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He Has Arrived

At the Valley of the End, two powers clashed for dominance. Naruto was fighting with all his and part of the Kyuubi's might to overpower Sasuke and take him back to the village. Sasuke, well he was fighting with all his and part of the curse seal's might to kill his best friend to gain ultimate power to kill his brother. After they jumped at each other with their respective attacks, a strange sphere of energy encased the two dueling fighters, both fighters were reaching their limits.

But, being as stubborn as they both are they both pushed every ounce of chakra they had into their attacks. However, after they did this, they both felt like they were on fire. Sasuke was blasted out of the ball of pure power. Naruto wasn't so lucky.

Kakashi who had just got there saw Sasuke fly out of the sphere and crash into ground unconscious. Looking back at the sphere, he realized that it was smaller than beforeā€¦ and getting smaller.

Watching in horror Kakashi saw Naruto just disappear before his very eyes. Well, eye. Looking down he Pick up Sasuke, not very delicately as he had just lost any and all respect he once held for the Uchiha, he started back to the village all the while one thought going through as his mind, (Tsunade is going to kill this traitor!) and somehow he found his self not caring.

Inside the Votex Naruto who had been pull in to his mind was running to the Kyuubi cage in fear at seeing the seal being broken down and fading away!

"KYUUBI! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON, WHY IS THE SEAL FELLING A PART!" Naruto yell in total panic as the Kyuubi just growl in reply.

"It because of the Damnable curse seal's the Uchiha was using!" Kyuubi roared out as he went on. "The Seal is Breaking down and soon it will be destroy! A LONG WITH ME!" He yell the last part in fury at his incoming demise while Naruto look like he was going to really lose it!

"How is that even possible? No forget that how do we fix it?" Naruto yell, while it true he didn't like the Kyuubi, he did not want to see the fox demon destroy and somehow the idea of seal also going seem like a bad thing to Naruto, might have to do with the fact that the seal was INSIDE HIM!

"WE CAN'T!" the Kyuubi replyed Making Naruto eyes go wide "Not only that but it seem that the mix between my chakras and those of the curse seal's has cause a rip between worlds to open!"

"What happening now!" asked Naruto in shock, the situation worsened by the second.

"Your being pull into a new world, and because Sasuke is not coming with you I don't think you'll ever be able to come back here again!" Kyuubi said with a look of pity as he could feel how the boys hearth sink at that and while it true he hated Naruto with passion, Hell there was only two other humans Kyuubi hated more: Madara of the Uchiha clan and that bastard of a father the boy had... But It Respect the boy for his dream and wouldn't have mind being having the Hokage as his Jinchuriki.

(I don't have time for this, if there is to be any part of me left I need to act now!) Kyuubi thought as he sent his Red demonic chakra crawling from the depths of what was left of his cage and had it quickly enveloped a surprised Naruto.

"Hey, hey, hey, what are you doing now!?" Naruto yell.

"My death is unavoidable this much I know. BUT! I! WILL! NOT! DISAPPEAR! COMPLETELY!" Kyuubi roar out loud as Naruto felt all the chakra being push into his body.

"So I am flooding your system what left of my power which is at most '30 percent now' to do with it as you please, but where ever you go, try not to die too young!" Kyuubi finish as the last of the broken seal came down on them with one last thought going though the fox's mind (Goodbye Naruto, we WON"T see each other again!) with that everything went black!

File island

About fifty feet over the beach a rift opened emitting Naruto who fell out. His first sensation was falling.

"AHHHHHH!" SPLASH! he hit the middle of the sea right next to the beach. His last conscious thought (Damn, you Sasuku!) he lost consciousness.

A blue hair woman who look to be in her mid to late 30s wearing a brown ragged cloak covering her right shoulder and a bucket and fishing rod in her left hand happened to be on her way home from fishing when she saw the rift open up causing her to step back in surprise as the ragged cloak she was wearing started blowing from the wind that the rift made showing no arm on the right side.

She saw the body of the boy floating on the surface not moving, without thinking she dove in and made her way to him rolling the boy over so that his face was out of the water and started pulling him to safety. She dragged him up on the bank and took a look at him drawing back in horror.

"What the hell happen to him!" The lady at exclaimed upon seeing all the wounds he had, her eyes wide even more when said wounds started healing right be for her eyes at super speed, for five whole minute she did nothing but watch as every fatal, major, and miner wound closed up and disappear from the boys body with out so much as a scar.

"Well! That was.. New!" The lady said at the boy then put her hand on his chest and could feel it move every time he breathe.

"That a good sigh." she said picking the boy up in her one arm. "Since leaving you here not a good idea, I guess your coming home with me."

The lady said walking to were her bucket of fish and fishing rod was at while thinking that she'd have the town Doctor look at him, until the boy wake and then they go from there (If this had been 13 years ago I'd be freaking out about this, wouldn't I?) the lady muse as she thought back to the three year she'd spend in the Grandline (That the Grandline for you, it make the abnormal seem normal.) waking up to the bucket of fish and fishing rod she sigh in annoyance.

