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Quote: A little girl is sugar and spice and everything nice - especially when she's taking a nap. ~Author Unknown

"Yes he does. Peyton you need to tell Lucas the truth. It's not right for him to think that you're sleeping with his brother when you're not." Brooke told her adamantly.

"He hates me Brooke and right now that is better than him knowing the truth. I don't want his pity...I mean sometimes I wonder if I'm cursed or if Luke and me just aren't meant to be," Peyton said not meeting her friend's eyes and looking at her daughter with her little tuffs of blonde hair sticking up.

Brooke sighed, "Peyton, Lucas could never hate you. Yes, he's upset right now but having him believe that you are sleeping with his brother isn't right." Brooke paused to stare into her best friend's green eyes. "He deserves to know the truth Peyton and I've never met two people who are meant to be together anymore then you two are," she told her squeezing her shoulder trying to offer some comfort.

Peyton rolled her eyes before sitting at the table. So what time is my appointment? Peyton asked changing topics.

Brooke stomped her foot and placed her hands on her hips in agitation. "Peyton Elizabeth," Brooke scolded narrowing her eyes at the blonde in front of her.

"Look Brooke this is my life and these are my decisions it will just be for the best right now if Lucas hates me."

Brooke shook her head at her friend knowing that Peyton could only hide from this for so long before it came back to bite her in the ass. "Well Julian said he would watch Sawyer for us so we wouldn't have to take her with."

"Is he going to be okay with Sawyer on his own?" Peyton asked skeptively.

"Of course," Brooke told the blonde with far more confidence in her voice than she actually believed. After all Julian had never been left alone with Sawyer before since Brooke was always there to help him.

"Okay..." Peyton said putting banana slices on the high chair tray.

"Your appointment is in an hour so why don't you go get ready and I will finish feeding Sawyer and then I will get ready." Brooke told her.

Peyton looked between the two girls before nodding and standing up. Giving her daughter a kiss on the forehead she made her way to the guest bedroom and got her things, before running a hand over her face and trying to hold back the tears. Once she got into the bathroom she stripped down before turning on the hot water and stepping in. Letting the water scaled her body as she finally released all the tears that had been built up. Brooke just didn't understand that she was doing this for Lucas. He needed to move on with his life without her. That thought made her head hurt as she collapsed onto the floor of the shower, her body shaking with sobs as she realized she would probably never see her daughter grow up. After such a tough pregnancy she thought she had been through the worse, only now after meeting her daughter and holding her Peyton thought this right here was worse. It was weird to say but not knowing was almost better than knowing because somewhere in the back of her head she knew that both Sawyer and her would make it through childbirth. Peyton's only wish was that Lucas could pull their little girl out of the darkness, like he had with her, before it enveloped Sawyer and she could see no light like Peyton had in High School before meeting Lucas Scott.

"Your mommy is going to drive me to drink!" Brooke told the little girl with a smile on her face as she shook her head the baby squealed at the funny faces her Aunt was making. Brooke couldn't help but worry what would happen when Lucas found out the truth or worse if he went along with what Peyton was saying and didn't fight for her. She had a bad feeling things were going to go from bad to worse by the time this was over and she was not ready to lose her best friend.

"Everything okay?" Julian asked coming into the kitchen and seeing his girlfriend staring into space and her best friend's daughter just giggling and smashing the banana in between her little fingers and kicking her little legs as fast as they could in the high chair.

"Hmm what?" Brooke asked distractedly not expecting anyone especially with Peyton in the shower and last she knew Julian was asleep.

"Brooke," Julian said coming around and wrapping his arms around the brunette. "Everything will be okay. Peyton and Lucas will move past this I promise," Julian said his voice full of honesty and true belief that things would work out.

"But what if they don't?" Brooke asked looking up at Julian, her hazel eyes full of worry.

"Then we have each other to lean on. Now did you make Peyton an appointment with Dr. Meding?" He asked knowing he was one of the best Doctors out there for Peyton's condition. "Yeah it's in an hour. I told P. Scott to go take a shower and I would feed mini me, but I guess I got distracted." Brooke told him leaning back against his chest.

