Hola! It's me! GreatDarkNoodleKing! I'm here posting up the first chapter in a new story! Teacher Teacher is on hold as I'm trying to remember what I wanted to happen next… But yes, the plotline of this story is that a comet screws up the Shen Gong Wu and it makes the Moby Morpher turn Kimiko into a black Cheetah. She ends up staying with Chase and stuff happens!

An Unfortunate Cat

Chapter 1

"Until this comet passes, be careful when using the Shen Gong Wu. They can often act of their own free will and may cause problems for you, young monks," Master Fung had told the four Xiaolin warriors this morning about the black comet flying across the sky. He had wanted them to be safe, so the kids took as few Wu with them to the revelation of a new one as possible.

Kimiko was searching around; she noticed a snake hole that had something shiny in it. She assumed it was the Wu and pulled out the Moby Morpher to transform herself.

"MOBY MORPHER!" she shouted, pulling the arms apart. Kimiko felt her body shift, the Wu fly off her arms, and her entire body collapse to the ground.

After lying in the grass for a few moments, Kimiko got to her feet and began attempting to walk to see what had happened. She found herself on four legs. That worried her; she had meant to turn into a snake.

She stumbled over her four feet and eventually padded over to a pond nearby. Kimiko gazed down into the crystal waters.

A furry, four-legged, black spotted, long whiskered, perked eared, swishing tailed, lean, built for speed rare black Cheetah stared back at her.

Kimiko wanted to scream, but only a strange cross between a yip and a growl came out. Kimiko fumbled and collapsed onto her side. She wasn't used to having four feet planted on the ground. She tried to lift herself up and steady herself. She was having a panic attack.

'It's okay, you're going to be fine,' she thought to herself, trying to calm her rapid breathing. Eventually Kimiko calmed herself down enough to begin the trek back to the Xiaolin temple.

She needed the guys' help, and she had a feeling they'd be there without her because they assumed she'd be back on her own.

Well, she would, just not as they had expected her to.

Kimiko padded up to the front gates and saw Dojo sitting on the front steps. She immediately bounded over to him and yipped happily.

Stupid. Dojo saw a jungle cat running at him and screamed. He immediately began running away, and Kimiko like an idiot followed after him.

Dojo got back to Clay and shot up into his hat. Kimiko halted her sprint and immediately looked at the guys. She tried to smile, but she wasn't sure if Cheetahs could smile. Crap.

Raimundo shouted, "That's one of Chase's cats! He must've sent it to eat Dojo!" And in an instant the guys were chasing her and shouting and trying to hurt her.

Kimiko finally managed to run out of the temple and she scurried up to a cliff that overlooked the entirety of the temple grounds. Saddened that her friends had not recognized her, but with nowhere else to go, Kimiko sat up there watching them all night.

Shirt chapter is short. That's all I got so far. What do you think? Good idea? I hope so. I worked on this for like two minutes, but the idea took an hour to perfect!