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Her father was dead.

Like her mother, he was dead, he would never come back again.

That was all she could think about and this thought was so overwhelming she couldn't even cry.

During the funeral while a man dressed in black spoke, Clare let her mind wander through her memories. The voice of the man become an echo in the background of colored figures and ash that they surrounded. The coffin was covered with the flag of the Republic of Helic. They slowly lowered the coffin into the ground, as she watched through a black veil. The coffin was sinking slowly more and more into their thoughts, her memories became clearer then reality, and she was returned to the last day that she had seen her father alive.

Clare approached her father followed closely by Polaris. "I'm ready," She announced voice nothing but serious. O'Connell turned to his daughter and looked at her as if it were the first time. "You really don't think you can go do you?" O'Connell asked. The young blue haired girl frowned.

"What do you mean?" Clare replied with a stubborn tone, "Of course I'm going,"

"Clare you're not going, that's final," O'Connell said resorting to his fatherly tone and a frown. Wearing the same expression, this was one of the few times they had looked so similar.

"But…" Clare trying to come up with a way to challenge her father.

"I said no, Clare," O'Connell snapped. "You're not recovered yet."

"Of course I am," Clare replied raising her voice. "I'm perfectly fine".

The man came up and put his hand on her left shoulder, barely putting any weight on it. Clare wasn't expecting this and let out a growl of pain while pulling herself away from his hand, Her face turned red as a cherry, and her fury showed towards her father.

"You were saying?" O'Connell said, moving away from her and crossing his arms over his chest and raised his eyebrow. Clare gritted her teeth in rage, while she held her sore shoulder in her other hand.

"It was perfectly alight until you did that," She snapped, and seeing her father staring at her with an air of superiority, her anger only grew. "I'm not a baby anymore dad," She exclaimed raising her voice. "I want to fight! I have Polaris, isn't that enough to compensate for my injuries." She screamed.


Clare faltered, and fell stunned. The fingers of her father were clearly drawn in red on her pale skin. The girl put her hand to her cheek, without believing what had just happened, she looked at her father. Polaris issued a stay growl and took a step back as well, lowering his head in fear. Herman, Irvine and Van had been left in a stunned silence.

"I already said no Clare," O'Connell repeated in a tone cold as ice, a tone Clare almost didn't recognize.

Clare took a few seconds to recover from the shock, and when she did, she felt her eyes filling with tears of anger. That was the first time he had ever hit her… and he had done it in front of everyone, as if she were seven years old instead of seventeen.

The silence, so thick you could cut the tension with a knife, filled the hanger as father and daughter watched each other with identical expressions of contained rage.

Finally, with a scream of frustration that unsuccessfully hid a sob, Clare turned around and went into a dead run in the opposite direction, followed by her Organoid, with her hand still on her cheek, until she was out of sight.

Herman broke the silence by releasing a breath of uncomfortable air. O'Connell returned to his superior. He saw that they were both as uncomfortable as the others. The two men stared in silence for a few moments.

"I'll apologize when we get back," O'Connell finally said, causing Herman to smile.

"If we get back someday," they joked, unaware that for one of them the joke would soon become a horrible reality.

The girl was standing a few steps away from the tombstone in silence before returning to reality with a sigh. Polaris, gently rubbed his white muzzle against her cheek, and she smiled briefly with sadness in her eyes before whispering:

"It seems the now its only you and me, Polaris,"

She heard steps approaching, and seconds later she felt a firm hand on her shoulder. She looked up and courageously forced a smile for her god father, Rob Herman.

The man returned the smile so feigned like hers, and he also turned to the tombstone. Clare felt a tremendous need to embrace him and hid her face on his chest to mourn, but her pride prevented her. Swallowing her tears, she remained silent.

"Are you alright, Clare?" Herman asked quietly, Clare simply nodded. She had never felt so eager to mourn. The man briefly squeezed her shoulder, opened his mouth to say something, and then seemed to think better and closed it again. He again pressed her shoulder, lowered his eyes and walked away, leaving her alone with Polaris.

Clare waited for the sound of his footsteps fade in the distance before drying a tear that had escaped her right eye rather abruptly.

"We'll be alright Polaris," Clare muttered passing a arm around the thick white collar of her Organoid, who groaned as sigh of consent. "Some how everything will be fine," Clare whispered.

It had been a year since her father's death, Clare was now a lieutenant in the Republican side of the Guardian Force, her Organoid Polaris was still with the blue haired daughter of Major O'Connell. She and her best friend Ellie had been assigned to investigate a series of large explosions in a city close by.

Ellie is an 18 year old member of the Guardian Force. Standing at five foot six inches tall, she has shoulder length pink hair worn down most of the time and hazel eyes, she has three chevron shaped tattoos under her right eye and three more chevrons tattooed on her right arm. She usually wears a pair of black boxing gloves and a tank top, with workout type pants and sneakers. She likes kick boxing, and tattoos, which is why she has so many.

They were walking through a nearly completely destroyed section of the city. The buildings that remained standing were not structurally sound, and the ones that weren't left rubble scattered for what seemed like miles.

"I really can't believe it." Ellie's voice was strangely amplified by the piles of rubble and half destroyed buildings, this almost startled Clare who walked a few yards ahead of her, who was followed by Polaris.

