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Blaine sat on the bench outside of the movie theatre, two tickets in his hand. He'd been stood up, he knew it. He glared out into the distance, arms crossed over his chest. Of course, it didn't help his mood, when a group of people began looking over at him, one of them pointing.

"What do you want?" he snapped, standing up. A boy, the only boy in the group, walked over to him

"You just looked upset…" he said sweetly "we were wondering why." Blaine felt his anger fade away

"I got stood up."

"You were going on a date?"

"Well…no" Blaine sighed "but I kind of wish it was."


"He's a jerk." Blaine mumbled, kicking his feet into the concrete

"He?" the other boy questioned, raising an eyebrow, Blaine's head snapped up, realizing what he just said, he braced himself.

"Are you gonna beat me up now?" he asked, appraising the boy. He was taller than Blaine, but then again, most people were. He didn't seem that strong, though, he was thin and…delicate looking.

"No!" the boy gasped "why would I beat you up?"

"Because I like boys?" Blaine knew that most people thought he was too young to have made that decision, but honestly, isn't it kind of something you just know? Something you're sure of since your born? Blaine had never been more positive of anything in his 12 year old life.

"Me too." The taller boy said shyly, Blaine beamed up at him.

"I'm Blaine."

"I'm Kurt."

Kurt brought Blaine back to his group and went to get their tickets, Blaine ended up giving his ticket to Kurt claiming 'I don't want it to go to waste.'

"Do you have a cell phone?" Kurt asked as they left the theatre, Blaine nodded

"Maybe we could hang out sometime…go to the park." Blaine nodded again eagerly and whipped out his black flip-phone. Kurt punched in his number and handed his phone over to Blaine. A car pulled up and someone called Kurt's name. Blaine looked up

"Oh! It's my dad…I'll see you late, Blaine."

Kurt and Blaine continued to see each other, not very often, considering their distance from each other, but they always made an effort. So, when Kurt asked Blaine to hang out one night, he couldn't pass up the opportunity. They sat in the park, on the swings, just talking

"How's school?" Kurt asked, he knew Blaine got bullied worse than he did. Blaine shrugged

"They're idiots" he mumbled, then looked up "Let's not talk about this."

"Okay," Kurt agreed softly and put a hand over Blaine's. Blaine stomach was instantly filled with butterflies, which wasn't anything new, it always happened when Kurt touched him. Blaine had told his mother, and she would smile and tease him about how he had a crush.

"Kurt," Blaine said, swallowing loudly and looking over at the boy "I have to tell you something…"

"Hey!" someone shouted, and Blaine saw three big figures coming towards them. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

"Sitting." Blaine replied coolly, the teenager looked down at their hands

"You're fagging up our park." He spat "you're disgusting." Blaine stood up and one of them lunged at Kurt, who promptly fell off the swing, stood up and scampered away. He ran away. Blaine choked, how could Kurt leave him? One of the boys pulled something out of their pocket, it glinted as the streetlight shown on it. Blaine paled

"W-what are you doing?" he stammered

"Getting rid of one more fag." He growled and slipped the object almost too easily into Blaine's side. And then again. Blaine screamed and the other boy connected his fist to Blaine's nose.

"Kurt!" Blaine shrieked, but nobody came. Eventually, they left. The last thing Blaine heard were sirens


Kurt hid behind a tree, watching it happen. He took out his cell phone and dialed 911, he told them what was happening and waited. The three boys left and Kurt ran over to Blaine and tried not to be sick as he cradled the boy's head in his lap. There was too much blood, too much blood for a boy Blaine's size. It was seeping into the ground around them, onto Kurt's clothes, his hands, but he didn't care. He didn't know what to do, Blaine wouldn't wake up. So he sung.

"Step one you say we need to talk, he walks you say sit down it's just a talk…" Kurt continues to sing until his voice breaks and he's overcome with tears, he hears the sirens. He stands up, peels his coat off and lays it under Blaine's head. He runs away.

"Dad…" Kurt's voice sounds hollow as he stands before his father in the doorway.

"Kurt!" Burt chokes, his son is covered in blood, it's soaking his jeans, his shirt, it's on his hands and smeared on his cheeks from where he tried to wipe his tears away. Kurt crumples into his father, who catches him easily and carries him to the bathroom. Burt helps Kurt with his clothes, he can't seem to do it himself. He runs the shower and urges Kurt into it, then he leaves. He stands outside the door until Kurt comes out, clad in his robe, his blue eyes looking just as lifeless as they had before.

"I just want to sleep, dad." He says softly, brushing another tear from his cheek, they don't seem to stop falling. Burt lets his son go. Kurt knew Blaine was dead, there was no way he survived that. He curled up in his bed, pulling the comforter close around him and stared into the darkness.

"I would have stayed up with you all night, had I know how to save a life…"


Blaine opened his eyes to see nothing but white. He tilted his head and found it instantly uncomfortable. He tried to swallow…there was a tube down his throat, what was going on? Someone gasped, and then there were hands on him, the tube was removed from his throat and he gagged. He didn't have time to sit up before there were arms around him and his mother was crying something like 'my baby, my baby,' and Blaine didn't know what else to do, so he cried. Because Kurt had left him.


Months passed, Burt Hummel had tried to talk to his son about what had happened, but Kurt only shied away. Eventually, Burt gave up and accepted he'd never know why his son had come staggering home, covered in blood. Because finally, finally, Kurt was acting normal again, he worried over his hair and his outfit, and scolded his father on his poor choices for dinner. One night, Burt was sitting at the table, chuckling over a movie reference Kurt had made.

"Didn't you and Blaine see that together?" he asked, before going silent at Kurt's curious look


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