Title: Hug
Subtitle: Shirtless
Summary: The off camera hugs of Kurt and Blaine.

A/N: Welcome to the wonderful new world of 'Hug.' If you haven't already come across foraworldundeserving's masterpiece in progress that is 'Kiss' I recommend going to find it. This series of one-shots is based upon the format of 'Kiss.' I am asking for prompts from you wonderful people on situations in which Klaine could hug. There is a lack of Klaine hugs on the actual show and my friend Jammy has challenged me to start this up and to take prompts so I can make your Klaine hugging dreams come true in word form. The prompts can be anything you like. Happy hugs, sad hugs, normal hugs, upside down hugs (that could be interesting..). I will write any rating, so if you want some smut thrown in there, just ask and you can be as vague or as specific as you like in your prompt. All you have to do is review and leave your prompt and I'll get on it as soon as I can. I will of course say who prompted and I hope I can do you proud :)

This first story was prompted by my friend Jammy. She gave me the word SHIRTLESS. That doesn't mean you can't prompt them hugging shirtless in other kinds of situations so if you want it, simply ask :)

Disclaimer: I get bored of writing this on every fic - you know the drill.

The summer heat was sweltering and Kurt was contemplating how much longer it would be until he melted into the ground. He was wearing swim trunks, much to his annoyance ("They will never be fashionable, Blaine.") and he was shirtless, even more to his annoyance and his clothes-less state was doing nothing to make him cooler. Kurt had never been a fan of the sun as it did nothing for his skin but how he could say no to sweating horrendously and turning red when Blaine had spent a painful amount of money on booking the local pool for a private New Directions and Warblers party? He also couldn't say no to Blaine's puppy dog eyes.

So here he was, lying on a beach towel, a designer beach towel of course, willing the tiny wisp of cloud he was squinting at through his sunglasses to find its way in front of the sun. He was concentrating so hard on its every movement he didn't hear Blaine sit down beside him. Blaine held back a laugh as he heard Kurt murmur something that sounded a lot like "Come on little cloud, you can make it." Smirking mischievously he leant forward a little and shook his head violently. Water droplets from his hair flew in all directions, landing mostly on Kurt. Kurt squealed and shoved Blaine's head backwards causing him to lose balance and fall onto his back. Blaine burst into hysterics and began rolling around with laughter. He could hear Kurt's whines of irritation and he steeled himself for an angry reception as he sat back up. Kurt waited for Blaine to sit still and cross his legs, mirroring his position, before pulling off his sunglasses and staring hard into Blaine's eyes. They were filled with amusement and Kurt threw his glasses at him, growling with fury.


"What?" Blaine giggled, narrowly dodging Kurt's throw. As way of an answer, Kurt lifted an arm and gestured at the water trails down his chest. He gave Blaine his best 'Does this even look funny?' expression and rolled his eyes while Blaine continued to grin.

"You might as well have just laid your head on my stomach." Kurt didn't miss the playful glint in Blaine's eye and he quickly removed it. "Don't even go there, Blaine."

"Oh, come on, Kurt! It's only water." Kurt huffed in response, crossed his arms across his chest and turned his head to the side. Blaine sighed out of affection and grabbed the spare towel that lay over his bag. He went to pull Kurt's away from his chest but Kurt flinched at the touch and didn't move to look at Blaine. Knowing that Kurt was just being, well Kurt, Blaine dropped the towel into his lap and started to get up. "Dry yourself then if you're going to get in a mood." Blaine mentally patted himself on the back for getting his bitchy tone just right. As he placed a hand down to push himself up, Kurt grabbed at his wrist with one hand and his knee with the other. Blaine made a show of getting comfortable again, letting Kurt work on his grovelling for just a bit longer.

"Sorry," Kurt mumbled. He looked genuinely upset and Blaine smiled causing Kurt to frown.

"My acting is better than I thought," Blaine mused. Kurt's frown only deepened. "I'm not actually mad, Kurt. You're the one mad at me remember?" Kurt simply sighed.

"Why am I dating you, again?"

"I'm adorable? Sexy? Funny? All of the above?" Blaine winked making Kurt to blush.

"How about none of the above?" Kurt retorted.

"Oh, then I really don't know why you're dating me." Kurt slapped at his knee and grabbed the towel in his lap.

"I think part of it might be to make you clean up the messes you make. Now, come on. Dry me."

"So demanding," Blaine smirked. Kurt stood up and stretched an arm out to help Blaine up. Blaine looked up and his breath caught in his throat as he drank in the sight of Kurt's body silhouetted against the sun.

"Blaine?" Kurt was waving a hand in front of his face and Blaine blinked a few times before taking hold of the hand and allowing Kurt to pull him up. "You okay?" Kurt asked once they were both at eye level.

"Yeah," Blaine smiled, thankful he'd gotten away with staring. Blaine took the towel Kurt was offering him and snorted as Kurt stretched his arms out. "You look like you're preparing for a pat down at the airport."

"Shut up and get on with it," Kurt said blankly. Blaine lifted the towel and dried Kurt's left arm. He took a little longer than necessary so he could spend a little time admiring the porcelain skin in front of him. Walking around to Kurt's other side, he placed the towel over his right arm and soaked up the droplets that remained. He looked up to see Kurt watching him curiously. "Why are you staring at me like that?"

