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Chapter 1 – Living

Bella's POV

Welcome to the summer online course for EDUC 305. Please read the syllabus completely and make a post to our online forum to confirm you've been given one. Blah blah blah blah blah...

I bit on my pen as I scrolled down the page on my laptop. I was laying on the couch on my stomach, my legs bent at the knees so I could work comfortably. Well, work was an overstatement. The class wouldn't actually get interesting until at least three weeks in. And I was a week early.

I opened the discussion forum on the website and started titling it when the laptop suddenly slipped from my grasp. I reached for it instinctively, but it was falling up. I looked up and saw Jake resting it on the ground before moving over to me. I laughed as he flipped me over and got between my legs, pinning me down as I tried to fight my way back up.

His lips crashed against mine the next moment and my giggles became moans. He moved me up the couch a little to provide him with more room as he slid his hands up under my shirt. His fingertips maneuvered expertly along my side, exerting just the right pressure to make my back arch as he reached my breast.

"Jake," I breathed out, running my hand through his hair and pulling him closer to me. He always had me like this. It didn't matter that we'd been together for over a year. It didn't matter if I was angry, or jealous, or tired. Whenever he touched me, he ignited a fire deep inside me, that could only be put out by him.

My hips began to press up, begging for any kind of friction he would offer. He pressed his hips back to mine, claiming my mouth again as I moaned.

He had me panting as he finally broke the kiss. He moved his kisses past my cheek to my ear, then led them down to my neck, all the while massaging my breast. I arched up into him, begging him for more as his hips kept a smooth rhythm against mine. After a moment at my neck, he pulled back and yanked my shirt off over my head. I laughed a little as he came back down on me, throwing my shirt over his shoulder to flutter to the floor.

He led slow kisses down between my breasts, avoiding the most sensitive parts I always ended up begging him to touch. I whined out a little as he led kisses across my stomach and then ran his hand over it smoothly. I rested my head on the arm of the couch to watch him as he lifted his eyes to mine, placing a last kiss on my stomach. He glanced down at it once before looking back up at me.

"I want you to bare my children," he said, his voice husky yet playful. I laughed and played with a few strands of his hair. He was due for another haircut soon.

"How about after you graduate high school?" I asked, sliding my fingertips along his scalp, roughly. He growled a little and closed his eyes, leaning into my touch.

"Fine, it's a date. Tomorrow," he said. I laughed again and got my feet under him to kick him off me.

"I was working on something, you know," I said, glancing at the laptop on the floor, then at the front door. "And I thought I'd locked that." He snickered, heading into the kitchen. My father had noticed how astronomically high his grocery bill grew each month Jake was around.

"That's not work, that's lolly gagging. And it was. You really should lock your windows," he said. I ran a hand through my hair and rolled my eyes.

"Gosh, you'd think I'd learn, with a werewolf as a boyfriend," I teased. He came back into the living room with a bowl of fruit and a hurt expression. It was unbelievable how… well, normal, everything had been. As normal as having a werewolf boyfriend could be, anyways. But instead of dealing with things like runaway vampires, slaughters and treaty lines, we were worrying about Jacob's graduation, birthdays, when we'd spend time with each other next and what to make for dinner.

It was simple.

He sat beside me and turned on the tv. I smiled as I looked around my dad's and my new house. Well, it wasn't really new anymore. We'd moved into it nearly a year ago. It had taken a lot of begging and pleading to get this place. Eventually, the tribe had given up. They knew we were all relentless. Even though we weren't members of the tribe, we were allowed to live on the rez for reasons like...

"Bella is Jacob's imprint. How can you keep imprints apart?" Billy had argued for us. So had Sam and several other pack members. They couldn't stand Jake and I being apart any more than we could.

The tribe's response after constant pressure was, "Ok, Bella can move here."

"But what about Charlie? He's her father! How can you keep family separated?" Jacob had argued. Billy and Sam had come up with better reasoning. "Charlie's Bella's dad. And the Chief of Police in Forks. You can't expect him to not care that his daughter is living here and he can't..."

After a month of pestering and constant bickering, the tribe had finally agreed. We could buy property here in La Push. A rather nice piece of property, actually. With a rather nice house on it. And it just so happened to be only a few blocks from Jake's.

