Lady Haruhi, Chapter 1

Maho: Why am I working on this, when school is coming super soon, and I have so many other stories I should be focusing on? Well, for one, this was a plotbunny I couldn't get out of my head, and I really wanted to write it. =_=''' My brain always seems to give me plotbunnies at the worst times. :D LOL, enjoy. Kay, listen, first chapter is long, 'cause I want it to be, okay? The other chapters will be waaayyyy shorter.

Hitachiin Hikaru and Hitachiin Kaoru, commoners who lived in the Fujioka Apartments, were being very mischievous, one special February night, lurking around town, in search of something amusing.

So together, the two of them lurked.

They had met up with Suoh Tamaki, also a commoner, who had been at the convenience store, wooing the lady at the cash register for some candy.

So together, the three of them lurked.

They had met up with Haninozuka Mitsukuni and Morinozuka Takashi, more commoners known as Hunny and Mori, who had been at the Amai No Tenshi bakery, eating the sparse amount of cake they could buy, with Mori just watching the shorter boy.

So together, the five of them lurked.

Then, the whole group met up with Ootori Kyoya, a money-smart commoner, who had been examining laptops at a nearby store. With a bit of money involved persuasion, he came with them.

So together, the six of them lurked.

All the way to Lurkingham Avenue, the place where commoners like themselves had never dared to go to.

Until now.

"Oiiii, Tono~" Kaoru called, standing with his brother as the large, metal gates of an huge estate. The other four walked up the swerving walkway, up to the excited twins. Hikaru glanced around, as a nearby plaque on the faded, dusty brick wall.

Cautiously pressing a finger on it, he rubbed off the dirt from the golden plaque, inspecting the worn out lettering.

"Fu... jikoka...?" Hikaru tried to read, but the plaque was simply too grubby for him to has a complete idea of what it said.

"This is the Fujikoka estate~" Hikaru called out, and returned to the safety of his twins' side. "Fujikoka...?" Tamaki repeated, with a puzzled look on his face. "Never heard of it."

"Me neither." Kyoya stated, jotting down a few notes in his black book that he had taken from out of no where. "Where, exactly, did you read that this estate belonged to these so-called, 'Fujikoka's?"

"'Over there." Hikaru said plainly, as he pointed towards the plaque. Kyoya smirked. "Interesting." was the last thing he said, before heading over to investigate the plaque, a glint on his glasses.

Hunny was still stuffing the remains of a blueberry muffin in his mouth, a pondering expression fixed upon his face. "I wonder if anyone lives here, ne, Takashi. What do you think?" he asked, turning towards his stoic cousin.

Mori stared at the short blonde, before letting out a gruff, "Ah."

"I thought so too!" the childish seventeen year old exclaimed with a short laugh, before running over to the fence, jumping around aimlessly. The taller, raven haired boy made a small smile, then proceeded to following his cousin.

"My dear brother, how shall we get in?" Kaoru said, smiling at the scene of his friends goofing off in front of him, not even bothering to look at his counterpart. "We'll leave that to Tono." Hikaru replied, as the two brothers made a sideways glance at each other, then smirked.

"Tono, let's have a race!" Hikaru said, appearing out of nowhere with Kaoru yet again, grinning at his oblivious and blonde senpai. "Yeah, whoever can get to the bottom of that hill and back wins!" Kaoru added.

"How foolish of you children." Tamaki said, his serious mode taking over. He pushed a few strands of his hair to the side, "Who would want to participate in your meaningless games?"

"We'll treat you..." Hikaru started as he linked arms with his brother. "To ramen..." Kaoru finished. Pulling off their signature smirk, they waited for his response.

"Sure!" Tamaki reverted back to his crazily insane toddler mode, dashing down the hill alongside the two doppelgangers.

