While re-watching the first season I noticed Eric texting while sitting on his Fangtasia throne. I asked my roommate who in the hell he would be texting to which she exclaimed, "Oh my God! I bet it's Godric!"

Then this little scene popped into my head.

Alan Ball and Charlaine Harris own SVM/Trueblood, Eric, and Godric.

Eric POV:

I looked out from my elevated throne and surveyed my club. Yes, it is unrefined, impulsive, and a complete parody of vampires everywhere, but Fangtasia is mine. I get a sick sense of pleasure from knowing that this little hole-in-the-wall complete with pathetic fangbangers has been built up by me and my child. Every coat of paint, bottle of alcohol, bar stool, and stripper's pole was hand selected by Pam using my money.

I was bored as hell. Drinking from humans hardly gave me any pleasure now they they wanted it. What was it the last girl had called? Sadistic. Yes, I enjoyed having power over prey, chasing and conquering the hunt. All their pleasurable moans these days made me lose my appetite. The humans who frequented Fangtasia were usually not even attractive enough for me to be willing to suffer through their annoying cooing noises. Women these days were the worst. They all seemed to think I needed coddling and constant reassurance. I'm a one thousand year old viking vampire, I'm more self-assured than Jesus Christ.

That blonde the other night. Sookie. She didn't attempt to appease me, no soft moans or whispers of yes, baby from her. She's not half as sweet as she portrays. If Bill doesn't bring her back around soon I think I'll make a trip to Bon Temps.

My cell phone vibrated suddenly.

Stop sulking. -Godric

I couldn't help but let out a brief grin at my maker's message. He was picking up on my attitude all the way in Texas. A tourist must have seen because she was brave enough to ask for my picture. I put down the phone, "Yes, you may." Within a second her camera phone was crushed by Longshadow. "I didn't say you could keep it." Silly Human.

Not sulking, brooding. -Eric I sent back to Godric. We had not seen each other in over one hundred years, but the miracles of modern technology allowed us to talk regularly. Although I was not able to interpret his emotions the way he could mine. Undoubtedly the first time I saw him again I would be overcome.

What troubles you son? -Godric

I could practically hear his voice and feel his hand on my shoulder. Always gentle with me, even when I was being punished.

Nothing important. Just boredom. -Eric

Everything is important to you. -Godric

I sighed. Pam caught my eyes from across the room, she was too young to understand the stirrings of emotions Godric roused in me. Like any good child, she was concerned.

How are things in Dallas? -Eric Changing the subject might work.

Hot and dry. I miss the north. -Godric

I wasn't sure how to respond. It was a dream of ours to move back to the frozen north someday. Pam would hate it. I missed the snow, cliffs, and of course the sea. Godric missed the isolation, I'll never understand why he chose to live in Dallas.

You usually find trouble. I doubt you will be bored long. -Godric

I nearly smiled again. He was right, I needed to find some trouble. Or orchestrate some with Sookie at the center. Pam had mentioned our accountant found that someone was stealing from the club. It was probably Longshadow, the human employees were all either too stupid to pull it off or just smart enough to know not to cross me, and of course Pam had no need to steal from me. There was very little doubt in my mind that it was Longshadow, but maybe I should bring in a telepath to interview the humans, just in case...