a suika/mokou oneshot

Suika would've never pegged herself as the type to become depressed when inebriated, but here she was, wandering through a thick bamboo forest with nothing but warm sake and cold loneliness to keep her company.

The short oni stumbled into a small clearing, a circle of soft, green grass surrounded by a ring of bamboo. "Bah! If Yuugi could see me now…" She groaned and plopped down on the ground, the chains attached to her arms and legs rattling, taking another swig from her purple gourd.

You idiot, the bigger oni had told her, those people up there don't like us…

Suika grumbled. All that time spent inside the damp, humid ground made the little oni forget that the upper-dwellers threw horrible parties, too. They always kicked her out… Where was the excitement, the lights, the crowds, the good booze? She should've just stayed in Hell. The horned girl shivered. The air up here was so cold and thin, much, much different than what she was used to.

"Hey, you. Are you lost?"

Suika turned around, eyes lighting up at the possibility of having a drinking buddy so deep in this... jungle... thing. Maybe this person would be good company! A tall-looking girl with red suspenders moved into view, her long white hair swaying gently with each confident step she took. Suspenders… Pants? She'd never seen a girl up here wearing pants, of all things. That girl must be rich. Why would a rich girl be wandering around in this stupid maze?

Shifting around, the oni lifted her gourd up as a salute. "Yo! This bamboo forest is so big, I think anyone could get lost, ya know what I'm saying?"

The white-haired girl – hey, was that a hime cut? Hime cuts were so cute – came closer, standing next to the sitting Suika. The horned oni looked more closely at the other girl's pants. Those were fire seals! And the girl is so warm, like home… How interesting!

"I think that only a stupid person would get lost in these woods, especially on a night like this." The newcomer's blood-red eyes flickered up towards the glowing moon in the dark sky and re-positioned themselves on Suika. "Hey… are those horns? You a hakutaku too? Keine didn't tell me there were others around here."

"… What's a hakutaku?" Suika asked. "Oh – and hey! I'm not stupid, you hear? I'm an oni, one of the Four Devas of the Mountain!" She thumped her chest proudly, already discarding her melancholic mood.

… She should stop hitting herself on the chest. It would only serve to remind her that she was the only oni to not have big boobs. Stupid Yuugi and that enormous rack of hers! Suika made a mental note to try to expand her own breasts with her ability to control density. Yes, and then none of the other oni would laugh at her! She'd be the one laughing then! Oh, why didn't she think of this before? The oni could feel her charisma growing already!

"An oni," the other girl deadpanned, interrupting her triumphant thoughts. "Right. Well, I should get you out of here anyways. Don't you know that the youkai have been pretty restless these past few days? And tonight's definitely not an exception, too."

"Hey, I can take any youkai on, you know! I can rip apart mountains with my bare hands, throw boulders, and eat a whole basket of Bird's Eye chili peppers in one go!"

"… Uh, that last one seems kinda…" The pants-donning girl sat down, some strands of white hair getting caught beneath her bottom and the grassy dirt. She didn't seem to notice, or care.

"Hey, hey! So why would tonight be a bad time, anyways? To go out, I mean," Suika asked curiously, turning to the girl who sat down.

The white-haired girl frowned. "Something's wrong with the moon. It hasn't been right the past few days, and Keine says that it's because that thing up in the sky –" She pointed upwards, and Suika followed her extended finger towards the giant, glowing orb. "–it's not real. It's a fake moon. And I can bet that she has everything to do with it…" muttered the girl darkly.

"'She'? So this girl replaced the moon with a fake, is that it?" Suika laughed, slapping her knees like a child. "That sounds so stupid! Why would anyone do that?"

"I don't know – probably to flaunt her power and how superior she is to all of us slime, perhaps," The white-haired girl spoke bitterly, her reddish-brown eyes glaring at nothing in particular. The oni smiled widely, how cute the girl's pout was! But Suika didn't want to be near such uptight and angsty people; her own slightly bitter thoughts before were already almost too much to handle… This sulky girl needed to loosen up a bit more, and the mischievous oni had just the thing for it.

"So, what's your name?"

"… Mokou. Of the Fujiwara Clan."

"Mokou, Mokou…" said Suika, trying it out on her tongue. "Cute name, Mokou! Now," Suika said, turning around to face the girl in red pants. "Stay still for a sec, 'kay?" She took a large swig from her gourd, her cheeks puffing out with the effort.

"Huh? For wha – mmmpffft!" Mokou was cut off as Suika planted lips on her own. Eyes wide with surprise, Mokou struggled back, somehow managing to push the oni back with no small amount of effort, sputtering a mixture of alcohol and saliva down her white blouse. "G-Godammit!" Suika noted that she choked on the flavor of the strong sake; it was obvious that Mokou wasn't a strong drinker. "What the – hcckk kckk – what the hell was that for – are you crazy?"

Suika grinned toothily; people who were easily flustered were always so adorable, and Mokou was no exception. "You really need to loosen up more, Mokou! And don't ruin that cute face of yours if you don't like the moon so much." The horned girl winked cheekily. "I'll take care of it for you. Watch – I'll tear apart the moon with my own two hands!"

With that said the little girl jumped up and skipped off into the bamboo grove, her twinkling laughter mixed in with the clinking of her numerous chains. Mokou remained on the grass, turning her gaze from the retreating oni to the bright orb in the dark sky. Summoning a flare of heat to instantly dry her shirt, the white-haired girl blushed and smiled wryly despite herself.

"You'll break the moon, huh?"

AN: bad pun on suika's theme is bad. I wanted to put something short and noncommittal up – low quality is low – to make way for my next update (a twoshot, actually), so here we are with Suika/Mokou, even though I don't really like Mokou much, but I could go on forever about her supposed past – did you know that in the feudal era, pants really were considered high class? Because they were hard to tailor… I ramble too much. Well, thanks for reading (and perhaps reviewing) and thank you R for proofreading~