Ever wonder why you write something when you KNOW you will never be able to think of the perfect way to end it?

Yah. I get that way a lot.

I write stuff, but never know how to end it…

So, please bear with me throughout all my crap-tastic endings…!

An Unfortunate Cat 10

Kimiko was locked in a heated argument with Hannibal Bean. She kept screaming all manner of profane words at him; she was mad! Who wouldn't be? I mean, he just took her away from the guy she was practically dating! Not that Chase knew it, she just felt like since she had seen his junk that that made them closer than they were.

Had he realized she had seen his junk yet?

Jee, that'd be fun to talk about later…

"I thought you wanted to be a human again, young pu-"

Hannibal had begun insulting/harassing Kimiko, but she wasn't going to let him finish.

"Not a cat now!" she simply blurted before he could finish his stab at her femininity.

Hannibal grinned and said with a chuckle, "That doesn't mean you ain't."

Kimiko was about to retort before she could hear the distinct irritatingly high pitched roar that was Omi's voice. He was calling out her name, but she was so used to being called girl she didn't fully register he was saying her name. At least, not until she heard Raimundo and Clay joining in on the shouting.

Why isn't Chase yelling? Oh, right, because he's Chase and he'd never do something that dumb; giving away their presence. SMART.

Hannibal smirked wickedly at Kimiko and said darkly, "Looks like yur pals are here ta save ya. You must be thrilled."

"I will be once I don't have to keep staring at you," she spat back.

Hannibal was about to speak, but a softer, silkier voice interrupted, "Now is that any way for a lady to talk?"

It was Chase, standing up on a ledge, staring down at the two personas.

He hopped down, grinned and added, "Not that I mind that language directed towards that thing, I just thought I'd ask."

Kimiko smiled, but her smile was quickly replaced by a scowl of anger as Hannibal snaked a vine around her and shouted several threats at Chase. Honestly, she wasn't really listening, she was more preoccupied with the horrible appendage wrapping around her waist and getting higher up. A few more inches and Hannibal would be soup.

And suddenly the vine was off of her and she was thrown into a strange pit of a funny, gooey, gross green substance. She stuck in it, and soon enough, she began sinking. EWWW!

Chase had begun running over to help her, but Hannibal, like the jerk he is, stopped him and threw him into a wall. Chase looked pissed after that, and for good reason; he most likely had a concussion after that impact.

Watching the two powers fight, Kimiko felt helpless. She couldn't lift a finger! Let alone, help Chase! She just had to watch like a lump on a log.

Several times Chase had made it over to her and had begun freeing her, but Hannibal just wouldn't give up! He wanted Chase's powers; the creep. And so, when chase actually got her out, Hannibal grabbed her and held her over the edge of a monstrous cliff.

"Move an' I'll drop 'er!" Hannibal yelled, glaring daggers at Chase.

Kimiko struggled in his grip, trying to get free. Somewhere in the back of her mind she registered a rushing sound, but she heard fire more than anything. Something was burning! Opening her eyes, Kimiko saw that Hannibal had thrown a lit thingamajig over the edge of the cliff and it was quickly lighting leaves on the trees hundreds of feet below. Naturally, she was frightened.

The fire probably wouldn't kill her, considering who she was, but the fall would.

Again, she registered a rushing sound and she heard the calm voice of Chase say, "Drop her…See what happens…"

At first it sounded like a threat, but when Hannibal actually did drop her and Chase wasn't instantly wrapping his arms around her, she freaked out.

Lucky for her, Chase was much more observant than her. He had registered exactly what the rushing sound was; Dojo, flaying around, letting them know he was ready to help if need be. And hey, it need be.

So, only seconds after she fell, Kimiko landed on the back of the green dragon and was immediately being sped back to the temple.

Hannibal looked shocked, Chase was grinning triumphantly. Guess who won.

Days later… Not sure how many… But days…

Once Kimiko had finally cleared up what had happened with the guys, life had pretty much returned to normal. Of course, flirting with your enemy every time you saw him wasn't necessarily the norm now was it?

Chase had popped by for a visit today. He had been at the temple for hours. He and Kimiko had made beautiful love in her bedroom earlier and Chase said he had a suggestion.

"What?" she asked, noting the sly grin on his face.

Chase leaned in towards her, brushing his lips against her ear purposefully and whispered, "Fancy a shower?"

The end.

Screw you guys! That's one of my better endings! I always end them horribly…

I can't wait to see how many reviews this story ends off with!

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