bench and cautiously walked towards me.

"Time to go home, Bells." He informed me. I looked up at him with watery eyes, but nodded anyway. He gave me a soft smile as he took my hand to walk to the parking lot. I clumsily followed him out, all the way vowing to not disappoint my parents again.*

Edward quickly flashed in front of me, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me back into my bedroom. I angrily snapped my head to him but this time his eyes didn't hold the annoyance that they had before; they were now filled with sadness. He pushed me back so I was sitting on the edge of the bed, Alice on the other side.

"Look, Bella, I understand you don't want to be here, but right now, you just…can't leave. I told you before, Bella. You could get killed out there. No scratch that, you will get killed out there." He declared.

I swallowed loudly. He was right; right now there were people out there who wanted to kill me, because of my mother. She probably wanted to kill me too. All this time as a child until teenage-hood, I'd always thought to myself how I sometimes wanted to kill her for making me feel so deficient and flawed. Then abruptly she's declared dead. Somehow I'd thought it was my fault that maybe I'd wished it so much that god had answered my prayers. Now, I find out she'd never died at all and for all I knew she wanted me dead. How ironic.

Edward sighed and kneeled down in front of me, his eyes full of shame and guilt. I didn't like it.

"Bella, I'm sorry I got you into this. I know you want leave. I mean you don't know anyone here, you probably miss your friends and family but I swear I'll try. I have a library upstairs if you feel like reading, I have cable if want to watch anything or I can get you any movie, there's plenty of-"Wait. He thought I wanted to leave because I didn't want to stay with him? What an absurd thing to think. He'd been nothing but kind to me all this time. If it weren't for the fact that I had a job and a social life I probably would have never wanted to leave. I abruptly cut him off.

"Edward. You misunderstood. I wasn't trying to leave because of you. I'm just- I really need to find some answers," I admitted, finally feeling the embarrassment of my previous idiocy to leave the house with so many people trying to rid of me.

"Oh," he cleared his throat, "Well you could have just said so. I can give you answers, Bella. If you're to stay with me, you should at least be able to open up to me a little bit." Oh he had no idea.

I nodded, my eyes setting on his.

"I'm sorry I tried to leave and uh threw a tantrum," I apologised. The edge of Edward's lips turned slightly, but continued to look at me.

It was one of those moments again. I had had them regularly since, I'd met Edward. I would stare at him and it'd be like no one else existed like the whole world revolved around us.

"Edward," but something always got in the way. "Jasper says we have to leave, I'll stop by again soon, okay?" Alice got up off the bed to a dazed Edward. She leaned down and kissed his cheek and gave me small smile as she left the room.

And we were yet again left in awkwardness.

Edward moved back on his heels then stood up, to lean on the table across from me. He ran his right hand through his hair, making the rings on his thumb and middle finger glisten as he moved them through.

"I suppose you want to know what's going on." He sighed, folding his arms over his chest, his muscles tensing through his navy blue tee. I braced myself for the new information that I was about to learn. Every thought I'd ever had about my mother was about to change.

"Yes," I answered hesitantly. What if I wasn't ready for this? What if Renee turned out to be a lot worse than I ever anticipated? That was unlikely though. I always knew she was a bitch.

"What would you like to know?" he asked gently. I swallowed deeply. This was going to be harder than I thought.

"She's Aro's wife?" I confirmed. Edward nodded.

"Does she…kill people?" i asked even though I already knew the answer.

"Well, she's a mob boss' wife. She'd have too once in a while." He explained. I actually didn't find that hard to believe. Now that I think about it, Renee was more than capable of murder.

"Wait, so why is she with him? Were they together while she was still with my father?" I felt anger boil in my blood. Charlie had always stood by her, the only times he would disagree with her was when I became the subject of the matter. Edward lifted a finger up as a sign for me to hold on. He promptly turned around and walked out of the room again. I frowned as I stared in the direction that he had left in. What was he up to this time?

I heard his footsteps as he returned back into the room. He came in with yet again sheets of paper in his hands.

"Okay, here we go," he announced as he flipped the page.

I quirked a brow.

"Another background check, Edward?" I inquired. He looked at me sheepishly and shrugged.

"Well, it says here that your mother's parents were Italian. Is that right?" he verified. I nodded.

"Yes, I'm named after my grandmother." I stated.

Edward continued to silently read through. He stopped at one point grimaced.

"It says that Renee was supposed to marry Aro from a long time ago. But then when she was nineteen she had a change of plans and decided to marry your father," he notified. My mother was nineteen twenty-four years ago, if she had wanted this life why not have picked it then. Did she love Charlie that much that she changed her life plan for him? But obviously she still wanted Aro if she went back to him. There must've been something in the way, otherwise she wouldn't-

I gasped at the sudden realisation.