But, as they were nearing the bottom of hill, Tamaki ran on a certain stone that made the ground rumble. Screaming, he ran back up the hill, as the twins smiled, and ran back with him. To everyones surprise, the heavy, iron gates opened, squeaking and screeching mercilessly.

"Waiiii~ An adventure with everyone~ This is gonna be so fun, right Usa-chan?" Hunny exclaimed, stars forming in his chocolate eyes, as he clutched tightly to the pink bunny plushie that he had grabbed from out of nowhere.

"Nn." Mori answered obediently. "Let us embark on this journey, my people!" Tamaki yelled, full of determination, dashing at full speed into the vine covered building, followed by the twins, Hunny and Mori, then Kyoya, who was the only one walking.

It was pitch black in the mansion, but that didn't stop them from running.

They kept running, until Tamaki came to a plain, small room lit by hundreds of candles. "My followers, this way!" he whispered, ushering them into the dimly lit room.

In the middle of the room, was a china white hand mirror, which looked hand painted with golden leaves and silvery flowers. "Uwahhh~ How pretty..." Hunny whispered as well. "I don't want to offend you idiots in your time of fascination, but why are you whispering?" Kyoya demanded loudly.

Tamaki turned towards Kyoya, but then tripped... on something cuddly... and pink?

Falling, he guarded his magnificent face with his arms, not wanting to damage the 'perfect being god created' as he claimed. Then, CRASH!

It broke. A scream erupted at the door. All their heads snapped towards the door, to see a short girl, with long, flowing platinum blonde hair that tumbled down to her knees. Her face surprised and horrified, as she pointed at them, disgusted.

"I-Intruders!" she screamed again, before running back down the hall. "Oh." Hikaru said. "We're in trouble, aren't we?" Kaoru questioned the obvious. "I would say that we are." Kyoya answered, before sliding his black notebook into his pocket.

The girl walked back down the hall to them, more calm now, slightly holding up the sides of her black dress, adorned with a large white ribbon at the collar, and lace at the cuffs. "Mistress would like to see you... guests. Please follow me." she said, her voice slow and mellow, never rushed, like calm water flowing over rocks.

Her silver eyes remained fixated nervously at the ground, darting to one of the boys occasionally, but never staying at the same place other than the floor for long.

The walked into a snowy white room, everything being obnoxiously bright, the floor a glassy grey marble and the walls, white paneling. "Mistress Haruhi... I've brought the.. guests." the girl said, before scurrying out of the room quickly after bowing slightly.

Yet another mysterious girl sat before them, on a fancy white chair, staring at them blankly. "Hello." her voice was harsh, and monotone, as her burnt sienna eyes bore into theirs.

"Uh... Hello." Kaoru was the first to reply, answering hesitantly.

Her gaze softened, as her voice became more delicate. "Good evening to you. Welcome to the Fujioka estate. May I assist you?" she smiled, but it only seemed directed at Kaoru, who nervously smiled back.

"Well, we were bored, and ended up here. Story end." Hikaru said blatantly, not caring for manners at all. The girl scowled at him, then turned back to Kaoru. Her eyes scanned the group quickly, as they stopped on Kyoya.

"You there. You seem like the one with the most common sense." she said obnoxiously. "Did you know what you broke?"

"Yes." Kyoya replied, pushing up his glasses swiftly. "A rare mirror, crafted by Kosugi Hariko. Worth about 7.5 million yen."

"Correct." she smiled at him. "As expected of the smart raven haired boy with glasses."

Her eyes went to Tamaki, and they hardened immediately as the scowl appeared on her face again. "And here it is, the idiot who broke it." she said, a hint of anger in her voice.

Tamaki froze, then began to cower behind Kyoya, muttering, "Mommy, help me...!"

"Well, I'm Haruhi Fujioka, 37th heir to the Fujioka fortune." she continued, shrugging off his immature actions.

"And from now on, you six are my errand dogs." she finished with a smile.

With a cold smile that showed nothing but a merciless woman, how will this adventure turn out?