"It times like this I wish I still had my right arm." the lady mutter while putting the boy down then putting buckit and rod on top of him before carefully picking the boy back up and heading to her cabin to call the Doctor.

A Years Later

A 13 yeah old Naruto Uzumaki could now be seen running out of a forest and into town with what look like a compose in his hand, looking around he spoted his target, a Bar.

"Hey, Ikarya-Baachu!" Naruto yell slamming open the doors, needless to say, this piqued the interest of all the groups in the Bar, even more so when a woman jump up off her chair, grab it and promptly threw the thing at the blond who call her that and knocked him down.

"How many time have I told you not to call me that!" The woman name Ikarya yell and while Naruto would normal have got back up and yell back at her he knew that was not a good idea.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, sorry Ikarya-san ." Naruto said waking up to her with the chair and handed it to her before showing the compose.

"But I wanted to ask about this compose." Naruto said as Ikaruga take hold of the compose and gain a small smile as it brought back all kinds of memory's, she was also glad see that Naruto was making great work at coming out of his depression.

After Naruto had waken up it had been easy for Ikarya to get him to tell her where he came from and while she had been surprise at hear he was from a another world 'but not by much,' it was the complete mess of depression Naruto had became that really had her worry. His eyes and face had turn dark red from his many nights of tears and because he didn't eat much at first the boy became a bit thin.

Ikaruga did her best to comforted him and help the boy to move on with his life, yes he could never go home again but he was still a live and that what matter.

"Really boy how many times must I tell you not to call me that?" Ikarya said as she give him a look, having never been one to like being call old but let it go for now as she you down at the thing in her hand.

"This is what call Eternal Poses and from the name of it I'd it from one of the islands you get to early on in the Grandline call Cold rock Island, where did you get this anyway?" Ikarya ask.

"Found it wash up on the beach, anyway can you tell me more about you time as a treasure hunter!" That got a real big smile on she face at being able to talk about her past as a treasure hunter or treasurer as they were some time call.

"Well what do you want to hear about time, because as you know I was pretty infamous and had a 173,000,000 berri bounty on my head for all the Trouble I made for the The World Government!" Ikarya said trying not to sound too cocky at her fame and getting a look of excitement from Naruto, while he may have gotten over depression the only time Naruto really had a look of joy on his face was when he was hearing about her many past adventure.

"Anyone, just tell me a new one I haven't heard!" Ikarya nodded but then a question came to mind that she had been meaning to ask for a while now.

"Why do you like hearing so much about my adventure's in the Grandline anyway?" she ask and while Ikarya didn't think it would matter much, she did want to know.

"Because I want to become a treasure hunter too! And travel the world just like you did!" Naruto exclaimed in excitement getting a look of shock from Ikarya.

"But, but, what about school, your friends, that cute little girl Mai who like you?" Ikarya said then grimaced as though she had swallowed something particularly unpleasant, and then uttered 12 words she had never expected to use together.

"I thought you were going to make me into a real granny!" while Ikarya hated being called old in anyway Ikarya was happy to be the one responsible for Naruto and look forward to the day where she had her own 'grand kids' to spoil.

"Meh, school is boring, My friends just want to play all the time, and yeah Mai's nice in all but I think Ken like her too. Beside I was rise as a shinobi so I think I can take what ever the sea can throw at me" Naruto said causing Ikarya to sigh seeing that she really needed to get the hazardous risk of going to that sea though to him.

"If your taking about that power of yours, then need I remind you that you can't control it. At all!" Ikarya said causing Naruto to grimace, three months ago Ikarya ask to see one of his jutsu's and found out that the only jutsu he could use was Rasengan.

Shadow clone and everything else was gone and not only that but because he lost the Shadow clone jutsu Naruto could only use the Rasengan up to stage two, but that wasn't what Ikarya was getting at. Naruto could now feel the demonic chakras of Kyuubi and unlike before he could draw it out easily without the need ask first, but when Ikarya had ask to see how much he could pull out now they had found to their dismay that, that wasn't the best idea after all.

"If you recall, I had to use all my power just to knock you out before you attack the town." Ikarya said reminding him with a seriously look on her face.

"Yeah, Okay, I get it!" Naruto said at last understanding everything she was saying. "I have a long ways to go and I need lot of training, But you'll see I'll be one of the greatest- NO! The greatest treasure hunter ever!" Naruto declared with a look that told her he really meant it.

"I'll even found the treasure YOU were after, The Sapphire Sword of the Ocean!"

"Your seriously going to look for the sapphire sword?" Ikarya ask stun, Naruto nodded.

"Even though you know, it was looking for that sword that cause me to lose ARM." again Naruto nodded, Ikarya sight as she got up.