"What?" The girl with blue hair asked, as she turned to her friend. Ellie drew her attention to the ruins that surrounded them with a vague gesture with her head.

"That this was New Helic," Ellie replied.

"See the good side of it," Clare replied without a smile. "At least it isn't all of New Helic," she obviously saw as many good things there as Ellie did, in other words, none. Polaris let out a soft growl to alert the young women. They stopped in front of the remains of a large building that seemed to be standing only by sheer luck. Polaris let out another growl.

"Seems that he wants us to go in there," Clare said.

"I'm not crazy enough to go in there Polaris," Ellie groaned. Polaris let out a low dog like growl.

The Sun rose and the heat became increasingly unbearable, and everything they saw was waving as though it were underwater. It was eerie to find a city at this time of day, even a crumbling one, and see it completely lifeless.

"Well, we came here to investigate, didn't we?" snapped Clare as she impatiently walked towards the building. Ellie watched her with horror coursing through every fiber of her being.

"Clare, it's dangerous, this building could collapse at any time!" Ellie exclaimed.

"Aren't we paid to do dangerous things," Clare responded in an uncompromising tone. "Besides, as I said before, they sent us here to investigate. Maybe we can find something about the person who detonated those bombs," she added, only to see Ellie's mouth open to start protesting here decision. "Besides, Polaris would never send us in there if we weren't going to find something," she finished as she placed her hand on the white bear's head as if to back him up. She pulled her hand away because of his metal body being hot due to the suns heat.

Ellie reluctantly followed Clare into the ruined building. Her eyes took a few seconds to adapt the darkness inside, but her body thanked the place for the coolness that reigned there, especially after long hours spent in the hot sun. As soon as she could see clearly she went about helping Clare.

Clare explored their surroundings with curiosity, as if she was standing in her favorite game and not a crime scene. 'I know it's not Clare's greatest quality, but initially not taking things so seriously its possible foe her to see things nobody else can,' Ellie thought as she continued to look around her.

"Have you found anything yet?" Ellie asked.

"No not yet," Clare replied.

They were standing in what had once been a hotel, in the huge space devoted to the lobby. The glass doors and windows had been blown out in the explosions. The large spider glass roof had collapsed, and it lay on the carpet-covered floor. The lobby had two stair cases that clung to the outsides of the curved walls, which lead to the second floor, only one was left standing. The wood creaked with each step, giving the impression that they could break at any time, especially when it was stepped on by the huge Polaris.

"Well. We haven't found anything yet," Ellie said impatiently waiting to leave. "Are we going?" she asked.

"No we aren't," Clare repeated, without looking at her. She was busy looking at a part of the floor which seemed to be sunken in near the stair case. "Ellie, what do you think of that?" Clare asked pointing at the spot.

"I don't know, Clare there is nothing here, seriously let's go. This place is giving me the creeps," Ellie said visibly shivering.

"And if there is someone down there?" Clare snapped. She was kneeling beside a large circular portion of the wooden planks that had sunken. "They may need help," Clare finished

"The medical crews passed through here, if there was somebody here they would have found them," Ellie argued with a strained voice. "Clare lets go already," she said looking around.

"Alright," Clare said letting out a sigh of resignation, and Ellie turned the exit relieved they were finally getting out of there. "But don't tell that you lo…"

She didn't finish her sentence because a tremendous roar was heard. Ellie was startled to hear Polaris let out a growl of fear. The ground had fallen through under the weight of the Organoid, dragging Clare with him.

"Clare!" Ellie exclaimed. She ran to the hole falling to her knees trying to set her eyes on Clare and Polaris.

Clare lay face up on the floor, stunned by the pain, it didn't look as though she was injured, and this caused Ellie to breathe a sigh of relief.

"I can't get five minutes without getting you out of trouble?" Ellie asked, making Clare laugh with embarrassment, while still sitting there. Polaris sat throwing chips of concrete and dust at Clare.

"Are you crazy? And stop throwing shit at me," Clare's eyes remained fixed on a point not very from where Polaris was sitting.

"Clare," Ellie called, almost falling into the hole when she heard her friend shouting.

"Ellie, Ellie! There is someone down here!" Clare shouted back up to her friend.

"Are you sure it's a person?" Ellie shouted.

Clare ran to the corner of the basement that she and Polaris had fallen into. She knelt down next to a pile of wood that had once been a piece of furniture. She heard a groan.

Ellie jumped through the hole behind them. Under the rubble were a pale arm and short dark green hairs.

"They're alive," Ellie muttered after checking for a pulse on the arm that was showing through the rubble. "We have to get them out of here Clare," Ellie said.

"No kidding, Polaris, get over here," Clare replied.

The Organoid rushed to lift the pieces of wood that trapped the body, revealing that it was a boy, about 19 years old, and covered in wounds. The young man moaned. Clare came and knelt beside him, gently placing his head on her lap for support.

"Can you hear me? Can you see me?" she asked quietly. The boy moaned again and coughed a few times.

"Am… am I alive?" The boy asked in a weak tone. Clare smiled at this.

"More or less, my name is Clare, what's yours?" Clare asked as she brushed some dust off his face.

"Sora, my name is Sora," the boy said in a still very weak tone.