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Kurt sighed as he got out of his Navigator. Absolutely dreading the day ahead.

Kurt had been assigned community service after he got into a heated debate/scuffle with Karofsky, yet again. Luckily, Kurt came out unscathed, but Karofsky was less lucky when both Finn and Puck went to look for him after school.

Either way, Kurt was dreading today. He had to go to Dalton Academy, a Reform school for boys, every day for the next month to do two to three hours of tutoring in French, and-or assistant teaching whenever a teacher needed help.

Kurt, Mr Figgins and Burt had all been in contact with the Head Master of Dalton, and Dean Howard promised that Kurt would be kept safe and wouldn't be left alone with any boys who may start unnecessary trouble. This, for both Burt and Kurt had been enough.

Kurt took in the scenery of the place. Large black gates surrounding the school, or prison-like school would probably be a better description. The school was brick red and pretty large. As Kurt walked up to the entrance gate, he was met with a tall slim man who was obviously balding early, with a stern expression on his face.

'New?' He asked. Kurt shook his head.

'No, sir. Community service worker from McKinley.' Kurt answered.


'Kurt Hummel. I believe Dean Howard is expecting me..'

The man pulled out a clip board and quickly scrolled through it.

'Oh yes, I see it now. Okay Mr Kurt Hummel. Just one thing, I suggest if you have any weapons or illegal substances on you, you should give them up right now.' Kurt's eyes widened.

'No I do not.' He answered honestly. For some reason, the man believed him. He grunted.

'Alright. Walk up the steps, in through the main entrance doors and to your left. It's the first door on your right. You can't miss it. Oh, and watch your back at all times.' He commented.

'Thank you..?' Kurt asked, looking for his name.

'You can call me Sergeant Philip.' The man smiled. Kurt nodded and made his way in.

He strolled up the large steps quickly as he was meant to meet Dean Howard at 3pm and it was currently 3:01pm, the last thing Kurt wanted to do was make a bad impression . Once he walked in he was greeted by a woman- or a girl. She was in her mid twenties. Fake as they come, blonde hair, blue contacts, breast enlargement, a shirt that showed way too much cleavage and a skimpy skirt that definitely screamed more hooker than educator. Either way, she flashed him a toothy smile and he did the same as he walked towards her.

'How can I help you?' She asked in a nasally voice, making Kurt cringe.

'I'm here to see Dean Howard. He's expecting me.' Kurt said politely.

'Just a minute.' She said as she fixed herself and stood up, walking towards a brown door a few feet away.

'Send him in, Melissa.' Kurt heard a man say. She came out and smiled.

'Right this way.' She ushered him inside and closed the door after him.

The room was big. It was full of chairs, cabinets, a large window and small TV's everywhere with CTV cameras showing different parts of the school.

'Welcome, Mr Hummel. Take a seat.' The man greeted him friendly and shook his hand.

'Nice to meet you, sir.' Kurt said politely, the man chuckled lightly.

'You really don't belong here, do you?' He asked. Kurt smiled faintly and shook his head.

'Okay, so Kurt, would you like me to get exactly to the point?' He asked. Kurt nodded. The faster he was out of here the better.

'Okay. Here at Dalton Academy, we're not your average school. Here, we deal with boys of all types that have done various different crimes and offenses, and instead of being sent to a Juvenile detention centre, they were sent here to be reformed, and to prove to society that they can be good.' The man smiled, Kurt nodded, listening intently.

'I know you're not a student, but I need you to follow the rules and guidelines too, so things don't get messy.' Dean Howard smiled faintly. 'There are a few boys you will be tutoring, and there are a few teachers whom I have given your name to and they are going to call upon you if needed, so please, do what is asked of you.' Kurt nodded.

'Finally, Kurt, I am not going to lie to you. The boys here are dangerous, they were criminals once, and possibly still are. We do our best to try and help them every way possible, but sometimes, its just impossible. Some just refuse to.' He took in a breath. 'I heard about some of the things that are happening in your school, and I would just like to tell you that it is necessary you keep your guard up at all times when roaming the halls or classrooms without a teacher in sight, okay? Any questions?' Kurt sighed.

'Just two, if I may?' Kurt replied. Dean Howard nodded.

'How many boys am I tutoring? And when will I get to meet them?' Kurt asked.

'Well, Kurt, there are five in your group, and you may chose whether you would like to try and tutor them one at a time, in groups, or one on one, that is completely your choice.' The Dean smiled.

'And when will I get to meet them?' He asked.

'Well for today, introductions are all that needs to be done. Tomorrow you may meet the boys and begin your tutoring. Here is a map and a list for you.' He slipped Kurt a blue portfolio.

'These are the times you and those boys will have free at the same time; therefore tomorrow you can decide the study schedule you wish to use. The other list is one of teachers, class room numbers and class phone numbers, in case you get lost.' He smiled.

'Okay, so what would you like me to do now?' Kurt asked, a little confused.

'I believe Ms Knight, the French teacher, wishes to see you.' The Dean smiled again. Kurt nodded.

'Okay, so down this hall, to the right and third class on the right?' Kurt asked.

