I parked at some random spot right on the side of the road. I hopped out of my piece of shit truck, almost broke my ankle and fell into speeding traffic, but I made it onto the sidewalk. These heals were way bigger than yesterday. Like an inch and a half bigger. My legs were shaking and I felt like my hip was going to dislocate in like, maybe two seconds.

I walked through the door, nodding to the security guard behind a counter to my right. "Hey Ernie." I called as I waited for the elevator.

"Hi Bella." He said in his aging man voice. The trip up was quick and easy, calming almost. Sure, the elevator music made me want to punch someone's face in, but the slight hum and movement of the elevator always calmed me down. Yeah . . . I was weird.

The elevator door opened at the top door and I screamed.

Mr. Cullen was standing right in front of the door, not maybe three inches away from me. His eyes widened when he saw me and took a step back, obviously just as weirded out by the sudden close proximity.

I let out a shaky breath and put my foot in front of the elevator door so it wouldn't close and it would stay open for Mr. Cullen.

I looked up at him and my heart – which I thought had calmed to a normal rate—now picked up its pace once again. I had forgotten just how amazing leg quiveringly sexy this man was. I shook my head slightly though. He was my boss. He was a dick head, and he was my boss.

His eyes were a blazing gold today. Such an odd color. For some reason they looked so much lighter than I remembered yesterday. He smiled slightly at my reaction, probably the one where I shit my pants once I saw him. "I'm sorry Mr. Cullen." I stuttered out, stepping to the side so he could enter the elevator. He stood in the same spot though. "You just surprised me."

"Please, Isabella, call me Edward." He said in a deep voice. Oh man, my name was like velvet falling from his perfect lips. I reminded myself to breath as a ferocious blush started to creep up my neck.

"Just as long as you call me Bella, sir." I said in a shaky voice. He gave me a crooked smile and I was sure, I swear to god, that my heart stopped beating for a second.

I decided I couldn't stand there anymore and hold an elevator that he wasn't taking. I inched around him and moved through the glass door to the left, all the while sure I was feeling his eyes burning holes in me. Or my legs, that looked damn good in these heals. But I ignored it and once I had a nice thick wall separating us, I started calming down.

I was at my desk the next second and sitting down in another. Damn, my heart was still fluttering. But it was just the way he looked at me. And when he wore those suits, just begging me to imagine how many pacs he was carrying, how thick, exactly, his biceps were, his triceps. What he could do with those hands . . . with those lips, that tongue . . .

Cassia came in at that moment, interrupting a very passionate day dream. I squeaked, shocked, and completely fell out of my chair. Cassia paused at the door, her black bag swinging halfway up her arm. She stared at me as I stumbled to my seat. And then she smiled.

"I saw Mister Cullen in the lobby when I came in." she noted calmly, peeking at me from the corner of her eye with a smile as she walked to her desk. "So I'm guessing you saw him earlier. And he is wearing his light blue shirt today. Damn he looks good in that shirt." Her smile was just getting bigger as she sat down. "So. Welcome to the fantastic world of fantasizing Mr. Cullen naked and naughty."

I stared at her with an open mouth and tried to stutter out some sort of response. "That's—that's completely—wha—psh that's completely ridiculous."

She winked at me quickly as Sarah entered the room, non the wiser of this ridiculously embarrassing conversation and sat at her desk. "I want to meet in the conference room in an hour. I want our lead article editors in there as well. We need the layout set by the end of next week ladies."

They nodded, Cassia instantly getting out of her chair with a notebook and heading towards the elevator to go to the next floor down, to the main office room where our reporters and editors were all sitting in these tiny little claustrophobic like cubicles. God I went there before I left yesterday and it just looked absolutely horrible.


We were at that massive conference table, three editors sat to my left, Cassia and Sarah sat to my right. I was at the head of the table, a pile of papers spread out to half of the table. Cassia had her laptop out in front of her, furiously typing shit I forgot I said half a second later. I took a gulp of my coffee that Sarah brought in before the meeting (they obviously knew how these meetings affected people better than I did) and then turned around to that giant television on the wall that I thought was just that. A television. Who would have known it's a touch screen?

