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The Survivors crawled on their hands and knees, the only sound Zoey's ragged breathing and Jason's claws scathing the floor down to the bare metal underneath. They had witnessed SIT teams and what looked like a Witch storm the doors and meet up with the Sentient Hunter they had seen before. After a heated discussion, the Sentient Hunter stormed out of the building and to the helicopter, where he sat and waited. The SIT teams were centered on the Witch, who had metal chains wrapped down her slender arms. She was wearing a leather jacket, blue Levi's, and cowboy boots with a matching hat. She spoke to the teams with a thick southern drawl, and said:

"Ya'll be on the lookout and keep ya safety's off, hear? They got a Witch, a Tank, three Hunters, a Smoker, and…. four humans." The SIT teams looked about nervously at the mention of the Infected, but shot strange looks at the Witch at the mention of the humans. A man wearing a hazmat suit and a Commander style patch on his shoulder moved forward and spoke incredulously to the young girl, who now had her deadly claws resting at her hips.

"Humans? Really now, Angel, are you sure about that? One hundred percent positive?" When the Witch, now known as Angel, nodded her head, the man looked about himself, and then continued, "Is there anything else we need to know? Anything else you can smell besides those Sentient and Humans?"

Angel tilted her head, inhaled quietly through her petite nose, and drawled out a slow but steady answer. "I'd reckon there is, Commander. There's something… off about this scent. It's kinda like a Witch, but it's just not right. There's a lot more musk and power behind it than is normal. Can't quiet this naggin doubt I got churnin in my stomach… It may be that Jason kid ya'll've been after.

The Commander's head almost popped through the top of his biohazard suit and his eyes bugged out of his head. "WHAT?" He ran to the courtyard and looked over at the other teams they had left outside, screaming orders at them that the Survivors couldn't hear. Jason looked over his shoulder at everyone behind him and motioned for everyone to head for the Emergency Exit only about 20 yards away.

And that's when Angel stepped on Zoey's leg and pointed her Desert Eagle at the back of Jason's head.

"No one move, or this handsome young fella' gets a bullet through his skull, followed by Princess over here." Angel had failed to notice Jason's claws because of the way he had been crawling. He looked over his shoulder, keeping his eyes down, and looked over at Zoey, her face contorted in pain as the Witch stepped down harder and harder until very quiet pops and cracks could be heard. Jason glared up at the Traitor, and his claws flashed in the dim light of the flickering neon signs, flashing at the girl's exposed neck and jawline. A sound similar to steel swords clashing together rang through the stores, and sparks flew as Angel got her claws up just in time to block Jason's vicious upward sweep to her neck. She then laughed lightly, throwing the pistol aside, and raised her claws as she clicked them together, challenging his gusto.

Jason responded in a way that seemed to surprise the challenger. He raised his head, bared shark-like teeth, and hissed at her. He then brought his claws crashing into each other, casting white-hot sparks onto the concrete below them. Finally, he reared up to his full 6 foot 2 inch height and roared so ferociously it shook the entire floor they were on.

Angel's eyes flashed confusion and fear before she quickly pulled herself together and crossed her arms across her jacket. "You ain't so bad, stranger. You've got guts, challenging the quickest Witch in the West. I might just let you die quick. Princess, though, dies nice and slow. Might peel her skin off and make myself a new jacket."

Jason leaned forward, his face hidden in shadow, and suddenly disappeared. Angel looked around, astonished, before he reappeared in front of her and drove his elbow into her Solar Plexus. She doubled up, coughing up blood and chocking on her own vomit. Jason then started swinging his claws in large circles, before leaning into Angel. She was torn up badly, and was sent flying across the room by the sheer force of the attack. Jason slowly but confidently said, "We're not in Kansas anymore, are we?"

Black blood and gore dripped onto the ground as Angel dragged herself away from Jason, coughing and convulsing from the initial hit to her body's core. Jason walked forward, and placed a hand on the girls' head. Angel coughed and sputtered, "Plea-*cough*-se! No! *wretch*"

Jason reached behind his back while at the same time he pinned the struggling girl to the ground with his knees and extra hand. All the while Angel was making pleas for her life.

"Please! I SWEAR! I'll just go live in a *gag* sewer!" Just don't kill me! *SOB*"

Jason found what he was looking for, and placed it on the ground next to the now-crying girl. Angel knew her taunting had gotten her into a situation she couldn't get out of. Suddenly, her wounds felt like they were on fire! She gasped and tried to scream, but the stronger Warlock held a strange-smelling cloth over her face, and everything went black.


Angel bolted up, her wounds screaming protest as she looked around the large room she was in. A large red door, one with bookshelves and other furniture stacked against it, and another one, with bars through which she could see her blind, stupid Infected cousins stumbling around, braying for human flesh and blood. She then examined her wounds, finding them stitched and cauterized. She also noted band-aids on her smaller cuts, with some kind of germ-killing cream on them. 'THAT'S what was burning…' Angel thought to herself as she looked over on the table beside her, seeing her leather jacket and chains. She also noticed her Levi's, cowboy boots and hat. She looked at what she was wearing, surprised to see herself in loose-fitting sweatpants, a gray, (and also very soaked through with sweat) T-Shirt and, to top it all off, pink socks with Hello Kitty on them. She looked around herself one last time, and nearly shot out of her skin when she saw Jason sitting in a dark corner with all the other Survivors, staring at her intently.

Jason looked over at the girl in the hood who Angel had been standing on. When she nodded her consent, he stood, walked over to the girl, and held out a clawed hand. After a minute's hesitation, she took it and he hauled her to her feet. After handing her Desert Eagle he had recovered back to her, he smiled. 'What's going on here?' Angel puzzled to herself. He then said four words she never expected to hear, especially from him.

"Welcome to the Team."