Lady Haruhi, chapter 5

Maho: I'm sorry for the super long update, fellow Ouran lovers! I've been extremely busy with homework, my friends and power-reading my mangas and all, so please forgive me. Also, I hope you don't mind that it's a super short chapter, but I just had to stop where I did. It was a perfect cliffie. :D Anyways, my plan is for this fic to have 15~25 chapters, because I'm planning to slowly, bit by bit introduce the side plot of Makyou and 'Tsuno-kun', the mystery behind Aika and Magyaku, slowly blossom a bit of romance between Haruhi and hosts and so on. Hope you enjoy this chapter! Review please! :D

Kaoru woke up with a start. His eyes wide as he sat up in bed, he tried to remember what his dream was about. There had been…. Miss Haruhi… since Kaoru was a gentlemen even though he often acted like a child, he would still refer to her as Miss... And… himself? No… not him, himself… It was… Hikaru? And… what were they doing…? Kaoru's hand flew to his mouth as his face flushed a bright crimson. They… had been kissing!

How could he have dreamed about his brother and Miss Haruhi in that way? He felt ashamed and completely humiliated for dreaming such obscene dreams. In the midst of his emotional torment, he let his glance slide over to Hikaru's bed. Hikaru wasn't there. A wave of panic settled into Kaoru's mind as butterflies awakened in his stomach. He had an uneasy feeling… No… It's couldn't possibly…!

Kaoru ran out the bedroom door in his soft cotton pajamas, panting wildly all the way to Haruhi's room. He opened the door quickly, only to see that his dream had come true. There, in the middle of the room, was a wide-eyed Haruhi in the shortest cream dress possible, her shaking hands being held up forcefully by a fully dressed Hikaru,(thank goodness…) as he kissed her. "Kaoru!" she tried to call out, but her voice was muffled by Hikaru. Finally they parted, a thin string of saliva connecting their mouths together for a millisecond before dropping to the ground.

"Kaoru…" Haruhi cried, tears falling from her eyes, and dripping down her cheeks. Her lips were bruised, her dress was scrunched upwards, almost revealing her undergarments, and her arms where Hikaru had gripped her were now a painful bright red. She ran towards Kaoru, hugging him. Kaoru, blushing, pulled her dress down, and soothed her frayed hair.

Kaoru shot a glance at Hikaru angrily, "Hikaru, you said you weren't going to force your feelings onto her!" he yelled, full of fury. Hikaru glared at him fiercely. "What do you expect me to do? Just act like everything is a completely innocent girly shoujo manga and think of it as nothing when she shows up in our room in a dress smaller than her chest?" Hikaru argued, his face red with anger. "It's not my fault that she drives me crazy!" Hikaru's liquid gold eyes slid towards Haruhi but quickly stopped. His features softened, and that animalistic fury from earlier vanished as quickly as it had come.

The girl he liked was cowering… shaking… clinging onto his mirror image, eyes wide with fear; she looked like a vulnerable deer in the headlights of his car. Tears were dripping off her face, her dress ravaged, her arms a burning red. He had done this to her. He had ravaged her. He had painted disgusting colors onto her beautiful white canvas of purity.

Hikaru let his head fall down, as his bangs slid over his eyes. "Take her away Kaoru. Before I do anything else." he whispered.

Kaoru stared at his brother, then gently ushered Haruhi out of the room. Hikaru stood there for what felt like hours. Then, when he was sure that he wouldn't be heard by anyone, he fell to the floor and cried.

He cried because of emptiness. He cried because of his actions. He cried for Haruhi. He cried, tears falling onto the snowy white carpet. "Help me… Please… Help me…" he sobbed.

"Let me wake up from this dream….."