Crossing Mirrors

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Chapter 4 – What Once Was...

"Well I told Ethan about the whole situation and it sounds like he could care less. He said something about tucking Jane in and then 'grabbing a bite to eat', if you know what I mean." Sarah looked down at Benny's phone in her hand and then looked up at the group, a bit of disappointment buried in her voice. "So where does that leave us right now?"

"Right now, I think the three of you, four when he wakes up, should focus on trying to get those two back to where they belong. I need to go make sure Ethan doesn't go suck someone dry." Benny grabbed his phone out of Sarah's hand, and then turned to Erica. "I need to persuade him to our side, and hopefully by tomorrow all of us can meet up and put our heads together." Benny leaned in and brushed his lips on Erica's forehead, before flashing out of the room. Erica sighed and tried to hide the blush that was creeping up on her face.


Benny, Sarah, and Erica all turned their heads to see Ethan partially sitting up in Erica's bed, a hand to his head and a look on his face that looked like he was going to hurl. "Wha-what's going on?"

The three of them looked at Ethan, and then to Each other. Erica was the first to move, sitting towards the end of the bed. Sarah and Benny followed suit, Sarah taking a spot next to Erica and Benny standing close to the side. All three of them explained the mirror, Erica and Ethan's vision freak-out, Benny's visit, and little details to help along their story here and there. At first, Ethan was silent. He just looked at each of them, at Sarah, and all he could do was shake his head. He finally lifted his head and looked at Benny.

"So, we're in another dimension, because you messed up on a spell? And now we're stuck here until we can figure out exactly what you did so we can reverse it?"

"Pretty much... look E, I'm really sorry. I messed up, bad, but I, well we, can fix it!" Benny patted Sarah on the shoulder while giving Ethan the cheese smile, and Sarah in return gave Benny a 'you are not helping anything or anyone at all' look.

"Maybe we should focus on other important things other than his stupidity. Like the vision you guys had, what was it about?" Sarah looked from Ethan and Erica, needing an answer.

"Well, I got a glimpse of how these two got here, and I heard pieces of the spell that Benny over here used." Erica nodded in Benny's direction and continued. "Then I saw a lot of wolves, blood, and some girl laughing. She looked pretty powerful. Then it shifted and I saw eight of us standing there before I blacked out."

"Wait, eight? Like with Rory and Hannah or?" Sarah was confused, and she looked at Ethan for his explanation.

"Well, I saw the same thing pretty much. Except I saw you guys instead of me and Benny. Well, I saw me and Benny, but vampire-ized..."

"Yes, we get it. So who are the other two people in this equation?"

"Us, Sarah. They must be thinking of a way to come through the mirror and get these two back."

"Sarah, maybe. Erica, no freaking way is she coming to get us." Benny turned around and looked out into the night, the cool air blowing into Erica's room. "Your visions must be wrong. They have been before, and they are now."

Ethan sighed and started to rub his temples, getting more and more frustrated. "Well we can figure everything out tomorrow. Today has been a long and horrible day."

Sarah nodded and looked over at Erica. "Your parents are gone for the next few weeks, they can stay here. Plus we may need to hide them from everyone else. One Benny and Ethan is enough for this town to handle." Erica nodded and stood, helping Ethan up with her.

"If you guys want to follow me, we can get you settled in."

Benny ran down empty and dark streets, using his hearing and enhanced sight to scope out Ethan. He sighed in frustration, wondering where he had gone.

"Looking for me?"

Benny whirled around, and was met with a smirking Ethan. Ethan licked his lips, blood evident on them as he shook his head. "What brings you out here at such a late hour? Shouldn't you be canoodling with your lovely little Erica?" Ethan put an extra emphasis on her name, and he could sense Benny's sudden irritation. Ethan let out a laugh, crossing his arms around his chest. He was taller than his alternate counterpart, and had more muscle then him too. His short brown hair was cut neatly, shaping his face well. He was wearing a black v-neck shirt with well-fitted navy blue jeans, a simple pair of black shoes on his feet.

"I came to find you so you can help us. We have a situation..."

Ethan laughed as he stepped closer, growing more serious with each step. "I already told Sarah on the phone that I could care less about some alternate us popping up. It's just a crutch and something I, we, should not be so concerned with." Ethan dropped his arms to his side, looking Benny up and down. "So how is Erica doing on this lovely night?"

Benny couldn't help himself now, flashing his fangs and clutching his fists. "She is none of your concern. Is this what your sour attitude has been about lately? Jealous she picked me over you?" Ethan's eyes flashed gold, and then he let out a little laugh under his breath.

"You call it jealousy, I call it cloudy judgment. Now if you would excuse me, I'm still a bit hungry. Think I'll go back for seconds." Ethan patted Benny on the shoulder and turned to leave, but Benny just flashed in front of him. "Move."

"No, I'm not going to let you drain another innocent person." Benny sent a punch to Ethan's face, sending him back a few feet. Ethan shook it off and hissed, flashing over and taking Benny by the throat.

"I can do what I please, you have no right controlling me and telling me what to do!" Ethan sent Benny to the ground, still holding on to Benny's throat. "Without real human blood in your system, you are weaker then me. Maybe when you step up to the big leagues you might have a chance of beating me. I'm sure Erica wouldn't mind if you took a bite or two out of her."

Something snapped inside of Benny as he pushed Ethan off of him with all the force in this body. Ethan flew back, slamming into a car and falling to the ground. Benny held onto his neck and could hear Ethan's laugh from his place on the ground.

"What's so funny?"

"You! You are such a riot." Ethan stood up and brushed himself off, wincing from the pain in his back. "We have more important things to be focusing on right now. The sooner our little wolf problem is taken care of the sooner we can stop kidding ourselves and stop calling ourselves 'friends', or acquaintances, or whatever the hell we are." Ethan gave a quick 'see you later' before vanishing down the street. Benny sighed and slowly got to his feet, his eyes focused on the spot where his once best friend had stood.

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