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Quote: All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Peyton walked around the bedroom lighting the candles she had strategically placed around the room. Sawyer was spending the night at Haley's so they could have a night without any interruptions.

Nathan walked through the back door not even bothering to knock. "Hey Sawyer," Nathan called out once he was in the room, Peyton gave him a smile as she moved to the record player to put on some music, a slow soft melody drifted into the room.

"Hey," Peyton responded giving him a hug. "How are you?" She asked sitting on the bed.

"I'm doing okay, Hales has Sawyer and Jamie under control," he told her knowing that would be the next question out of her mouth.

"Okay good," Peyton said breathing out a sigh of relief. "You didn't tell Haley did you?" Peyton asked fiddling with her wedding ring, a nervous habit she had picked up after marrying Lucas.

"No...I just couldn't," Nathan answered sitting on the bed, watching the blonde as she pushed a curl out of her face. "I think you should tell her," Nathan said shocking the blonde out of her thoughts.

"I am not going to tell her," Peyton adamantly replied shaking her head at that thought. "I have to tell Lucas and you have to tell Haley that was the deal. Plus she's going to hate me after she knows the truth." Peyton told him knowing Haley would be upset they kept this secret from her for so long.

"Brooke knows the truth," Nathan retaliated as Peyton rolled her eyes.

"That's because she's my best friend, plus she promised she would let me tell Luke myself after he got home from his meeting with his editors." Peyton reminded him before sitting down on the bed next to him.

Lucas looked at his watch as he grabbed his bags from the Taxi, he had gotten an earlier flight to surprise Peyton. His week long meeting with his editors had meant that he had been away from his two girls for too long. Sawyer was only 10 months old and he felt like he missed so much just being gone for a week.

Using his key he let him inside the house he shared with Peyton closing the door quietly so as to not alert her about his presence. He made his way to his mom's room noticing both door were closed and opened them peeking his head in to see that Sawyer wasn't in the room. Making his way to their bedroom Lucas couldn't help but hear his brother's voice floating out of it.

"You need to tell Lucas the truth Sawyer," Nathan told her turning towards her and looking her in the eyes. "After you do you will feel better," Nathan said rubbing his hand on Peyton's back in a soothing matter.

Lucas couldn't believe his what was going on in front of his eyes. His wife and brother on their bed and the way his brother was comforting his wife.

"What's going on here?" Lucas demanded walking into the room.

Peyton felt her breath hitch as she noticed the anger in her husbands eyes. Taking a deep breath she tried to calm the nerves that were fluttering around her stomach. "I have to tell you something Luke," She told him walking towards him and stopping when she got in front of him.

Looking back at Nathan he nodded encouragingly for her to go on. Peyton looked back at Lucas the confusion and anger showing in his blue eyes. Closing her own Peyton mentally tried to figure out what to say. This wasn't how she planned to tell Lucas, especially with Nathan in the room, but how do you tell someone the life they supposedly had was going to rapidly change and not for the better.

"Lucas," Peyton started her eyes pleading with his to understand as she grabbed his hands and held them in hers. "I have to tell you something and your not going to like it...I've...I've kept this from you from a while, but you need to know," Peyton told him her voice hoarse as she tries to hold back the tears.

Lucas looked from his wife to his brother, both had guilt lurking in their eyes as Peyton felt like it was 100 degrees in the room, her head spinning from the stress and her chest hurting as she tried breathing, trying to calm herself down. Both Lucas and Nathan saw her swaying. Nathan jumped up and helped her sit on the bed before rushing out of the room and coming back in with a glass of water. Lucas watched the action frozen to the spot where he was standing.

"Just breathe Sawyer." Nathan said crouching next to her as she slowly drank.

"Thanks Nate." She whispered before looking at her husband a look of disbelief on his face.

"What the hell is going on?" Lucas yelled his anger and frustration lacing his voice as he looked at the pair.

Peyton tried to swallow the lump in her throat as she looked at her husband, unshed tears begging to be cried. "It happened once and I didn't really think about it..but the second time I didn't know what to do." Peyton said a tear escaping as Nathan knelt next to her reaching for her hand and holding it to give her moral support.

"You slept with my brother!" Lucas accused looking at the duo the shock evident on both faces.

"What? Lucas?" Peyton asked flabbergasted.

