What was Kurt doing to him? Seriously. This was not normal. Blaine hadn't cried in years, and all of a sudden Kurt shows up and it's like the floodgates have been opened. He's hiding his face in Kurt's shoulder and hoping the other boy doesn't notice just how much salt water is leaking onto his blazer. But all hope of going unnoticed flies out the window when Blaine hiccups a little and lets out a harsher-then-usual breath. Kurt's arms tighten around him instantly.

"Shhh, hey, it's alright, I've got you." Kurt says softly against Blaine's curls and that just doesn't help at all because he's been so awful to Kurt and this amazing boy is just willing to sit here and hold him and…

"Blaine, come on, deep breaths," he says, rubbing soothing circles along his back and making comforting sounds into his ear. Blaine just doesn't know what to do with himself, so he sits up, untangles from Kurt and presses the heels of his palms into his eyes.

"Blaine, it's okay, really…I don't mind." Kurt says, putting a hand on his shoulder, Blaine lets out a loud breath

"I don't cry." He says, voice sounding choked and weak

"Everyone cries."

"I haven't cried in years."

"Oh, Blaine…" Kurt's hands were on his shoulders, turning him around again, holding him close. "You're allowed to break down sometimes, you know." Blaine sniffed loudly and felt Kurt's lips press into his hair.

"You're okay, it's alright." Blaine clutched him closer

"Stay with me." He croaked "please. Just…stay in my room tonight."


"Not like that, I swear. I just don't want to be alone."

"Okay." Kurt sighed, rubbing a hand along his back.


Blaine couldn't tell Kurt that he was sort of in love with him. That would just ruin the moment. Blaine laid in the dark, allowing Kurt to hold him and rub soothing circles along his back.

"Thank you." Blaine whispered

"For what?" Kurt asked, voice sounding tired

"Coming back." Blaine said, before slipping into unconsciousness. He dreamt of a life where Kurt had never left him, where they had grown up together and Blaine hadn't become the way he was. In this dream Kurt was his, he could kiss the boy all he pleased, hold him the way he wanted to, and he was happy. But as the light shone in through the window and he opened his eyes, those dreams faded away and he awoke to the harsh reality. Kurt wouldn't be his. Kurt wouldn't want to be his. He savored the last few seconds he had before Kurt pulled away and sat up, rubbing his eyes. He looked down at Blaine and smiled sleepily

"You okay?" Blaine nodded

"Yeah…" he said, glancing at the clock "we have about thirteen minutes to get ready for class." Kurt's eyes went wide and he threw the covers aside

"Oh my god! That's not enough time to do my hair!" Blaine smiled and turned back over in bed.

"Just skip your first class then, it's not like the teachers actually care." Kurt glared at him

"I care." He said "I care about my education and so should you."

"My GPA is a 4.0." Blaine reported, hiding his face in the pillow

"…what?" Kurt sounded shocked "but…what?" Blaine smirked smugly

"Gotcha there. So. Have fun, I'm sleeping for the next hour." Kurt groaned and nearly ran out of the room. Blaine smiled into his pillow and allowed himself to drift off once more.


He awoke to a loud knock on his door.

"Blaine!" someone yelled, Kurt, he realized a moment later "Get your butt down here for lunch!" food. He sat up instantly and rubbed his eyes

"Be right there!" he quickly and messily threw on his uniform, tie hanging loosely around his neck. He opened the door to find Kurt standing on the other side of it with a smirk on his face.

"How did I know that would get you up?" he asked, Blaine shook his head

"It better actually be lunch time." He said

"It is, don't worry, and I have something to talk to you about." Blaine felt his stomach drop. What if Kurt had decided not to be his friend? What if it was just too much? What if Kurt was leaving Dalton? At the look on his face, Kurt laughed

"It's nothing bad!" he assured, leading Blaine out of the dorms and into the main building. They got their food and sat down at a deserted table. Wes and the gang shot Kurt some strange looks, which he promptly ignored and began talking to Blaine.

"I want you to join the Warblers." He said, Blaine nearly choked on his water.

"You want me to what?" Kurt shrugged

"If you still love singing as much as you used to, I don't see why it's a problem."

