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The Source of Our Power: Epilogue

Five Months Later:

There was a time when Blaine Anderson thought he would never feel normal again.

That time had undeniably passed.

Because what could possibly be abnormal, could possibly be wrong with the life he had found?

He closed his hands around Kurt's wrists, pinning him down, bending over to brush his lips against the shell of Kurt's ear.

"Got you."

Kurt blinked his eyes open and rolled them sleepily at Blaine.

"The game's over, dumbass," he murmured. "Better luck next time."

Blaine smirked down at him from where he sat, straddling Kurt's lap. Kurt was wearing nothing but a tight pair of pale green boxer briefs that brought out the green in his eyes, eyes that shone bright in the late-morning sun, brown hair thoroughly tousled and pink cheeks lightly shadowed with stubble, and really, Blaine was only so strong.

"See, that's where we seem to be having a disagreement. Because I think you two used unfair and frankly less than ethical tactics against us, and I think it's only fair that I get a rematch. So. Got you. I win." Blaine grinned proudly.

Kurt couldn't help but smile as he squirmed under Blaine, clearly seeking out friction for the bulge in his underwear.

"And you think it's ethical for you to pounce on me in my sleep?"

"About as ethical as distracting me with those pants while Brittany-"

"Did her job without letting herself get distracted? You are responsible for your own distraction, Blaine, so don't you dare blame that on me. What kind of watcher would I be if I- ohhhhh!"

Kurt gasped as Blaine pressed their cocks together and rocked his hips gently.

"If you what? Didn't try to drive all the Slayers in the house crazy with that ass of yours?"

"I think I only have one Slayer to worry about when it comes to that," Kurt managed, digging his heels into the mattress and bucking up against Blaine. "And besides, I could say the same-"

Blaine groaned and released Kurt's wrists in order to shove his own briefs down his thighs. Kurt took the opportunity to shuck his underwear as well, and then pulled Blaine back down on top of him, bare bodies pressed tightly together.

"Mmmm. I thought we agreed you had the better ass," Blaine murmured against Kurt's lips, hips working lazily. Kurt laughed and wrapped his arms around Blaine's waist, squeezing briefly before sliding his hands down to cup Blaine's ass.

"I would never agree to that, Blaine. While I certainly wouldn't discount my own...charms," Blaine snorted at that, "You, sir, possess the Platonic ideal of Perfect Ass. Better is simply not a possibility in the physical world."

"I get the feeling you're trying to hint at something here," Blaine mumbled against Kurt's neck as he sucked softly.

Kurt pulled Blaine's cheeks apart and dipped his thumbs into the cleft. Blaine shivered as Kurt's dry thumbs brushed across his hole. "Your feeling is correct as usual, Mr. Anderson."

"Yeah," Blaine groaned, arching up into the touch. "God, yes, Kurt."

Blaine sat up and leaned over to the bedside table, gathering supplies from the drawer while Kurt ran his hands in reverent circles across Blaine's thighs. When he looked back at Kurt, he was simply gazing at Blaine with a lovesick grin on his face.

"Come here," Kurt said softly, taking the lube and condoms from Blaine's hands and placing them neatly on the bedside table.

"I am h-"

"No, come here." Kurt shifted and pulled Blaine down beside him, kissing him softly before gently pushing him flat on his back.

Blaine cocked an eyebrow. "This isn't how you play Catch The Watcher."

"No, you lost Catch The Watcher. Next time spend less time staring at my ass and more time watching your back, and maybe you'll win."

Blaine scowled up at him, but dropped his legs open immediately when Kurt gently nudged his thighs apart.

"I still say you guys cheated," Blaine muttered, but it was half-hearted at best, because Kurt was entirely right. It was worth the extra chores until the next game, though, because of those damn pants. Kurt had had intentionally worn them for the first time to the game that night, hadn't even bothered to deny it.

Kurt chuckled softly as he warmed the cool lube between his fingers. "All's fair in Slayer training, Blaine."