It had been a hassle, but we had achieved our goal. My dad was closer to his fishing buddy and I was attached to the hip with my werewolf imprint. Of course, my dad had to endure the occasional "I thought I saw something..." in the forest moments, but he stayed pretty well out of the way with the tribe's stories.

My eyes flashed to the tv as Jacob scrolled through the channels on the huge 56 inch flat screen my dad had indulged in. Needless to say, when it was football time, they always came here. The tv was encased in a very large oak entertainment center, that was bolted to the wall. Our movies, dvds, cds and video games were placed all around on its shelves.

There were two windows in the living room, one on either side of the entertainment center. Those windows had blinds, but also a set of black out curtains over them to block out the sun during the day. Only one of them was closed at the moment. The walls were white, the carpet, a deep royal blue. It was very warm, very welcoming. The fireplace to the left of the couch and right next to the front door was extremely cozy in the winter.

The kitchen was to the right of the couch, separated by an island. The dining room was connected to the kitchen by the same hard wood floor. What a pain in the ass that was to clean every week. There was also a bathroom downstairs, right next to the stairs that led to the bedrooms. Did I mention the best part of this house so far? It had three bathrooms. The one downstairs, then Charlie had his own in the master bedroom and I shared one with the guest bedroom. Which, of course, no one lived in.

I leaned back into the couch a little and sighed in happiness. This had definitely been a good move.

"So, Charlie doesn't get off work for another three hours," I said, reaching for my boyfriend's hand. His hand opened instantly to accommodate mine and then entwined his fingers with mine. "What do you want to do?" I asked.

Jacob arched an eyebrow and looked over at me. I took in a fluttering breath and then bit on my lip as his eyes grazed over my still shirtless form. I jumped up and made for my shirt but he wrapped his arms around me and brought my back to his chest. I glared at him over my shoulder and he pecked my cheek gently. My heart fluttered.

He was so breathtaking, so beautiful and playful. He was so wonderful, so... So Jacob. And he was mine. All mine.

Ever since I'd moved to La Push, we'd been hurting. It was horrible sleeping in cool sheets at night when I knew I had a 108.9 degree boyfriend that would more than gladly keep me warm. But once we'd moved here, it was expected that I and Jake would be sleeping in our own beds. When I was living in Forks, there had always been an excuse. My car wouldn't start. It was late. I was just going to be here again in another three hours.

But once we moved to La Push, those excuses weren't usable. So every night, we parted on a somber good night. I didn't handle it well at all. Like I said, cold sheets.

But it had been tearing Jacob apart as well. There was more than just sleeping in different beds bothering him though. Between having to catch up with his school work all the time, running with the pack and looking after Billy, he hardly had time for an imprint. Sometimes we only saw each other once a day. And even then, it was a gamble whether it was for ten minutes or two hours.

The times we'd gone about a week without really spending time together, I was the bitchiest person to be around. Those nights, Charlie got burnt dinners and dirty looks for making me sleep in my room. I'm sure he almost caved a few times. But then I think he gave a little thought to what we'd be doing and thought better of it.

A bitchy daughter was better than one who was knocked up. Even though that was very much Jake's intention. He wanted children. He wanted them badly. Over the year, I'd grown fond of the idea. I'd even been caught once by Jake, checking myself out with my hand over my stomach, pretending to be pregnant in front of a mirror. He didn't let me live that one down for months.

But we both knew what we wanted. I wanted my degree in education, so I could become a teacher. We wanted our own place. We wanted to be financially settled. We knew it was too early for children right now. But that didn't keep Jake from bringing it up every chance he got. And it didn't keep me from dreaming about little boys running around the yard, just like him. A little girl, maybe, that wouldn't stop reading and was always late to dinner.

I glanced over my shoulder to Jacob once again, reveling in the feeling of being wrapped in his arms. I never wanted to spend time away from him. He made everything worth it. He was my other half, my soul mate, but better. We were imprints. And we were crazy about each other. I wanted him at my side every second possible.

Only Jake could cure my itch. Even days out with the girls couldn't make me feel better when I hadn't been thoroughly satisfied by my werewolf. So we took every chance we got.

Like now.

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