I took that weird touch thing in my hand and tapped on an article, adjusted the column size and attempted to drag it to the large white square in the center, acting as the magazine page. But instead the screen I was working on disappeared.

"Fuck!" I yelled. "Sarah, I lost the thing again." I turned to her with a desperate look as she hurried over to do damage control.

"It's fine, Bella. I'm just surprised you didn't have this at the other place you worked at. Then again Mr. Cullen just issued these like a month ago to every one of our locations so . . ."

I sighed and took the pen back once she got the page up again. I pressed that small button on the side and held it down, then was able to drag the article over. I let it go and the article stuck. "There you go you piece of shit." I said, almost growled. "Cassia, pull up a frame. I know we don't have pictures, but I want to see what it will look like on the page."

The next second a frame showed up to the bar on the far left, the options, and I dragged that over, placed it in the center, then moved it more to the upper corner.

"Kay, Sarah, if you were to flip the page, would you notice this picture if I put it right here?" I asked. Moving to the side so she could see it.

"Yea, definitely. It's perfect there." She said quickly. I drank the last of the caffeine, feeling my heart rate pick up slightly and my hands shook slightly. I was never good with caffeine, but by god I needed it now. I had never been under this much pressure before and it felt like my hair was going to fall off and shrivel up.

"Okay, okay, okay. I want this lay out, right here, for your article, Peter." I said, directing it to one of the editors. "And for those three that you showed me James."

I heard papers shuffling around, but I ignored them. "This is way too empty though." I groaned, and the shuffling stopped. "Okay, Cassia, I want caption boxes underneath that picture right there, one font size smaller than the article lettering. Yeah, just like that. Okay, keep that there. Make the title box for the article bigger. Bolder. Okay, stop, that size is good right there. And . . . let's see . . . I want another, smaller picture, in the lower right hand corner. Smaller than that. It's going to be a photo of Peter. You know when you see that in the newspaper, when you get to see who wrote it? I always liked that. But make it smaller. Smaller. Smaller. Come on Cassia, we don't want it to be too distracting. Stop! Perfect. Okay, save this."

I sighed and dropped my shoulders, taking a step back to admire the page layout. "Alright, that's four pages down right there. But I think I might want this for more."

I heard the conference room door open. "If you don't have coffee with you then you can turn around and leave!" I shouted to whoever had entered, with my back turned to them as I tapped for a blank layout page.


I froze, my heart dropping. Oh no. I did not just say that to my fucking boss.

I turned around to face Edward, who stared at me with a serious expression, but his eyes were dancing with humor. "Oh my god, Mr. Cullen, I am so incredibly sorry." I rushed out, but he held up his hand to stop me and I instantly shut up.

"I just need to see you in my office." He said quickly. My heart dropped further, if possible. He was going to fire me. Shit I was on a roll too.

Okay not really on a roll. More like a frenzied shit fest that miraculously had some good outcomes. But still. That was close to a roll as I was ever going to get today.

I followed him solemnly out of the door, passing the pen to Sarah. She looked at it for a moment in shock before stumbling to her feet with excitement and moving to the screen. He entered the office first, holding the door open for me. I smiled in thanks and stepped in and to the left, in front of his desk.

"Please, sit." He said, motioning to the chair next to me. I saw his eyes flicker down my body as I moved, when he thought I wasn't looking. I know I should feel humiliated and violated, but instead it sent yummy tingles up my legs and to a very, very private place. Mhmm, you guessed where.

I sat down and flattened my skirt as he sat down in his own, far more comfortable chair, unbuttoning his jacket and leaning forward. "Bella," he began , and I braced myself for it. "I just wanted to apologize for my absolutely rude behavior yesterday afternoon."

I stared at him for a moment, not moving, not reacting. Was he serious? I had never, ever, had a boss apologize to me before. It felt strange.

"I—um—it's fine?" I asked, sounding like a question for some reason. He smirked and I felt like I was about to melt, but I held my posture and tried to pretend to be calm instead of incredibly turned on. Damn I'd need a cold shower after being this long in this man's company.