Blaine frowned. "I really don't think that's how the saying g- ohhhhh..." He lifted his hips and let his eyes drift closed blissfully as Kurt eased a finger into Blaine's hole.

"Feels good," Blaine murmured, as Kurt slowly worked him open.


Kurt sighed, stilling his fingers but leaving them inside of Blaine.

"Yes, Rachel?" Kurt snipped at the (thankfully) locked bedroom door.

"I have demanded a rematch to last night's joke of a game, but Shannon is trying to tell me I have no grounds, and Burt said if you-"

"Rachel, go away. I am not playing another round of Catch the Watcher at nine o'clock in the morning. I still have bruises from last night, thank you."

"You still have bruises?" Blaine whispered, forehead creased with worry. Kurt shrugged and crooked his fingers, making Blaine gasp.

"Nothing you can't kiss better," he whispered back.

"Kurt and Blaine! Stop having sex and come out here right this minute!" Rachel demanded.

"Rachel. Blaine and I have the morning off. Shannon is right. Now go away."

"Blaine! Surely you can talk some sense into-"

"Kinda not thinking about Catch the Watcher right now, Rachel," Blaine managed, as Kurt moved his fingers inside of Blaine with an impish grin. It wasn't that they'd started off comfortable with blatantly having sex like this in the room they shared, but when you're living with this many people...

"Damn it, Rachel, leave them alone. We all have the morning off!"

Kurt and Blaine exchanged relieved smiles at the sound of Mercedes' voice.

"But Brittany-"

"So beat her next time!" That is, if you can get past me, which I doubt."

"I'm at an unfair disadvantage, Mercedes, and you know it! Emma has only been an active watcher for two months."

"Emma is a Slayer."

"So is Shannon!"

"And Brittany's Watcher, as I can attest through first-hand experience, is not a Slayer," Kurt interrupted loudly. "So unless either of you are suggesting we offer both she and Blaine handicaps in future games, ladies, I propose that you take this conversation elsewhere. Blaine and I have the morning off."

There was a moment of silence, followed by Mercedes muttering "sorry, guys."

"Thank you, Mercedes!" Blaine called to the receding footsteps.

Their bickering voices picked up again down the hall, and Kurt couldn't help but let his head fall against Blaine's neck, laughing.

"All that and you're still half hard," Blaine murmured against him, smiling. "Impressive."

"You're still all the way hard."

"You are aware that you've been stroking my prostate pretty much this whole time, right?"

Kurt lifted his head from Blaine's neck and kissed his lips.

"Of course I am. Why do you think I'm still half hard?"

Kurt pulled his fingers out of Blaine, kissing away his soft noise of protest as he rolled off of him. Kurt nudged Blaine's side until he turned over, moving behind him and letting his hands run over the curves of Blaine's ass.

"Please," Blaine panted softly, as Kurt pulled his cheeks apart and let the very tip of his tongue circle lazily around Blaine's stretched rim.

"Kurt!" Blaine let the name slip out on a hard moan, pushing against Kurt so that his face was buried between Blaine's plump cheeks. Blaine wailed as Kurt began licking into him in earnest.

"Oh god, oh fuck, I can't, I just, don't stop, don't stop, holy fucking oh my Kurt I fuck fuck fuck fuck-"

Kurt just licked harder, lapping at Blaine's entrance with quick, fluttering movements. Blaine squirmed, rubbing his painfully hard cock against the soft sheets as he moaned and muttered strings of nonsense.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"God damn it!" Kurt hissed, sitting up and wiping his slick mouth off with the back of his arm.

"Kurt? Blaine?"

Blaine grabbed at his own hair in frustration. "Yes, Brittany?" he asked, sounding as calm as he could manage, face muffled by the pillow. It was probably best that he handle this one, seeing as how Kurt looked nearly homicidal with frustration.

"Everyone's mad at me and it's kind of making me want to break things."

"So go break things!" Blaine snapped, exasperated.

