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I sat in my cabin, thinking about the events of the last few days. Rilla, Chart, Vida, and my mother, along with most everyone else who was left in the village survived. Rilla and Chart had decided to stay in the Eastern Lands. Vida and Tozay were travelling back to the Imperial Palace with us, where Tozay was to be named a general of the Imperial Army. My mother was returning to her old life and had invited me to join her. Kygo busied himself with plans to restore the Empire and start life without the dragons. Dela also returned with us, quiet and still grieving over Ryko.

I had joined Kygo in many meetings. It appeared for the time I was still his Naiso, but I did not know for how long. I had little experience in battle, no royal blood, and was no longer a dragon eye. My future was uncertain.

A knock at the door jarred me from my thoughts. "Yes," I called.

Tozay opened the door, still bandaged and limping from the battle. "His Majesty has asked to see you, Lady Eona."

I pushed open the door to the emperor's cabin. We were alone. Any other day this would have exhilarated me, but I knew what he was about to say. He was going to tell me how everything had changed, how we could no longer be together.

I began to bow, but he took me by the hands and raised me back up. "There's no need for that Eona," he said, "I have something important to discuss with you."

I took a deep breath, bracing for what was to come. "Yes Your Majesty."

"We have a difficult task ahead of us. This war has caused far more damage than it should have. Though they have calmed down, disasters have been raging for quite some time. And we can no longer rely on the dragons. There is much to be done and I...I can think of no one better to face all these challenges with than you Eona."

"I would be honored to continue as your Naiso, Kygo."

"That's not what I meant, but of course you would be able to continue as that too…" Kygo sighed, "I really am no good at this am I?" He took my hands in his. "I love you Eona, and I am asking you to be my Empress."

"But Kygo, as much as I want to, I cannot. I have neither blood nor power, nothing to make me worthy. Without the dragons I am just a salt mine laborer. I-"

"But you are so much more than that, and not just to me. Because of you the dragons are reborn, the land is renewed, and I am alive. No one can ask for a better Empress than that. I…I don't need your answer right now, but I…"

"Yes, Kygo. That is my answer."

"Good, then." Kygo wrapped his strong arms around me and kissed me deeply. For the first time I no longer missed my dragon.

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