I woke up with a startling gasp, sitting up in bed so fast that my head spun.

There was a massively annoying buzzing filling my head and the room. I was gasping, holding my hand over my chest and spinning my head around the room. Where was I? What the hell, why are there a whole bunch of boxes lying around?

And then I suddenly snapped into reality, out of my dream state and back to the real world. Damn it and I really liked my dream. Sweet meadows, luscious flowers, and one very sexy, very attractive, yet dangerously mysterious man sitting with me. Smiling with me.

I snapped my head to the side and slammed the alarm clock off. The alarm was really the only thing I had gotten around to unpacking yesterday. But come on, what was anyone really expecting. I pack everything up in a week—a feat in itself— move across the state, and expect to start the very next day that I get in? Bull. Shit.

So I got in at five last night. By the time I got all my shit—my furniture, boxes, clothes, TV—it was near twelve. No way was I going to start unpacking when I was due for work at five the next morning. God damn it why did I get promoted to a job across the country?

Oh yeah. I'm awesome.

I grabbed one of my suitcases by the window, to the right of my bed. Just a gray skirt, a blouse, some earrings . . . very professional I think.

Quick shower, lathering my hair with my favorite strawberry shampoo. Then brush my teeth, blow dry my hair, quick dash of makeup (usually only wore it for maybe the first month or so of my job until people knew I was professional enough and then I just wipe it all off. Never wear it again. Way to heavy and uncomfortable for me)

Put my clothes on, eat a quick apple, grab my purse, keys, and my box of office supplies and then I'm gone. New office, new job, new town. Basically an entire new life.

Here we go.


I sat on the roof of my hotel—technically my home, I guess— my knees pushed up against my chest and my arms wrapped around them, clasped in front. The night was disappearing achingly slow as the sun desperately tried groaning over the horizon. I watched it through the maze of skyscrapers and buildings that were scattered across the landscape of Boston. I missed Forks. It was quiet, clam, small there. My family was there. Well, not right now, anyways. Jasper and Emmett had come up to help me with the business.

Stupid Alice had to start the magazine, and then back out last second because something she saw in the future changed her mind. She just busied herself with not thinking about it so I could read her. Damn it, she pissed me off sometimes.

I stood up once half of the sun was up over the horizon and jumped down onto my balcony, entering the open glass doors. I took a deep breath in, smelling nothing but my room and knowing my brothers hadn't shown up yet.

I stepped into the shower, not really needing it because I never really had naturally smelly body odor, but it was soothing for me. Hot water, relaxing, calming, warm. Nice.

But of course when I'm naked and in my most relaxing moment of the day—sounds kind of inappropriate, I know, but you know what I mean—my brothers showed up. I heard them knock the door, and then enter their key and just walk in. Thanks for the privacy guys.

I shut off the water and grabbed a towel. "Be out in a second guys!" I shouted. I threw on a pair of jeans and a red sox shirt then headed out of the bathroom, through my room, and into the living room where they were sitting on the couch, laughing about something I missed.

New girl ain't gunna last a second. Emmett thought, then chuckled.

"What new girl?" I asked casually, moving to the kitchen, and grabbing a thermos from inside the cold fridge.

Jasper looked over his shoulder as he talked to me. "New chick transferred in from Phoenix. Stella, or Irena or something like that. I don't know. No, wait, Isabella. Yup, that's her name. She was given a promotion. But with you working there . . . nope, she's going to fall out in a minute."

They started laughing again but I grimaced, taking a swig of the cold contents of the thermos. I stopped myself from gagging.

"I'm not that hard." I defended myself half heartedly, knowing they were completely right.

Emmett snorted and turned around to look at me with raised eyebrows. "You're a complete dick, man. But that's cool. It works for you." He winked and I flipped him off, quickly chugging the blood as fast as I could before throwing it in the sink and moving to my shoes by the door.

"You guys coming in with me now or waiting until later?" I asked, pulling the Nikes on quickly.

"We thought we would come in, see the new girl, show her around." Emmett said. "You know, make her think it's a friendly environment before she meets you."

Jasper and Emmett laughed it up before I opened the door and walked out on them. They followed behind quick enough though.

"But you know," Jasper said, grabbing my shoulder as he followed in my steps. "This attitude you have right now, the no sense of humor thing, isn't working for you. It's annoying."

I shrugged his hand off and pushed the button for my elevator.

"I hate this business, you guys." I said finally, once we were inside the claustrophobically small elevator. "I'm going to force Alice to take it back. Honestly, why the hell would I want to do stuff for a girly magazine? Alice was the one who bought the company and then she backs out. Completely ridiculous."

Jasper and Emmett stayed silent, their thoughts buzzing as they usually did when they were hiding something. I ignored them, knowing it would only aggravate me to try hard enough to get them to tell me.

"Whatever. One way or another I'm giving my two weeks' notice."