"Okay!" Her voice was far too cheerful. Kurt's eyes widened in horror.

"Brittany Pierce, don't you dare-" Kurt called, but Brittany was already stomping down the stairs.

"Shit," Kurt muttered, moving as if to get up. Blaine rolled over, grabbing Kurt around the waist and holding him tight.

"No. It's fine. She...I'm sure someone will stop her from causing any real damage. Come on, Kurt. It's our morning off, and it's been almost a week since we've had the time, let alone the energy to have any kind of sex, and Brittany can break whatever she wants if it means that she'll leave us alone and distract the rest of the house from bothering us."

Kurt smiled and bit his lip. "Okay, okay. You're right. Besides, how much trouble could she really cause?"

Blaine didn't have time to answer (the answer, of course, being lots) before he had rolled onto his back, pulling Kurt down on top of him.

Their eyes met, both faces breaking into soft smiles. Blaine rolled the condom onto Kurt and lubed him up, pulling him in for a kiss as Kurt began to push inside.

Blaine clutched at Kurt's ass, squeezing his cheeks and urging him in deeper.

"I love you," Blaine whispered against his lips.

"I love you too," Kurt replied automatically, kissing him again.

"Alright, boys, you want to tell me what the hell you two just told Brittany?"

Kurt glared at the door, his jaw set in annoyance. Blaine wrapped his legs around Kurt's waist to keep him firmly inside.

"Dad, it is our morning off-"

"You boys think I came out of retirement for this crap? Kurt, she is your Slayer. You know how literal that girl can be, what did you tell her?"

"She said she was going to break things. It was her own idea and decision," Kurt said calmly, pressing a finger to Blaine's lips to silence him, sounding completely calm and collected and not at all like his cock was currently buried balls-deep in Blaine's ass. "What did she do, break one of Puckerman's stupid games or-"

"She broke the oven. And the refrigerator."

"What?" Blaine squeaked.

"Ah, so my Slayer is in there with you."

"Yes. He is. And it is his day off. I'll look at the appliances later, Dad, but this is not a good time."

After a beat, Burt sighed. "Yeah, fine, I'd rather not know. But you're paying for the damn things if we need to call a repairman. She's-"

"My Slayer, I know. Got it."

Kurt sighed as they heard Burt leave, looking down at Blaine with something dangerously close to defeat in his eyes.

"No," Blaine said firmly. Kurt raised an eyebrow.


"No. We are not stopping. I don't care how many times we're interrupted, I want you. Please, Kurt."

"You don't need to convince me," Kurt said softly, clearly putting his father out of his mind as he rocked gently into Blaine. Blaine gasped, arching his back.

"Oh, there, you almost-"

Blaine keened loudly when Kurt thrust again, changing his angle slightly and absolutely nailing Blaine's prostate. Blaine squeezed against Kurt with his thighs, drawing him deeper into his body.

"God," Kurt groaned as Blaine clenched around him, thighs clamped around Kurt's hips as they moved together fast and slick.

"Feels so good, Blaine," Kurt moaned, lips pressed to Blaine's neck, his words vibrating up through Blaine's throat and giving him goosebumps, nipples growing harder under glistening sweat.

"Hold me open," Blaine whimpered, throwing his head back with a silent scream when Kurt complied, holding Blaine's thighs tightly in his hands and spreading them wide until Blaine's muscles burned with the delicious stretch. Kurt pumped into him hard and fast and deep, relentless and ruthless but still edged with such sweetness that it nearly broke Blaine's heart.

Bottoming was intense for Blaine, and when he did it he liked to do it all the way.

"I love you," Kurt managed through gritted teeth, eyes clamped shut in the face of too much pleasure. Blaine grabbed Kurt's ass, squeezing his cheeks hard and encouraging him to move even faster, fuck Blaine even harder.