"Well go get ready and I will start my babysitting duties early." Julian said nudging the brunette.

"Julian are you sure you can handle her by yourself?" Brooke asked raising an eyebrow in disbelief.

"Yes now go," Julian ordered as Brooke walked away hoping her niece would be good for Julian. After all she was a mini Brooke you never knew how she was going to behave.

Peyton anxiously sat next to Brooke who was flipping through People magazine as they waited for the doctor to come talk about Peyton's results. She felt a chill as her leg bounced on the white floor, the smell of antiseptic filling her nostrils reminding her she was in a hospital waiting room no matter how hard she tried to forget it by focusing on the picture of a forest and trying to pretend that was where she was. The butterflies in her stomach twisted her insides painfully as her heart ached with the thought of not seeing her daughter grow up and fall in love. Of being motherless at such a young age like she was.

"P. Sawyer it will be okay." Brooke said comfortingly putting down the magazine and taking her best friend's hand not saying anything when Peyton squeezed a little too tightly. "You think Sawyers giving Julian hell yet?" Brooke asked trying to lighten the mood.

Peyton felt her lips tug into a smile as she thought of her daughter and giving her Uncle Julian a hard time. "Probably," Peyton responded quietly.

"Good," Brooke told the sad blonde. "That way he will know I am the favorite between the two of us," Brooke said making Peyton chuckle at her friend's statement.

"Mrs. Scott?" A brown haired nurse called out with a clipboard in her hand looking around the waiting room.

Peyton felt her heart soar like it always did at being called Mrs. Scott before shaking it away. She would go back to being Peyton Sawyer soon so it was best to savor the time where she could still be called Mrs. Scott and stood up. "That's me," she told the nurse as Brooke stood up beside her grabbing their purses.

"The Doctor is ready to discuss your results. Please follow me," The nurse told her briskly as Peyton made eye contact with Brooke begging her to go with.

"Of course I'm going with Peyton," Brooke said answering the unspoken question as they followed the nurse to the Doctors office.

"Just have a seat and the Doctor will be in shortly," the nurse said pointing to the open door on the left and walking away.

The two girls sat down as Peyton looked around the room. There was a desk with medical books behind it and a picture of the woods on one of the walls. On his desk papers were littered around a picture frame although she couldn't see who was in the picture. Before Brooke had a chance to say anything an older man around his 50's walked in, his salt and pepper hair combed over as his blue scrubs with white lab coat seemed to fit his personality.

"Mrs. Scott and you are?" He asked looking at Brooke.

"Brooke Davis," Brooke spoke shaking hands with the Doctor before he sat down behind his desk.

"Well Mrs. Scott" The Doctor said looking down at the sheet of papers in his hands.

"Call me Peyton please" Peyton spoke up her voice softer than she anticipated.

"Peyton the results show that you are suffering from tachycardia there are still some treatments we can try to stop the progression."

Peyton reached out for Brooke's hand and the brunette immediately clasped their hands together. As the Doctor continued.

"I am going to write you a prescription and I want you to go and get it filled and then take them as what is written on the bottles. I also noticed you were from Tree Hill, North Carolina and I know a specialist for this field that works at the Charleston Hospital. I will fax him your records if you decide to go back there. Now I would like to tell you what we found and how it will change in your day to day life.

Peyton and Brooke sat their listening to the Doctor talk about her condition the tears streaming down both their faces as they gripped each other's hands tightly not once ever letting go.

"Well Peyton, I am glad you showed up when you did," Doctor Meding said.

Peyton reached for Brooke's hand needing the moral support of her best friend.

Julian lay stretched out on the couch watching Cinderella as Sawyer sat on the floor her little back against the couch. Julian looked down before slowly letting his eyes drift closed. Sawyer would be okay if he just rested his eyes for a minute. He let his mind wander about Peyton and Sawyer and Lucas. Before Brooke left she had warned him that Lucas was in town and that if he came to the apartment not to give him Sawyer. I can't believe the mess she got herself into he thought. If only she would've told Lucas the truth all of their lives would be better. Even though Julian wasn't in love with Peyton anymore he still loved her and didn't want anything to happen to her. If anything happened to Peyton he didn't know how his beautiful Brooke would deal. All of a sudden he heard a big crash. Julian's eyes flew open as he looked down to where Sawyer was sitting before he closed them. All he saw was the bare floor.