"She was pregnant with me," I whispered, almost inaudible.


"Renee, she was pregnant with me when she was nineteen. I ruined her plans to be with Aro. That's why she's been so cold to me my whole life. 'Cause of me, my mother had to wait twenty-two fucking years so she could go around on killing spree's for the hell of it. That's how much of an inconvenience I was for her. Oh no, my poor mother couldn't kill people because she had to pretend to care about me. How fucking tragic for her. What a little b-"

"Whoa, take it easy!" Edward interrupted me, chuckling, "I got the sarcasm the first time."

I scowled at him. Edward looked down and began to read again. Well he was certainly helpful.

That's when I remembered something.

I cleared my throat. "Edward?"

He was too engrossed in whatever he was reading, he didn't move but merely rolled his eyes up at me.


"About, um, before…I mean I was totally like-"Edward put his hand up to interject.

"Say no more. Don't worry I won't tell anyone." He smiled. Huh. Well that was easier than I thought. No need for crazy brawl with a creepy sort-of-girlfriend.

"Oh well, alright then, Edward," I articulated.

"No big deal, Bella. I know how distraught you were about talking about your mother. I won't say a thing to anyone," he declared. Say what? What's he talking about. 'Distraught about talking about my mom'? He's thinking about that right now? We totally just kissed, asshole.

"Uh, okay then," I replied blankly. Does he not remember? Maybe he has short-term memory loss, or a multiple personality disorder, perhaps? Fat chance. Or maybe this is how he acknowledges all forms of affection that he bestows on a girl.

"Oh, and Bella?" Edward asked, still not looking up from the paper.


"Why did you lie?" he asserted, plainly. I looked up at him with narrowed eyes. Fucker was accusing me of lying?

"Excuse me?" I exclaimed. Edward's eyes widened and he put his palms up, the paper still held in his right hand.

"Whoa! Calm yourself," he instructed, even though the side of his mouth was twitching up into a crooked smile. The more I hung out with Edward, the more I felt clinically insane.

"I mean yesterday, when you said you were a therapist. But on your file it says you're still in college and working at some retail shop or something," he clarified. Oh no. I was hoping he was going to realise that. Well this is embarrassing…

I gulped. Loudly.

"Well, um- you know, it was sort of an in the moment impulsive thing, and I just…yeah," I stuttered, while blushing a fire engine red. Edward, however, had nothing but an amused look on his face. His lips were mashed together to prevent himself from laughing.

"It's perfectly fine, Bella but you didn't have to lie to impress me. I already like you." He grinned as he sent a wink in my direction. I growled in response making him chuckle.

"Well, I hate you. So, I've had enough of this. I'm going to go eat something." I declared and retreated to go downstairs. Edward looked incredulous.

"Don't you want to know more about this?" I waved him off.

"Another time, Edward." I was at the top of the stairs when Edward decided to side-track me again.

"Oh Bella?"

I turned around.

"I was wondering, what's the plan for Saturday?" he asked amusedly. I frowned. Saturday?

"What do you mean?" A smirk fell upon his pale lips.

"We're meeting you're father. Remember?" he enlightened, with a giddy grin. My face paled. In learning about this new world, I'd totally forgotten that I'd told Charlie that Edward was my boyfriend. Crap. He would probably interrogate him and end up embarrassing me. Not to mention, my step sister Leah. And the guys down at La Push. I was utterly doomed.

I cleared my throat, roughly.

"Well, I suppose we'll just say that we've been dating for a few months-"

"How many months?" Edward cut in.

"I don't know. How about five?" I suggested. Edward's face scrunched with disapproval.

"You would move in with a person after merely dating them for five months?" he asked disbelieved. Darn. He had a point.

"Okay, fine. How about a year?" I corrected. Edward nodded and gave me his infamous crooked grin but was soon turned into an expression of doubt.

"But wait, how are we going to explain you not telling your family about not a having a boyfriend for a year?" he reflected. I felt guilt wash over me.

"Well, I haven't exactly been on the best terms with my family apart from Charlie. I don't talk to them much. Just a few calls sometimes. Even if they do get suspicious, they won't ask. We're not close enough anymore for them to ask," I explained. Edward looked at me with sympathy.

"That kind of sucks. I can't imagine something getting in between my tight-knit family. It would kill us all. Literally." He joked. I smiled.

Edward may have been taking this in a less than serious fashion, but I already the wrath that my family could produce. I've lived through it. Let's just hope they can cut Edward some slack.

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