"Damn it Peyton I trusted you...I trusted both of you," Lucas yelled looking at his brother. "I told you Nathan you do anything to hurt Haley and I would hurt you." Lucas continued marching up to his brother before clenching his fist and punching Nathan's nose. "I can't believe you Peyton. I can't believe you would take our vows so lightly. I can't believe you would do this to me. I hope your happy splitting both our families up little brother," Lucas spit out venom lacing his words before walking out the door slamming it behind him.

The tears that had been threatening to fall fell freely as she watched Lucas leave, her heart aching in her chest as she thought about everything she just lost. "Are you okay?" Peyton asked not bothering to wipe the tears.

"Yeah are you?" Nathan asked seeing the broken blonde in front of him.

"I have to be...I deserve this," Peyton said shrugging her shoulders before walking around the room and blowing out the candles. So much for my happy ending, she thought bitterly.

"What are you going to do?" Nathan asked standing behind Peyton wiping his nose with the kleenex she handed him.

"I'm leaving, but I need you to go get Sawyer from your house. We're gonna go spend some time with Brooke and Julian and let Lucas calm down." Peyton said moving away from Nathan and opening the closet and grabbing her suitcase and throwing it on the bed before walking back to the closet and grabbing jeans and shirts off their hangers and throwing them on the bed.

"You want me to come with you?" Nathan asked his arms folded across his chest as he watched her.

"No," Peyton said shaking her head. "It will just fuel Lucas' anger even more. What I want you to do is go get Sawyer and drive us to the airport and put my car in storage please." Peyton asked not wanting anything to happen to her beloved comet and with Lucas this angry she didn't know if she wasn't here he would do anything to her car.

"Okay I will be back as soon as I can. Will you be ready then?" Nathan asked knowing that not only did she have to pack for herself but for Sawyer as well. He also knew that once she made up her mind it was hell to convince her to do something else.

"Yeah and then I can call the place my dad stored my comet when I was in L.A and you can follow me to drop it off and then we can go to the airport." Peyton said trying to prepare a mental list of everything she needed.

Nathan nodded before walking to the door and opening. "Sorry Sawyer," Nathan said solemnly hating to see the blonde in pain.

"It's my fault," Peyton told him shrugging her shoulders. "I should've known this couldn't last." she added silently.

"I'll be back in a bit you just make sure your ready," Nathan said before walking out the door.

Lucas got into his mustang. He couldn't believe it. Here he was home early and his wife was having a affair. Not only was she having an affair, she was sleeping with his brother. Asshole Lucas thought starting the car and driving to the one person besides his mom who he could trust, since obviously he was foolish enough to trust his wife.

He pulled into the driveway of his best friend's house and turned off the car sitting there for a minute trying to think of a way to tell her that her husband had been cheating on her. Not just cheating, but with Peyton one of her close friends. Placing his head in his hands he tried rubbing the tiredness away to no avail before opening the door and getting out walking into the house.

"Hey Hales?" he calls out not even bothering to knock knowing that he could comfortably just walk into his best friend's house.

"Hey Luke I just put Sawyer down. What's up?" Haley asked coming into the hallway.

"You have Sawyer?" Lucas questioned a puff of disbelief passing his lips at Peyton's and Nathan's behavior at keeping Haley busy so they could be at his house screwing with no distractions.

"Yeah Peyton asked if Nathan and I could watch her tonight, bow chicka wow wow," Haley said smirking as she looked at Lucas before noticing his pale face, a look of concern washing over her features. "Lucas what's wrong?" Haley asked stepping closer to her best friend.

"Hales I don't know how to tell you this, but I think Nathan and Peyton are having an affair," Lucas told her his face full of regret at having to tell her about her husband's extra curricular affairs.

"Your kidding right?" Haley asks a look of disbelief etched on her features.

"No...Look Hales their keeping something from us and when I got home tonight Peyton had our room lighted with candles, soft music playing and Nathan was in the room with her and I overheard them. They were talking about telling us the truth about something." Lucas said agitation building in his voice.

"There has to be some explanation, look your tired just go home and ask Peyton what's going on," Haley told him trying to console her friend.

"I can't believe you don't believe me Hales," Lucas said turning around and shaking his head.

"Lucas wait," Haley replied taking a deep breath before continuing. "Peyton loves you okay...she waited for you when you were with Lindsey, why would she cheat on you?" Haley asked waiting for Lucas to turn around and answer her.

"Because I keep leaving her alone all the time," Lucas whispered guiltily before walking out of the house, his shoulders hunched and a defeated look on his face.

