Chapter 13

Thankful for Irene

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Olivia's anxiety level was through the roof. It was now Saturday afternoon, and the weather forecast hadn't changed. Sandy was on her way, and nothing would change that.

Olivia was supposed to be on strict bed rest, but couldn't help but pace back and forth across the living room with one hand supporting her back. She kept hoping her body would give her a sign that the twins were on their way, but so far no such luck. Leave it to her to carry twins to term.

"Damn those Stabler genes," she thought to herself.

Olivia sat down on the edge of the couch, and turned the volume up on the TV so she could hear the latest forecast. After a minute, she turned it off in disgust.

She took a deep breath, and smoothed her thin ribbed tank top over her super-extended belly. She knew all of this stress wasn't good for the twins, but she couldn't help herself. She looked at Irene sleeping soundly in her crib. She wished she could be as blasé about the storm.

She checked her hospital bag for the 15th time to be sure she hadn't forgotten anything. After going over the contents of the bag, she zipped it shut, and went to lay down on the bed. Elliot would be home soon, and she had to pretend that she had been resting the entire day.

Elliot made Olivia's favorite tacos for dinner that night. They ate on the couch as they watched the evening news.

"El, aren't you the least bit worried about this storm?"

"I am Liv, but at the same time, there isn't anything I can do to stop it. We're prepared if it does go down as predicted. We will just have to wait and see.

Elliot was more worried than he let on. He was also terrified of a repeat performance of Irene's birth. He came precariously close to losing both his wife and daughter. All he could do was pray the storm went out to sea.

The weather went downhill as the weekend progressed. By Sunday afternoon, the sky was dark grey and the wind was picking up. The waters around New York City were already rising. Evacuations were already taking place. Olivia was scheduled to check into the hospital, but wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do. She was scheduled for her c-section the next morning, but wasn't sure if the hospital would have power as the storm progressed. On the other hand, she could stay home and risk going into labor.

By 7 Sunday evening, Olivia had checked into Manhattan General. They left Irene at the station house with Uncle Don. The precinct had backup generators, and would have power, water, and heat no matter what. Plus, her uncles would protect Irene with their lives. She hoped she had made the right decision in coming to the hospital.

The trip in was already treacherous. Water was creeping onto the streets of Manhattan. Battery Park was already flooding. Evacuation orders were made for the lowest areas of the city, There were rumors of mass transit shut down. The winds were howling. It was raining.

"Great time to be delivering twins," Olivia thought to herself.

Olivia could hear the wind howling at her window. The entire hospital building was shaking due to the high wind gusts.

Sensing her apprehension, Elliot reassured his wife. "Even if the power goes out, they have backup generators. Relax."

Olivia filled out the necessary paperwork. Her nurse started her IV line. Her surgery was scheduled for 7 AM. She hoped it would go off without a hitch.

Olivia managed to doze off for a few hours. When she woke around 10 PM, she noticed that the cable TV service in the hospital was out. The lights continued to flicker. She could feel the knot in her stomach tightening. Of course, Elliot was oblivious to all of this as he was sound asleep in the empty extra bed.

She absent mindedly began rubbing her belly. Her skin felt as if it were stretched as tight as a drum.

"Can you two stay in there just a little longer? I don't think it's a good time to come out. I can keep the two of you safer inside!"

Just as Olivia finished talking to her twins, the lights went out in the hospital.

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