"L-love you too, god, love you, Kurt, love you-"

Kurt was lost, head thrown back and sweat gleaming along the column of his lovely throat. Blaine couldn't do anything but watch him, watch his muscles shift and ripple and his face screw up in ecstasy until Blaine became lost himself, the delicious pleasure-pain of his straining muscles making every touch and movement spark through him like an electric current.

"Close," Blaine managed, tugging roughly at his own cock.

"Me too," Kurt gasped. "God, Blaine-"

"Let go," Blaine groaned, dipping a finger between Kurt's cheeks to brush over his hole.

Kurt nearly screamed, bucking into Blaine wildly, skin slapping so loudly it filled the room as Blaine continued to rub him there.

Kurt came first, grinding into Blaine hard and deep as he whimpered into his neck, Blaine kissing at his sweaty brow as he continued to pump himself furiously, desperate to come while Kurt was still inside.

"Don't pull out," he begged.

Kurt chuckled, moving his fist to replace Blaine's and bringing him to the brink so quickly it made Blaine's head spin. "I won't," Kurt whispered. "Love watching you like this."

Blaine threw his head back, let Kurt's hand and Kurt's cock and Kurt's clean, sweaty scent and light, strong voice consume him completely and push him over the edge, crying out Kurt's name as he shuddered through the layers of intensity.

They moved without thought into their preferred cuddle position after Blaine had given himself a quick swipe with a tissue from the bedside table, Kurt's head on Blaine's heaving chest, Blaine's hand stroking mindless patterns across Kurt's sweat-damp back.

"You're amazing," Kurt murmured. "I wish we could just lie like this for hours-"

"Don't you dare say the word but."

"But. We have a bit of a mess to sort out in the rest of the house, it seems."

"No." Blaine wrapped Kurt firmly in his arms.

Kurt laughed. "That's it? Just no? You seem to be enjoying the use of that word quite a bit this morning, I must say."

"Just no. It's our day off, I did catch the Watcher this time around, and I don't do catch-and-release."

Kurt settled into Blaine's embrace, pressing a sweet kiss to his throat. "Well, it's a good thing that I don't want to be released, then, isn't it?"

"Yes," Blaine agreed with a grin, burying his nose in Kurt's hair, his heart full enough to burst. "Yes, it most certainly is."


Tina sighed loudly and rubbed her temples, falling back onto the couch behind her dramatically.

"Please. I know full well that you haven't had an actual headache since the 17th century," Quinn murmured, not taking her eyes off the chart in front of her.

"Well, you seem to have awakened long-dead nerve endings in my skull with this. Did you seriously drag this thing out again?"

Quinn turned around and gave Tina a level look. "I need to know how they did it. The Summers boy wasn't even there. It just doesn't add up."

"We have been over this a thousand times, Lucy. They must have had a vial of his blood or-"

"You clearly never listen to me, so I don't know why I bother to explain anything," Quinn muttered. "They did not have his blood, Tina, we know that, unless you're suggesting we shouldn't trust the mutt..."

"Don't call him that," Tina all but snarled, sitting up ramrod-straight on the sofa.

"Then stop calling me Lucy."

"Look, I know what he said, but he didn't spend that much time around the warlocks. And why are you still obsessing over this anyway? It's over. The battle happened, we lost, next time we won't. There's more than one way to skin a Slayer." Tina shrugged.

"We've dedicated the last twenty years of our lives to that ritual, Tina, " Quinn reminded her gravely. "And Santana-"

Tina's lips crept into a smug smile.

"Don't," Quinn warned, voice quiet and dangerous.

"Then at least stop pretending that this isn't really all about her. I don't like the fact that the planet is still crawling with Slayers any more than you do, but – you still want revenge."

"Like you don't?"

Tina softened slightly. "Of course I do. But...can't we just take a break? A real break, that doesn't involve slumming in Ohio? We could go somewhere fun, eat some pretty people, forget about this whole mess for a while..."

"Mmmmm. That sounds nice." Tina's face lit up as Quinn rolled her eyes and turned back to her chart, ignoring the owner of the voice as he strode into the room.