"Like what?" Blaine replied innocently.

"Like you're going to eat me alive." Blaine scoffed and came to stand in front of Kurt. He placed his hands under the middle of the towel and moved it towards Kurt's chest so he had a towel covered hand over each of Kurt's pectoral muscles. Kurt tried not to shiver at the touch as Blaine kept their eye contact and moved the towel slowly down his torso.

"Can I not stare at my boyfriend appreciatively?"

"Not much to appreciate," Kurt grumbled as he squirmed under Blaine's gaze.

"There is plenty to appreciate, Kurt," Blaine whispered as he leant in to capture Kurt's lips. His hands had moved apart on their way down Kurt's body and they were now resting on Kurt's hips. Blaine squeezed them a little before pulling away from the kiss and throwing the towel aside. They were both short of breath and each of them jumped when someone abruptly coughed next to them.

"Going to join us anytime today?"

Kurt and Blaine turned to see Jeff, Nick and Mercedes smirking at them. Kurt flushed when Mercedes wiggled her eyebrows at him and he realised they'd seen Blaine drying his torso in a manner that was verging on intimate.

"Come on, white boys. Swim time." Mercedes walked forward a few steps to grab one of Kurt's and one of Blaine's wrists to tug them towards the pool. The two boys stumbled forwards and Kurt made whines of protest.

"Mercedes, I just got dry!" She didn't stop walking, despite Kurt's insistent attempts to get free from her grasp.

"You haven't been within twenty feet of the pool, Kurt. How did you even get wet!"

"Well, someone," Kurt shot daggers at Blaine, "thought it would be funny to shake his hair all over me."

"Well we are at a pool, Kurt. The point is to get wet." Nick giggled next to Blaine and Jeff nudged him in the ribs from the other side even though he was grinning too. They'd reached the pool at this point and Mercedes let go of Blaine but held on to Kurt to stop him walking away.

"For prep boys, you're minds are further in the gutter than they should be," Mercedes commented, looking at Nick and Jeff. They were still laughing like children and Mercedes watched in amusement.

"He started it," Nick jibed.

"I did not!" Jeff moaned. The two boys started a play fight and Kurt, Blaine and Mercedes thought it best to leave them to it.

"Are you going to get in or am I going to have use force?" Mercedes turned to Kurt, a hand on her hip.

"Neither?" Kurt tried.

"I will throw you in if I have to." Kurt looked at Blaine with pleading eyes and Blaine shook his head with a smile.

"I'll help her with the throwing."

"Are you trying to win the title for worst boyfriend ever?"

"It's only a pool, Kurt. What's the problem?" Blaine had taken the hand that Mercedes wasn't holding and laced their fingers together.

"The chlorine, the smell... my hair," Kurt pouted. Blaine didn't think he could love Kurt anymore than he did at that moment. Always with the hair.

"You're hair is wonderful no matter what it's doing, Kurt."

"Pfft, try seeing it in the morning." Blaine rolled his eyes at the unbelieving boy.

"I have and you know I've seen it messier than that too." Blaine said the last part a little quieter and Kurt's blush told him he'd heard.

"Everyone else hasn't though. I'm not sure they're ready for unstyled Ku-" Kurt cut himself off with a squeal as Wes ducked past him, Blaine and Mercedes, followed by David who knocked into Kurt causing him to trip backwards into the pool, pulling Mercedes in with him. Blaine had released Kurt's hand just in time and couldn't stifle a laugh as Kurt came up from under the water, hair plastered to his forehead and his face etched with anger.

"DAVID WARBLER! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!" Kurt wiped at his eyes and splashed Mercedes as she giggled uncontrollably next to him. He swam towards the edge of the pool where Blaine had seated himself with legs in the water. He opened his mouth to speak and Kurt stopped him. "Don't."

"I was only going to say how adorable you are with wet hair, but I think I've changed my mind. You're just grumpy." Kurt sloshed some water over Blaine's legs in annoyance before lifting himself out of the pool to sit next to him. Kurt sighed heavily and pushed his hair back while making disgusted faces. "It's not that bad, Kurt! Stop with the faces."

"Am I making my sexy faces again?" Kurt retorted. Well his sense of humour is still intact, Blaine thought.

"Hey, you know I think you're sexy." Blaine nudged Kurt with his shoulder. "Don't hold a grudge."

"I'm not. I just like using that against you," Kurt grinned. Blaine returned the smile and began to get up. "Hey, where are you going?" Kurt was straining his neck and looking up at him curiously. Blaine didn't reply straight away as he stood behind Kurt and lowered himself to sit down again. He stretched his legs out and shuffled forward until his chest was flush with Kurt's back and his legs were back in the water. He snaked his arms around Kurt's waist and rested his chin on Kurt's shoulder. He looked down at Kurt's chest and started playing with the water trails. Kurt sat in front of him trying to control his breathing, not used to their close proximity in public. Blaine stopped idly tracing patterns on Kurt's torso and tightened his arms around his waist. Kurt laid his arms and hands over Blaine's and leant into the boy behind him.

"I'm not going anywhere," he whispered in Kurt's ear.

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