I hope you guys like what I do for you because its not always easy.


Sarah and Ethan didn't dance in the season finale so my friend talked me into this. (sigh)

It was Saturday night and Ethan had gotten a vision of him and Sarah at the school Ethan walked into the gym It had a disco ball on the ceiling "Sarah?" he called Sara walked out in her dress she had worn to the dance. She smiled "hey." She said Ethan looked around "uh I'm no fashion expert but I don't think I'm dressed for the occasion."

Sarah started to walk towards Ethan "we never got a chance share a dance." The vampire said as music started to play.

Maybe I need you
Here in this hotel room

Ethan was confused but felt like he should still apologize "Sarah I'm so sorry that you got turned because of me and I understand if you hat me."

Thinking about angels
Thinking about what they do
maybe they'll fly

Sarah walked forward smiling "I don't hate you Ethan, I missed you."

Bring you right here
Cover them miles

"Oh, well I…I don't know, seeing as how were both brutal Dancers and Speaking stricktly as friends I don't think this is such a great idea."

Heaven knows what I need

"Ethan, get over here." The vampire said sweetly still smiling.

Maybe I need you

Ethan walked towards Sarah very slowly "Sarah I'm not sure- the seer started but Sarah cut him off "Ethan." She said sweetly but firmly. "Shut up?" Ethan finished Sarah nodded "Right I'll shut up." He said as Sarah put her arms around his neck and Ethan put his hands on her waist. The two tried to dance sadly Ethan stepped Sarah's toes Sarah hissed Ethan backed up "sorry, sorry." Ethan Said Sarah shook her head "I'm fine lets just try this." So they did Sarah smiled at Ethan Smiled back. as the started to dance.

Maybe I need yoo

Here in this town so sweet

Ethan and Sarah continued to dance gazing into each others eyes "I love you." Sarah whispered "I love you to." Ethan replied smiling at her.

Everything quiet
Everyone gone to sleep
Thinking about Elvis
How he made mama cry
Elvis find Jesus
Making her feel alright
Maybe I need you

As the two continued to dance Ethan tried to ask her something but Sarah stopped him by saying "can we let tomorrow worry about tomorrow and just have this." Ethan nodded Sarah put her head on his chest as the seer rested his head gently on hers.

Here in this world on fire
Everything moving

Ethan and Sarah both closed there eyes.

Everyone always tired
Thinking of futures
Everything falls away

Continuing to Dance Sarah so into the happiest moment of her undead life floated up in the air but neither one of them noticed.

Everything changes
Nothing has changed today
Maybe I need you.

NOTE: This is the first and LAST My babysitters a vampire story...Unless you want more the song is baby I need you.