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With Zaraki and Byakuya

"Fight me dammit", Zaraki growled as he looked down at Byakuya who was in his garden drinking tea. He was bored as hell. No one wanted to fight him. So he decided to go pester Byakuya, lucky Byakuya.

"Kenpachi must you be so rude", Byakuya said calmly without looking up. "I have asked you not to bother me when I am in my garden", he said with sigh. Ever since the incident last month, Zaraki seemed to feel he had the right to bother him whenever and where ever he pleased. It was starting to get annoying, yet part of him secretly loved the attention he was getting.

Zaraki plopped down next to Byakuya, who almost spilled his tea. "I am fucking bored", Zaraki growled.

"Then find something to entertain yourself ", Byakuya said with an exasperated sigh. Was it too much to ask for peace and quiet on one of his few days off. "Something that does not include me", he quickly added when he noticed the mischievous glint in Zaraki's eyes.

"You had fun last time", Zaraki said as Byakuya's eye twitched.

Last month both captains got drunk in the company of each other. Granted Zaraki wasn't as drunk as he pretended to be, what Byakuya didn't know couldn't hurt him. They ended up spending the night together in Zaraki's bed.

"That will not be happening again, Kenpachi", Byakuya said in a cold tone.

The hell they wouldn't. Zaraki just had to discover the right… methods to convince Byakuya to share a bed with him again. Fuck the only slept with someone once rule he had. Byakuya was the best fuck he ever had. Maybe he would even settle down.

Byakuya stood; whether Zaraki knew it or not, he had had finished the conversation. He walked out of the gardens heading toward his office.

"Were not done talking yet", Zaraki growled as he watched Byakuya walk away.