"Okay, problem one, I've made fun of or beat up half the guys that are in that club. Problem two, I don't sing."

"Oh yes you do, I remember you singing, you had a great voice, Blaine." Blaine shook his head

"No, you don't understand, I don't sing, I haven't sang in five years." Kurt's jaw clenched a bit at that. Had his disappearance from Blaine's life really silenced him? It was a sin, Blaine had one of the most amazing voiced Kurt had ever heard.

"I'll help you."


"Blaine, please, it could be good for you."

"No." Kurt sighed at Blaine's tone of finality and tried one last thing,

"For me."

"…Fine." Blaine sighed "but I don't even know how I sound anymore. I sang to you before I hit puberty, and my voice is a lot different now."

"Tell me about it." Kurt mumbled, just listening to Blaine talk was enough for him, let alone hearing him sing. Blaine's voice was deep and not as smooth as it had once been, but somehow that wasn't a problem.

"What?" Blaine asked, raising an eyebrow

"Nothing." Kurt lied quickly.

"Okay, I'll try out, but only if you'll help me."

"We can skip next class to practice." Kurt said, Blaine smiled

"That's my boy." And maybe he imagined the blush on Kurt's cheeks, but the smile he got in return was enough.


"What do you want to sing?" Kurt asked as they sat in Blaine's room

"Uhm…I don't know, I wrote a few-"

"You wrote songs? But I thought you didn't sing?" Blaine shrugged

"I know how they go, I played them on guitar, knew how to sing them in my head…just not aloud." Kurt nodded encouragingly

"Sing one of them." Blaine grabbed his guitar from the corner of the room and took a moment to tune it before beginning to strum.

Well, let's go to class to kick your ass,

you're not too sure if you can last without getting back to your work,

He winced at the way his voice cracked, but Kurt's encouraging smile kept him going onto the next line.

But it's alright cause you'll be tryin' not to die

and you'll be tryin' not to lie cause you'll be sitting next to her

Well, baby I don't mind

You thought your name was called from halfway down the hall from the dude with

a basketball in his hands

And you think he might be waving but behind him is your raven singing 'nevermore' I'm laying him down

Well, baby I don't mind

Cause it's not hard to be spending my time with someone who will let me go

He let his voice raise now, astounded that he didn't sound like complete and utter shit.

Don't care no more

I just wanna get out of here to play some rock and roll

It's a high school rockout

It's a fucking knockout here

And nobody cares so,

Everybody scream at the top of your lungs

Cause nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody really cares

Well, it's prom night again, be polite to my friends

Cause we like to pretend that we're cool

And that's just fine

We like the music cause the rock and role enthusiasts

And the bands are havin' a hell of a time

And it makes me go crazy, out of my mind

Cause what am I doin here watsing my time with someone

Who will let me go, don't care no more

I just wanna get out of there to play some rock and roll

Well baby, it's a highschool rockout

It's a fucking knockout here

And nobody cares so,

Everybody scream at the top of your lungs

Cause nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody really cares

Well, the song is sung and all is done and everyone is havin fun

But in comes mr. sad-as-can-be

And he's got problems up the wall

But nobody cares at all

Cause we don't wanna catch his disease…

He worked to keep his voice even. He didn't want to let on even in the slightest how close to home those lyrics really hit.

But it's cool cause everybody says

It's a high school rockout

It's a fucking knockout here, and nobody cares so

Everybody scream at the top of your lungs

Cause nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody really cares

It's a high school rockout

It's a goddamn knockout here, and nobody cares so

Everybody scream at the top of your lungs

Cause nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody really cares

He set his guitar down on the bed and cleared his throat, staring down at the ground for a moment before a pair of slender arms were being thrown around his neck.

"Blaine! That was amazing, your voice! Oh, wow, you have to audition with that!" Blaine smiled, because maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all.

AUTHORS NOTE: How many of you thought I was never going to update again? Haha, me too. I actually only wrote this because people had been reviewing so frequently (it encouraged me) and my writers block had dissipated, so now you will see a torrent of updates for my other stories as well, keep a close eye, folks.

The song is "High school rock out" by Darren Criss