Ok so here is the 'sequel' to Unexpected. I only call it a sequel because the knights know about Merlin's magic. It's not necessary to read Consequences and Unexpected but I would love it if you haven't and did do so. Rating is for possible future chapters sorry guys...ANYWAYS here we go…

Merlin once again wished that he'd been allowed to stay in Camelot while Arthur and the knights went to discuss the treaty with some kingdom that was to north of Cenreds Kingdome. Uther wanted to make a treaty with King Harding because the threat of war was looming over them. Uther was weary of Cenred and wanted a strong ally to help should a war ever break out. Uther wanted to accompany them, but with the threat of war looming over Camelot he was forced to send Arthur to deal with it. Arthur had immediately responded by telling Merlin he too had to accompany the prince.

Had they been able to travel through Cenreds kingdom the trip there would have taken about three days. But, because of how uncertain things were they had to travel around Cenreds kingdom so the trip there would take a week. They were now a day's ride from King Harding's castle and everyone was looking foreword to a hot bath and a bed to sleep on. Arthur was acting very strange thought. He was tense and acted awkward, looking almost guilty, when he was around Merlin.

"Sire…is there something wrong?" Merlin asked a little worried. They had stopped for the night and were settling down for a good nights sleep before riding out the next day. Arthur was snapped out of his thoughts and replied quickly,

"Ah no…just tired is all…" Arthur looked at Merlin guiltily again and Merlin couldn't help but wonder what was wrong. Merlin knew better then to try asking again so he told him,

"Well…we all could use a good nights rest…"

"Yea…look I'll take the first watch" Arthur told Leon who nodded in agreement but made no move to leave. Arthur sighed and added, "Merlin…I need to have a word with Leon…" Merlin eyed Arthur wearily before complying. He sat down in between Lancelot and Gwaine who were warming themselves by the fire.

"What's up with the princess?" Gwaine asked.

"I have no idea…" Merlin admitted. They looked over at Arthur and Leon who looked like they were having some sort of argument. Arthur was shaking his head and Leon looked very annoyed. Arthur said something and Leon's face softened slightly. He said something else and Arthur nodded his head. Leon nodded before walking over to join everyone at the fire.

"What was that about?" Lancelot asked.

"Oh it's nothing important" Leon assured. From across the fire Percival commented,

"Looked like you were having an argument with him…" Leon looked around nervously before replying,

"Don't worry about it alright…" he looked over at Merlin smiling sadly at him. Merlin had the sinking feeling that argument had everything to do with him. "We should all be getting to bed…long day tomorrow…" Leon stood and walked a ways off before laying down on his mat falling asleep instantly. Elyan who was sitting next to Percival said thoughtfully,

"I get the feeling Merlin that this has something to do with you…"

"I know" Merlin agreed, "But for the life of me I can't figure out what…"

"Well we'll probably find out tomorrow…" Lancelot suggested.

"And of course I'll put the princess back in line if he's done anything stupid" Gwaine added.

"You know Merlin can take care of himself you know" Elyan reminded Gwaine. Gwaine shrugged and replied,

"Do you really think Merlin would use magic on Arthur?"

"If he did something really stupid…" Lancelot replied grinning, "but either way staying up all night won't help us figure it out." Nodding in agreement they all stood and wandered over to there mat and lay down. Just before Merlin drifted off Lancelot assured quietly,

"I wouldn't worry Merlin…when it's about you I know Arthur wouldn't do anything that would hurt you or anything…" Merlin nodded and turned away, trying to hide the look of doubt that crossed his features.

The next morning came to soon for everyone's liking but they pressed foreword, the knowledge of a hot mean and warm beds pushing them foreword Arthur seemed to only get more worried and antsy the closer they got to Harding's castle.

"Arthur? Is everything alright?" Lancelot asked noticing how nervous Arthur had become.

"Fine I mean I'm fine…" Arthur assured distractedly. Arthur's nerves were definitely getting the best of him. By the time they stopped for lunch Arthur looked like he was going to be sick.

"Are you worried about the treaty not going well?" Merlin asked. Arthur jumped and asked,


"It's understandable" Merlin continued, "You've never done this sort of thing before and now you have to do this alone…"

"That's not it" Arthur interrupted looking away from Merlin.

"Then what is it?" Merlin demanded. Arthur didn't answer him instead he started digging through his pack pulling out some clothes in the process and tossing them to Merlin.

"I need you to change into those…" Arthur told him.

"Arthur…these are yours…" Merlin informed Arthur inspecting the clothes Arthur threw at him.

"Of course not…" Arthur informed him clearly lying.

"Yes they are! I would know I washed them for this trip!"

"Arthur what's going on?" Gwaine asked eyeing the prince. Arthur looked at the knights nervously pointedly avoiding looking at Merlin.

"I well…you see it's kind of funny…" Arthur stammered.

"Just spit it out already!" Gwaine snapped. Arthur looked up at Merlin and said hurriedly,

"I may have told them you were my brother." The knights and Merlin stared at Arthur in shock.

"You did what?"

End Notes

What did Arthur do? How will Merlin react to this? Why did Arthur do this? Any thoughts? Please let me know what you think!