"I just felt horrible, for being so absurdly rude." He explained further, and I nodded slowly. "But I do want you to feel comfortable here," yeah, well, I wanted to jump you're bones Mr. Cullen, but I guess I'm still pretty comfortable. "But I don't want you to feel weird about your boss or anything."

Nope. I don't feel weird about him. Just completely turned on by him.

"Oh, Mr. Cullen, it's completely fine." I said after a moment of silence.

"Please, Bella, you can call me Edward." He said, smiling.

Okay Bella, breath. Breath. You are not going to have sex with him. You are not going to fuck his brains out. Or yours. You are not going to imagine him naked, picture how big he is . . .

Aw fuck.

"O-okay Edward." I stuttered, and laughed nervously. I crossed my legs, and saw his eyes unconsciously shift to my thigh as the skirt hitched up a little. I felt warm everywhere for a second before I cleared my throat. His eyes snapped up to my face and I gasped. They were darker, so much darker. God, how did he do that? But the lust was unmistakable and I found myself unable to breath, despite my struggling to do so.

"I—I—" I struggled to say something but came up short. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.

I could see him now, standing up from his desk, walking over to me. In his eyes I saw him, the need, to stand in front of me, to hold the side of my face with one hand, brush my cheek with his thumb and raise me to my feet delicately before dominating me with a ferocious kiss. I could imagine our tongues fighting for dominance as our hands franticly ripped at each other's clothing, as our soon to be naked bodies grinded against each other, his rock hard member rubbed against me core.

I let out a sigh and that snapped me out of my fantasy and out of the trance Edward had set me in. No, not Edward. Mr. Cullen. He was Mr. Cullen, not Edward. And we were not going to have sex. Yet. Shit stop it Bella! God you are such a whore! But he was so hot . . . and he obviously wanted to ride this little lady right here.

I shook my head and stood up abruptly. Edward sat back, his eyes lightening up drastically and he looked just as confused and shocked as I was. "Um, t—thanks for the apology Mr. Cullen. I just- I have to get back to w-work now." I said, and turned on my heal, walking out of the office. Oh shit oh shit oh shit. Damn it what would be the harm in having a quickie with my boss?

Oh ok, let's list them shall we?

Lose my job

Lose any hope at a future job like this, or any job nearly as well paying.

Get a horrible reputation as a complete slut

Feel horrible about it afterwards

Ect. Ect.

Yeah, but at least I would get the best sex of my entire life . . .

No. No, I wasn't going to do it, and that was final. So suck it up Bella. Damn it.


It was seven o'clock. I just worked a fourteen hour shift. I was bone tired and all I wanted to do was take a hot bath and try not to have wild sex dreams about a certain, sexy boss of mine.

I walked out the door and waved to the late night security guard whose name I had no idea. I walked out the door and froze. Oh hell no.

"Officer, sir, I'm sorry but what are you doing?" I all but screamed as I ran as best I could in these horrible heals. All I saw was this massive, huge officers back and in front of him was my car, getting hooked up to a tow truck. Fuck!

The cop turned around, his broad shoulder twisting so he could look behind him quickly at whoever was bothering him. Oh great, I got stuck with one of those cops.

He turned back around to the truck, not even catching a full glimpse of me before walking back to his cop car parked maybe five spaces away from mine. "Officer!" I shouted, chasing after him. I saw his heavy shoulders fall as he sighed but he continued to walk. I caught up with him though, and walked by his side until we got to the car, where finally, after being such a rude asshole, he turned around to look at me.

"Look, you were parked in a twenty minute or less area and since you were there for more than—"

He stopped talking once he really looked at me. And what I saw next was a little bit more than shocking.

His eyes, a deep brown, almost black and scrunched up and hard, softened. Like Edwards eyes had changed lightness and darkness, I saw the same thing here. Only his eyes were so brown they were almost black, and then the lightened, they turned the color to light chocolate. It looked like the blackness was melting down, like he had ice over something deep inside him and it was just thawed. So weird.

His face and entire body visibly relaxed and a sigh escaped him, brushing over my face. And before I knew it, his massive palm, bigger than my entire face, was cupping my cheek. Oh man he was really warm. Was he sick, did he have a fever? That would explain this really, really awkward thing happening right now. . .