'Yes. Next class is just about to end therefore I suggest you get going to the next one, French. Let me know if you have any problems and they will be dealt with right away.' Kurt stuck out his hand again to the Dean who politely shook it. Kurt grabbed his bag and slung it over his shoulder, making his way past Melissa and down the hall. There were a few boys lounging around in dirty, well not dirty, but untidy uniforms, and some in regular clothing.

Kurt walked with his head held high, praying that they didn't smell the fear he was harbouring.

As Kurt walked into the room, there was a mass of loud boys being obnoxious and nobody seemed to notice Kurt, from what he could tell, and so he walked straight up to the teacher.

'Ms Knight?' He asked hesitantly. The teacher spun on her heels.

'I'm guessing you're the community worker?' Ms Knight asked. Kurt nodded.

'Very well, then. Welcome to Dalton. Please take a seat at the empty desk in the back row. Here's a folder full of exam papers. Do you think you can grade these for me? I heard you're fluent. She smiled and held out her hand which Kurt took. Kurt nodded and took the folder. When she pulled back she put two fingers in her mouth and whistled loudly, getting most of the class's attention.

'Okay boys. Today we're going to conjugate verbs.'

With that, Kurt made his way quietly down to the end of the class, not noticing a pair of hazel eyes trained on him the whole way.

'My, oh my, what have we got here?' The voice asked smoothly as Ms Knight wrote on the board, none of the boys paying attention. Kurt didn't even look up as he pulled out his calculator and a red pen.

'I'm talking to you, dumbass.' The boy said again. Kurt ignored it until the boy swiped the pen from Kurt's hand. Kurt sighed and lifted his head slightly to look at the culprit.

Kurt took in the boy's appearance. Brown curly hair, slightly jelled back but not a mad amount, his shirt sleeves turned up to above the elbow, a ratty blazer slung on the back of his chair and a pair of black skinny jeans and red converse that where not on the uniform list. He had hazel-brown eyes and an annoying smirk that was prominent on his face, along with the soft stubble on his chin. Kurt rolled his eyes. Bad boys were so cliché and 1980s.

'Do you mind giving me that back?' Kurt asked, sarcasm dripping from his words.

'I do actually. I don't like being ignored.' The boy answered.

'I don't like boys who dress like they came from a cliché 80s movie. We both can't get what we want, now can we?' Kurt rolled his eyes again.

'Touchy, now aren't we princess?' The curly haired boy asked.

'Shouldn't you be paying attention?' Kurt asked, snatching the pen back.

'I'd much rather pay attention to you babe. You really shouldn't wear jeans that tight around an all boys reform school.' He all but growled. Kurt felt insanely embarrassed and angry.

'Mmhmm. Sure.' Kurt brushed it off as he kept correcting tests.

'So baby, you got a name to go with that fine ass of yours?' The boy asked again. Kurt sighed loudly.

'I don't name my ass, sorry.'

'Too bad. One like yours deserves its own identity.' The boy said again. Kurt felt a little blush creeping onto his cheeks until an arm came around his waist, pulling him closer. Kurt jerked back and stood up, making all the boys look back. They smirked at Blaine who smirked right back.

'Do you mind keeping your filthy hands to yourself?' Kurt snapped.

'Sorry baby.' The boy said, obviously sarcastically.

'Stop calling me that.' Kurt snapped again.

'Why are you so up tight baby? I could loosen you up a bit if you'd like.' The room snickered as the teacher stared on in shock.

'I don't do grease monkeys.' Kurt said as he began to pack his bag and stand up.

As Kurt leaned over his desk he felt a hand on his lower back. He instantly spun around and slapped the boy in question, in the face. Who just smirked even bigger.

'I like a challenge, you know. And baby, if you aren't the biggest one yet.' He growled.

'That's enough Mr Anderson! Deans office now! Kurt, you're free to go.' The teacher shrieked. Kurt sighed. First day here and already slapping someone.

Kurt marched out of the classroom angrily as the boy now identified as 'Anderson' came up behind him and squeezed his ass. Kurt jumped back, ready to retaliate but the boy was already moved back. Kurt laughed out loud.

'What's so funny babe?' He asked. Kurt snorted.

'You're a hobbit.' Kurt replied. The boy didn't look fazed. Kurt was walking along smoothly until his back hit a wall, and the boy now deemed Hobbit was holding him up against it.

'I'll have you know princess, that this is my school. You can act tough, but be on your guard. You mightn't be a student, but that doesn't change anything. I can still redecorate your face.' He said menacingly. Kurt froze in place until he worked up the courage to speak.

'Is that supposed to be a threat?' He made his voice stay solid.

The boy chuckled darkly. 'You know, you're even sexier when you're scared.' Kurt blushed slightly before attempting to push the boy off of him who barely moved an inch. Damn he was strong. He got up way too close in Kurt's personal space, and Kurt was trembling slightly.

'See you around, babe.' He whispered huskily into Kurt's ear before slinking off down the hall. Kurt breathed in a deep breath, straightened himself up and headed for the exit.

Damn that hobbit. Who the hell does he think he is? I'll show him. Kurt thought.

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