Haley stood their her heartbreaking for her best friend. He looked so lost and she hopes he left to go talk to Peyton. She knows in her heart that Nathan and Peyton can't be having an affair, especially since she told Nathan today he was gonna be a daddy again and the way his face lit up in excitement.

What are you two hiding Haley wondered biting her lip before moving to the kitchen and starts to organize the silverware drawer.

Nathan gets out of the car and makes his way into the house passing the kitchen, he sees his wife and his heart aches hating to keep this secret from her. It is slowly killing him inside hiding this from. He can't believe he's kept something like this from his wife for 2 months already.

Shaking the thoughts from his head he focused on the task at hand and ran upstairs to the guest room to pick up Sawyer. Passing his sons bedroom Nathan looks in and sees his son sleeping a content smile on the little boys face. Nathan leans against the door a deep sigh coming out when he realizes his son's life will never be the same.

Moving away from Jamie's room Nathan goes to the guest room and gently picks up the sleeping little girl in Jamie's old crib they had set up for when they babysat Sawyer and picked up the polka dot diaper bag before glancing around to make sure he wasn't forgetting anything and grabbing her pale pink blanket.

Making his way down the stairs and into the living room he spots Sawyer's carrier. Picking it up he moves to the dining room table and places it on top before setting the blanket next to it and lightly dropping the diaper bag on the floor next to him. Looking down at his niece Nathan can't help but smile at her innocence. Her whole life is about to be changed and she's sleeping peacefully. Carefully placing the little blonde in the carrier he swiftly and meticulously buckles her in trying not to wake her before placing the blanket over her and tucking it in the sides.

Picking up the carrier and swinging the diaper bag over his shoulder Nathan makes his way to the kitchen where he last saw Haley. "Hey Peyton wanted Sawyer so I'm gonna go drop her off," Nathan told her before moving to give her a kiss on the forehead and starting to leave the kitchen.

"Nathan what's going on?" Haley asked letting the vulnerability flow through her voice that she wouldn't show in front of her best friend. Even if she looked strong in front of Lucas a pool of insecurity was bubbling inside her.

"What do you mean?" Nathan questioned trying to pretend he didn't know what Haley was asking. Haley looked her husband in the eye before continuing. "Lucas was over here. He seemed to believe that you and Peyton are having an affair and while I don't believe that I know your hiding something from me so what is it?" Haley asked crossing her arms over her chest defensively.

"Haley look I have to get Sawyer to Peyton, but I promise when I get home we will talk about it okay." Nathan said his eyes pleading with hers to understand.

"Fine," Haley agreed knowing that she won't be able to sleep until she finds out what Nathan's hiding. "But I want to know everything," She tells him sternly.

Nathan left the house knowing that he has a lot of explaining to do and hoping that Haley unlike Lucas will just listen to him. He didn't mean to keep this from her for so long.

Lucas pulls up to the Rivercourt and grabbed the spare ball under the bleachers started dribbling letting his mind wander about everything that has happened since he's been home. It's only 10 pm, but Lucas can't believe it's not later. He's exhausted, mentally, physically and emotionally. He can't believe that Peyton and Nathan were hiding something this big from him. But what if they aren't a voice in the back of his asks. What if Haley was right, what if it's something else. No what else could it be? he answers himself his long fingers twirling the orange ball as he continued to think. Maybe I should go talk to Peyton he wondered before sitting on the bench continuing to twirl the ball in his hands.

Peyton stood in front of the storage garage she had just pulled her car into with her and Sawyers suitcases next to her. Crossing her arms over her chest she tried rationalizing what she was doing was the right thing. She needed time to process how her life had changed so drastically in such a little time and Lucas wanted her gone. The look of disgust and hurt in his eyes as he walked out of the room nearly tore her apart. She needed this...she needed to see her best friend and talk about what she should do.

Clutching Sawyers purple monkey Peyton let herself finally break down letting the tears fall down until she was gasping for air. What have I done, she asked herself sitting next to the suitcases and pulling her knees into her chest and weeping, she wouldn't be able to do this once Nathan got here because she would have to be strong for Sawyer. She hoped to god Lucas wouldn't try and take her daughter away from her because of what was happening. Peyton hears a car coming around the corner and quickly wipes the tears from her eyes and tries to plaster on a fake smile for Nathan and Sawyer.

"You okay Sawyer?" Nathan asked worriedly stepping out of the car and making his way to the hunched blonde.

