Mutant Games; A Backstory of the Making

The Dark Days have passed. In its wake had been the Hunger Games, a live, fight to the death between 24 children, all between the ages of 12 and 18. The blood of innocents were spilt, and innocents turned into murderers. Only one survived, being promised a life of riches, but they still did not live a good life. They died, and the worst punishment was, they kept on living.

Seventy-five years after the Dark Days came a new rebellion, lead by a girl who had survived the Games, and taken up the notorious name of Mockingjay. She stunned a nation and lead them through to a better life. The Games were abolished, and all was well.

But the Capitol doesn't give up that easily.

The Capitol created a rebellion of their own, the former officials rising up, taking control quietly. The final step in their plan; clearing out all of Panem to create a new nation, one made in their own image. Greed overwhelmed their hearts and once taking control of District 13, they were ready to push the plan into motion.

People all around Panem lived out there final moments like any other. Most went about their usual business, working, or laughing, or fighting, or kissing. The only saw the bombs falling down upon them at the last seconds.

Many were killed instantly. Others died of the side effects, after a period of time. There were those who were able to live, to join together and find hope within the other survivors.

And then there are those who changed.

Radiation changed their bones, their brains. And they could do things that weren't...normal. They were shunned by many, feared by all. The Capitol took advantage of this, their twisted minds creating something new. A new kind of Games.

Welcome to the Mutant Games. Where surviving is in a whole new category of its own.

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List, so far:

G: Devmani Crews (16) -SPARKLES!
B: Kazu Hokoshi (17) -Threads

G: Hunter Faye (17) -Accelerated Healing
B: Ronneir "Ron" Tammel (17) -Super Strength/Psycho

G: Leanara Gee (12) -Telepathy
B: Trint Nevlin (17) -Death Touch

G: Felicity Lissette Lebedev (17) -Emotion Manipulation
B: Rodney Calder (17) -Gills/Webbed Toes

G: Cynthia O'Meara (14) -Invisibility
B: Aries Prospero (17) -Summoning Panda Bears. Yes, Panda Bears

G: Lysemet Sprintyarrow (14) -Wings/Plant Summoning
B: Kalel Lepios (15) -Healer

G: Skylar Hawkins (14) -Super Jump
B: Derrick Young (18) -Shapeshifter [Beast]

G: Harmony Curr (16) -Mind Control
B: Erik "Nugget" Traub (14) -Shapeshifter [Diamond exterior]

G: Mira Fox (16) -Biological Manipulation [Healing/Wounding, in fancy terms]
B: Nico Lenho (15) -Super Speed

G: Melissa "Lissa" Arno (15) -Animal Bonding (Would I Explain It That Way?)
B: Till Yarrow (15) -Telepathy

G: Mimosa Thistle (16) -Weather Manipulation
B: Jasper Martinez (14) -Mind Manipulation

G: Olive Quaker (12) -Fire Control
B: Erone Thorn (14) -Necromancy

D13: (I'm Adding It!)
G: Fiona C. Flycactus (16) -Sex Change
B: Ippetra "Ip" Z. Flycactus (16) -Sex Change

Sorry if you didn't get the district you wanted. I even added District 13. I tried to make it even as I could.

May the odds be ever in your favor