"Sawyer?" Julian asked trying not to let the bubble of panic rise up from his chest. His eyes searched frantically around the room. "Sawyer" he yelled his voice getting louder as he looked into the kitchen, looking under the table and opening up cupboards in case she had crawled in them.

Before he could start searching the other rooms there was a knock on the door. "Damn it" Julian practically growled before stalking to the door and ripping it open. An angry blonde on the other side of the door.

"What do you want Luke?" Julian asked skipping the pleasantries so he could find the man's daughter before Brooke and Peyton got home and castrated him for losing the mini blonde.

"I want my daughter." Lucas told him his voice deadly low as he stared at the man in front of him.

"Well right now as you can see Sawyer's not here." Julian said hoping the little tyke wouldn't give him away and come out of her hiding place.

"Tell Peyton to bring my daughter home." Lucas growled.

"Listen Luke, Peyton's going through a tough time right now and she needs her best friend. Just let her keep Sawyer for right now and I promise I will have Brooke webcam with you so you can see your daughter. Plus Peyton said she will be home in 2 months for Sawyer's birthday. After that if Peyton runs here again I promise I will meet with you and let you spend time with your daughter. Just don't get a lawyer involved and don't put Sawyer through the mess of a vicious custody battle." Julian crossed his fingers behind his back hoping that he finally got through to Lucas.

"How do you think Julian is doing with Sawyer?" Peyton asked Brooke as they walked out of the doctor's office.

"He's fine P. Scott I promise," Brooke told her blonde best friend.

"It's just that she started walking and I didn't tell Julian and I really hope he can keep an eye on her and she doesn't get away from him.

"Mini me is walking" Brooke gushed happily.

"Yeah" Peyton smiled as she answered thinking about her beautiful daughter.

"Then Julian really does have his hands full." Brooke told Peyton. "Let's go get some coffee and get your prescription filled.

"Are you sure I can have coffee?" Peyton asked.

"One cup of coffee won't kill you" Brooke told the blonde looping her arm around Peyton's and leading her to the car.

"Like I have a choice" Peyton mumbled. "I'm going to call Julian and make sure he's okay." Peyton told the brunette as she got in the car.

Brooke rolled her eyes but didn't say anything.

Pulling out her cell phone she dialed Julian's number fidgeting in her seat as the phone seemed to ring forever.

"Hey Julian" Peyton said trying to keep the worry out of her voice. "How's everything going with Sawyer?"

"Good" Julian said giving Lucas a finger and then closing the door on his face so he could talk to Peyton privately.

"Are you sure?" Peyton asked needing the reassurance.

"Yes Peyton, Sawyer and I are watching Cinderella and I am going to be putting her down for her nap soon." Julian told her. Well as soon as I find her he thought to himself.

"Okay well call me if you need anything or if you can't get her down."

"Peyton we will be fine. Relax. I got this" Julian said.

"Okay. Thanks again Julian. Brooke is taking me to get some coffee and then I will be there" Peyton told Julian.

"Have fun. I have everything covered here. Bye" Julian hung up the phone before opening the door back to see Lucas gone.

Closing the door again he ran a hand through his hair before taking off and trying to find the little blonde.

Walking into the guest room he searches around before bending down and lifting the bed skirt up noticing a tiny blonde fast asleep on her tummy.

He left out a sigh of relief before trying to scoop up the little blonde. Not being able to reach her he army crawled a little under the bed and gently scooped her up and got out from under the bed. Cradling the baby in his arms he walked to Sawyer's bedroom and placed her in the crib.

"No more sneaking out on me" Julian whispered to her as he watched her sleep. "Uncle Julian has too much on his plate already between your mommy and Aunt Brooke. Sleep tight little one" Julian told her before pulling the blanket on her and walking out of the room.