"Oh," he sighed again. His breath smelled like the woods, of dirt and trees. God that was weird. Did he eat earth worms in his spare time? "I've finally found you." His thumb slid down the line of my jaw delicately, and it just felt so weird how absolutely warm he was. God this was creepy. Oh wait. Wait one second. I knew what he was doing. When I was bugging him half a minute ago he was being a complete dick and he couldn't get rid of me. Now all of a sudden he was being creepy weird? What? The only explanation would be that he was trying to weird me out of this. Completely weirding me out and trying to get rid of me. Bastard. It was working too.

I pulled my head out of his grip and his hand hung in the air as he stared at me, shocked, while I took a couple steps back. "Okay, officer, never mind. Thank you for towing my car though. But its fine, it's fine. I'll just call a cab."

I backed away while he stood in the same position. I was reaching into my purse and grabbing my phone, but I turned around and started to walk away because his look was really starting to creep me out. I dialed the local cab service easily and was listening to it ring when I felt a warm, giant hand on my arm. I couldn't help but yelp and turn around, ready to use any self defense techniques Charlie had shown me.

"Whoa, whoa, calm down." He said in a husky voice. "I just- I felt bad about your truck, but I had to because of my job, and things, but I am completely willing to give you a ride home."

No. "That's fine, officer, I really don't mind getting a cab."

His eyes hardened suddenly. They were still a creepy light brown, that I saw him change before. Damn he was scary. And huge, like two feet taller than me. "No, really. I think I should give you a ride home."

I was at a loss for words due to fear for a second. "O-okay." I whispered, and he broke into a huge toothy grin.

"Great." He led me to his car, his hand still on my arm in a tight, possessive grip that scared me. My heart was racing and I felt my blood rushing with adrenaline. He opened the passenger door and I stood there, waiting for him to let me go. He did, but after a slight pause. I sat in the seat carefully, pulling my legs closed tightly, pulling my skirt down as far as possible and hugging my purse to my stomach. My shirt covered my breasts enough, my legs weren't overly exposed, I didn't look too easy, did I?

The cop got in the driver's side and shot me a smile. I cringed, but gave him a fake smile back. He didn't seem to notice how awkward this was for me, how much I wanted to get away right now. He started the car and we started to drive away as the sun started to slip away.

"I'm Jacob, by the way." He said after a few minutes of torturing silence. "Jacob Black."

I stayed silent.

"Where, exactly, do you live?" he asked, realizing that he had no idea where he was going.

"It's the apartment right around this corner here." I said, pointing to the building. He nodded, and pulled onto the curb. I reached or the door as fast as I could, practically falling out of the car as I did so.

"Wait." I heard Jacob call as I slammed the door and went to go into the building I had lied to him about. No way was I showing this creep where I lived. I turned around despite my better judgment and plastered another fake smile on.

"I- I was wondering if I could maybe see you again?" he was smiling, staring at me expectantly like there was no way I could say no.

"I'm not sure." I said, flipping through every let down I had in my head. Oh man this was so awkward how the fuck did you tell a totally weird officer of the law to fuck off? "I have a boyfriend and I'm not sure he would be okay with that, you know?" I lied.

I hoped it was dark enough so he wouldn't be able to see the blush that gave away my lie. I couldn't see his eyes through the dark, but I could see his body stiffen. "Boyfriend?" I nodded. "What's his name?"

"Excuse me?" I asked. God he was so pushy. Wasn't that a little private?

"What's his name? What does he look like?"

"I- that's a little private, officer." I said, laughing awkwardly. "I have to go." I said, and turned around, walking into the lobby of whatever building he dropped me off at. I heard him say something, but I ignored him, pretending not to hear. I hopped to the left once I got in the door and waited to hear the engine. It seemed like ten minutes, maybe more. But finally I heard him drive away, my heart going crazy the whole time.

I sighed, and peeked my head out, staring at an empty street. My apartment was a block down, I could see it from here. I scurried there as fast as I could and then collapsed onto my bed.

What the fuck just happened.