"Yeah I will be," Peyton answered grabbing the hand that Nathan is holding out and letting him help her up. "Sawyer in the car?" She questioned grabbing one of the suitcases.

"Yeah she's still sleeping," Nathan told her grabbing the other suitcase and the small duffel bag before popping open the trunk to place them in and taking the one out of Peyton's hand placing it in the trunk. He turns to look at her, "You sure you want to do this Sawyer?" Nathan asked hoping that she will say no.

"Yes," Peyton answered making sure her voice is strong as she nods her head. I have to she thinks to herself.

"Okay," Nathan said opening the passenger door for Peyton and closing it behind her before making it to his own door and getting in the car.

As soon as they arrive at the airport Peyton feels the butterflies form in her stomach, her heart skips a beat as she looks at Nathans face pleading with her to just stay. Nathan grabs Sawyer in her carrier and her diaper bag before making his way to the trunk and pulling out the duffel bag swinging that on his other shoulder and grabbing one of the suitcase's leaving the other for Peyton. Peyton grabs the other suitcase before wheeling it towards the entrance, Nathan following behind her wheeling the other suitcase behind him walking fast to catch up with her.

As soon as Peyton gets her ticket and checks her luggage they make their way to the security check point where Peyton knows it's time to say good-bye. Peyton looked at the man ahead of her and her eyes well up in tears. She doesn't want to leave but she knows she has too. This will be the best thing for everyone.

"You don't have to leave Peyton," Nathan said honestly hoping she won't get on the plane.

"Yes I do Nathan. I love you, but I need to do this. For me and Sawyer. We'll be back for her birthday I promise," Peyton tells him.

"I'm going to hold you to that Sawyer. Please just be careful and if you need anything call me and I will fly out there okay," Nathan told her his eyes boring into hers.

"Okay," Peyton agreed a lone tear falling down her face.

"I love you Sawyer and baby Sawyer," he added looking at the sleeping child. Peyton takes a deep breath looking at her daughter.

"Then do me a favor," she asked knowing he's not going to be happy at her request.

"What?" Nathan asked confused. "Tell Haley the truth. She deserves to know Nate and I can't tell her...You have to... I just hope she won't hate me," Peyton told him her heart aching at the pain she knows Haley's going to go through, but knowing Haley should find out from her husband.

"Come here Sawyer," Nathan says holding out an arm as Peyton moves into the embrace wrapping her arms around Nathan's body as she hugs him. Nathan holds her fiercely not wanting to let her go before dropping a kiss on the crown of her hair. "Be careful," Nathan warned before bending down and kissing the baby, careful not to wake her up before he passes her over to Peyton. "I'll miss you...both of you. Don't forget to stay in touch," Nathan reminded her and she nods.

Peyton takes the carrier from Nathan the weight of it causing her heart to race and her chest to tighten the nerves bubbling in the pit of her stomach.

"You okay?" Nathan asked concern in his voice as he watches Peyton struggle.

"I'm fine Nathan," Peyton told him trying to reassure him. "I'll call you when I land okay."

"You better and be careful," Nathan reminded her before walking away and leaving the two blondes to go through security.

Lucas made his way into his home. Haley was right he needed to talk to Peyton about everything before anything rash happened. It was after 12 as he walked into the house quietly not wanting to wake up Sawyer in case she had brought the little girl home. He noticed she didn't leave any lights on, turning the bedroom light on his heart dropped when he noticed the closet doors open and Peyton's side empty. Lucas felt his heart rate increase as he quickly made his way to Sawyers room, the door was open and looking in the crib he didn't see her in there. Going back and flicking on the lights Lucas looked in Sawyer's closet seeing it was also empty moving to the dresser and going through the drawers seeing them also empty. He felt the tears and panic spring to his eyes.

"Peyton," he yelled hoping for a response and getting nothing back. Rushing back to his room he spied a letter on the night stand his name sprawled on the front of it in Peyton's hand.

Nathan walked into the house and sees Haley sitting at the dining room table, her hands wrapped around a mug, which he assumes is hot chocolate knowing that its late and she's upset its either tea or hot chocolate.

Sitting down next to her he looks into her eyes and sees the pain, fear and vulnerability in her eyes.

"What I'm about to tell you is going to hurt you and you may get angry, but just remember that Peyton and I both love you and never meant to hurt you. I'm so sorry Hales."