"So," Mike said, leaning down to meet Tina in a long, filthy kiss. "Fun place, pretty people, huh? When do we ship out?"

"Just as soon as Quinn gets laid, apparently," Tina muttered.

"Yeah?" Mike asked, hopping over the back of the sofa to settle in next to Tina. "Well if that's the case, I think I have an idea that might make you both happy."

Quinn turned to look at him. "Oh? Well, don't keep this brilliant idea to yourself, Milkbone."

Mike's lips curled into a dark smile. "Okay. So exactly how familiar are you two with the particulars of the curse of Angelus?"


"Dig faster," Tammy ordered, frowning at a chip in her nail polish.

"I still don't see why I have to be the one to-"


Jesse stood up straight, wiping the sweat from his brow with the back of a dirt-smudged arm. "But manual labor doesn't agree with me, and you have all those henchmen-"

Tammy sighed. "Mr. St. James, kindly remind me of the promise I made to you when we forged this alliance."

Jesse swallowed and reached for his shovel. "I-I'm sorry, I won't question you anymore," he muttered nervously.

"What did I promise you?"

Jesse paused in his shoveling again, wide eyes fluttering up to meet Tammy's. "Immortality," he whispered. "the power of the vampire without any of the weaknesses. Please...don't take it back, I'll dig."

"I'm not going to take it back. If you manage to unearth my treasure, it is the very object that will give you your immortality. The sooner we find it, the sooner I can fulfill my promise."

Jesse simply stared at her for a moment, eyes as wide as dinner plates, before diving back into the task with renewed vigor. Tammy chuckled to herself and sat back.

The spot was much more conveniently located than she had originally feared, though it had truly been a bitch to find it. Deep inside a hidden cave that still hadn't been upset or disrupted by human civilization, it was truly amazing to find it in such pristine condition. Then again, places like this were protected by their own power.

She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. This should have been her strategy from the very beginning. She should not have counted on cowardly vampires, bumbling humans and lower demons to do her dirty work for her. She needed stronger forces than that by far.

Tammy's eyes popped open at the clang of metal against metal.

"I think I found it!" Jesse gasped out, scrambling down to his knees to wipe the last of the dirt away from the face of the seal, heedless of the mess he was making of himself. "This is it, isn't it?" he asked, looking up at Tammy with unbridled excitement. She stood up and brushed herself off before making her way down to join him.

The face on the seal was that of the old master, the words etched there in the old language. It made Tammy ache for home so badly that she couldn't stop a tear from trickling down her cheek.

"Yes," she whispered. "Yes, that's it."

"So, how do I-"

Tammy smiled. "I can't tell you how much I appreciate all that you've done for me," she said.

She cupped Jesse's chin in her hand delicately, and slit his neck open with a razor-sharp (if slightly chipped) fingernail.

Jesse struggled for words, for breath, for any kind of reassurance at all as Tammy stepped back from him, allowing his body to crumple and fall, splayed, across the seal.

"And now you'll live forever in our hearts," Tammy concluded, sucking blood off her fingertip as she moved to stand next to the seal. "See? I keep my promises."

Jesse's body spasmed, what little was left of his voice coming out in staccato gurgles as his blood slowly begin to fill the valleys in the seal's surface.

Tammy didn't bother to watch him die. She was too busy watching the seal.

As Jesse continued to bleed, the seal began to move. The points of the pentacle lifted slowly, the edges of the metal shifting to create a distinct inner and outer ring. Moving Jesse's body was almost an afterthought, and Tammy all but pulled his legs out of their sockets as she wrenched him away.

The inner ring of the seal lifted and then slid to the side like a manhole-cover. And even though Tammy knew exactly who would be there, she still gave an unbridled shriek of excitement when the figure began to rise from the newly awoken hell mouth before her.

"Darling," she whispered, "I've missed you so much."

"So have I," came the reply. "But I'm here now, mother, and I'm not going anywhere."


If you want to see what the seal looks like, check out my Buffy info page for a link!


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