"I guess there only one thing to do." she said looking at him then grinned at the boy.

"I'm going to have to train you so that you don't get your self kill in only one year won't I?" Naruto grinned widely at this and nodded vigorously as they walk out the door.

"Come on let go down to the beach in get started!" Ikarya said laughing at Naruto's enthusiasm.

"Okay!" Naruto yell!

"Oh and Naruto?"


"You still have to go to school." Ikarya smirked as the boys face dropped at that.


Three Years Later - File island beach

A sixteen year old Naruto could now be seen standing ON the water about a mile from the beach with Ikarya floating a few feet away from him, even with everything Ikarya had seen in her life time, this was the one thing that she thought was truly amazing, if she had this power years ago she might not have lost her arm.

Ikarya was training Naruto on getting better control of the Kyuubi chakras but she called it haki or red haki. The goal of doing this was to make sure he didn't lose control again,- "Why am I doing this again?" -something she was getting tire of telling him.

"Like I said while the Kyube or what ever itcall may be gone, that power is still new to you so doing things like this will help you in controlling it better!"

"Ah I can control it just fine, I don't need anymore training with how strong I am already!" Naruto replied with a smug look.

"Yes, yes, yes, your strong I know but you still have time to get stronger even more so since you don't know the limit of your power yet." Ikarya try to explained.

"That so." He said with an extremely apathetic look, If looks could kill Naruto'd be a smoldering pile of ash from the glare she sent him.

"Look boy if you go into the Grandline with that altitude you'll most likely die in the first three days!" Ikarya said coldly causing Naruto to finch. "I thought once like you, thinking that as long as I have power I can do anything. That I was invincible and immortal! I was wrong!"

"Naruto... I never told you how I lost my arm have I?" Ikarya ask having calm down and there was some hesitation from Naruto at her question for a moment.

"You said it was lost when you first enter the New World." Naruto replied and Ikarya close her eyes and nodded before looking at him again.

"That right, but do you know how I lost it?" Naruto shook his head at this. "Naruto when I first enter the New world I stop at a island to stock up on supplies before setting off again."

"But a nasty storm came out of no where and all ships were told to wait out the storm." Ikarya had Naruto's complete attention "Storms were something that I could swim from one island to the next without much troubles, so this didn't mean much to me," Ikarya eyes down cast at this as she went on with her story.

"However the storm that I saw had to have been one of the worse I've ever seen! Self-preservation told to just stay at the island until the storm stop, But the part of me that loved a challenge wanted to push forward and try to past the storm to the next island."

"I think I know where this leads," Naruto mused sadly. "You challenge the storm."

"And lost, realizing there was no way for me to past it, I try to head back when a Seaking came before me! I mange to beat the Seaking and get back to the island but only at the cost of my arm."

Looking up into Naruto's eyes Ikarya made sure to get her point a cross. "Naruto I don't know if I'd have been able to reach my Dream or not, But I do know that I hadn't been so foolhardy and knew my limits I could have gone on much longer then I did!" Ikarya eyes then take on a softer look.

"I'm not saying you can't become a Great Treasurer, just that it take time." Ikarya smile when she saw him nodded.

"Your young, you have all the time in the world so there no need for you go running off head strong and making the same mistake I did." Naruto sighed but nodded again then smile.

"Yeah, but it doesn't matter how long it take, I'm still going to be the best Treasurer in the world!" Ikarya laugh at his words and went along with it.

"You'd better be, anything less and you'd make me look bad..." the two burst out laughing at this.

Ten years later

"Well that boys finally gone, eh, Ikarya- san." Said a now adult Mai working at the bar, an old man name Ginbo just grumbled. "I never thought he'd actually do it, I wonder if he'll, even last a year out there on his own?"

"Have some fate Ginbo, he is my boy after all." Said Ikarya before turning to the front of the Bar.

"I would like to buy everyone a round of drinks! This is a joyous occasion, my kid just set out to sea!" A large cheer came from all the patrons in the bar as Ikarya look out the window to the Ocean with a smile.

"Good luck Naruto."


In an old fishing boat that was floating out in the sea, a 25 year old Naruto could be seen looking though a black book with a goofy smile on his face. Grinning as he look up at the gulls flying over head. Naruto had become a tall man who stood at about Six foot two.

He wore black boots, covered mostly by a pair of black pants and a brown leather belt. He had a zipped up black sleeveless vest with a high collar. He also wore black finger less gloves with metal plates placed over the knuckles. The right glove ran halfway up his forearm while the left ran up to just below his shoulder.

"Boy, it sure is a nice day to head out to sea." He quipped looking back down at the black book.

"Now lets see. It seem it'll be awhile before I hit the spot where I need to be for this voyage, but I got all the time in the world so there's no worry." Nauto said back jumping up and throwing his hands in to the air.


To be continued.