You and your best friend were dancing together at the Big Time Rush album release party. You had won the tickets from a radio show, months ago and you have been psyched to meet the boys ever since. They were set to arrive in about 10 minutes. You and your best friend had been dancing nonstop for the past hour.

"I am so tired." You friend managed to yell out before she left to go to the restroom.

Suddenly everyone in the room was rushing over to the door, they were here! Your best friend was gonna miss it, but you weren't gonna let that stop you from going to meet them at the door. So you ran over and joined the crowd, and some how weaseled your way up to the front of the crowd.

The boys walk in just beaming and greeting the crowd. They are about 2 feet from you when Logan looks your way, looks right into your eyes and winks at you. You nearly faint (not literally but just about). Logan and all the boys get to right in front of you and Logan teasingly touches your chin and keeps walking, while the other boys stop to say hi and thank me for coming.

...45 minutes later...

You and your best friend are out on the dance floor again after thoroughly fan girling in the bathroom for like 10 minutes. You hear a huge cheer from behind you and you turn around to see that the boys are coming out on the dance floor. Logan is grinning and he looks right at you. He comes straight in your direction, through the crowded dance floor, and starts dancing with you.

After teasingly dancing with you for hours, Logan grabs your hand and pulls you off the dance floor. He glances around to see if anybody is watching, their not. He pulls you all the way over to the bathroom and into the boys bathroom, he pulls you in past him and locks the door.

He slowly walks toward you gazing into your eyes, "I've been waiting to do this all night…" he says. He slowly and passionately kisses you as he wraps his arms around your waist.

You and Logan are having to constantly shoo people who are trying to get in to try to use the bathroom. Logan is touching you and kissing you in all the right places, it's like he knows exactly how to please you. You learn very quickly that he is a huge tease. He lightly puts his hands on your lower back and pulls you up against his chest. He wraps his arms around you and flirtatiously whispers in your hear "Cause the world stops when I put my arms around you."

You come out of the bathroom an hour later blushing and ecstatic. Your best friend runs up to you and spastically says "What just happened? I just say you come out of the boys bathroom!" she glances over at the bathrooms just in time to see Logan coming out of the bathroom. Her worried face turns into a goofy grin. "Oh My God! Details now!" she says demandingly.

"Sorry," I said "I don't kiss and tell."