Of blood and fire, a L4D Fan Fiction by Zombie14Slayer

I only own my OC's.

The night was quite. Almost too quite, considering that their should have been frenzied yells of the dead monsters that normally charge headlong into the human's blazing weaponry. The 4 survivors walked through the empty streets, their weapons at the ready, waiting for the inevitable yells of the living dead.

"Where are all the Infected?" Zoey pondered, hefting a fire ax, as well as an auto shotgun that only had 3 shells left.

"Good question" Bill said, scratching his beard as he lit a match to light his next cigarette.

"Maybe we got lucky and they all went somewhere else, chasing after birds or cats" Francis said, pointing his Assault Rifle into the shadows.

"Maybe that's the case, Francis, but you know what they say," Louis said "When the piranha run away, there's always a good reason TO run. Maybe something even more dangerous is around" He said, once again exposing his wisdom.

"But there aren't even any Tanks around" Zoey stated, as the crew walked forward, at a word of caution from Bill "And what could scare one of THOSE?"

"If it can scare those brutes away, it's either more survivors or a Wi-" Bill was cut off by the sound of quite sniffing, only this time, it sounded deeper and more powerful than a female witch.

"What the hell was that noi- HOLY SHIT! WIITCCHH! Francis screamed, as his flashlight caught on a pair of deep golden eyes. Everyone turned off their flashlight, scared to go ahead and try to cr0wn it.

"What the hell IS that?" Zoey gasped, as the thing sat there and stared at the group, a confused look on its face.

"It looks taller than the females, at LEAST 6 feet tall, with a more muscular build and narrower hips." Bill observed, as the creature continues to glare at the group.

"Soo, it's a MALE witch? I thought only girls turned into witches. What should we call the male breed?" Louise asked, witch started the whole group thinking.

"Hmm… how about Warlocks?" Zoey said, earning a unanimous agreement from her companions as she started crawling towards the Warlock, using the same caution as approaching a ticking time bomb, causing the Warlock to turn its head to stare at her. She saw a large bite on the side of its neck, probably the work of the Infected that infected him with the disease.

"Zoey, get away from it! It could kill you in a second if it wanted to! We wouldn't even have time to help!" Bill yelled, always overprotective.

"But Bill, look! It's not attacking!" Zoey exclaimed, sliding up to the infected and patting its head. The Warlock sniffed her hand, and then looked her in the eyes. The warlock had eyes that were a deep gold, like molten gold poured into the shape of eyes. The warlock leaned in and snuggled against Zoey, as if it were cold. She patted the back of the creatures head as it nestled into the crook of her arm.

"Well, great! A friendly witch! What's next? A flaming tank?" Francis spat, earning a glare from Zoey.

"RRRAAAAGGGHHHHH!" A tank screamed, bursting though a gas tanker, setting itself on fire.

"Well, I was just ASKING for that one…" Francis said, hefting his shotgun as the tank picked up a boulder to throw at the Survivors.

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